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In Saint Lucia QLD on “Food and Drink Outlet” at 264 Swann Rd St Lucia QLD 4067:

michael yeates commented

Sadly, this proposal is yet another (one of many) that is desirable but the likely victim of the management of traffic in this case by Council although probably based on blind acceptance of TMR "rules" that prevent priority for pedestrians at situations such as this.
Much traffic in Brisbane is simply because, as here, it is thought to be safer to use the car and more convenient to drive than use public transport, walking and/or cycling.
So rather than provide "zebra" crossings so pedestrians (and cyclists) can carefully assert priority, the "rules" allowing or preventing "zebras" are based on numbers of people crossing. So if it is seen as too difficult or "dangerous", then fewer people do, and "zebras" are not then required.
It may be that motorists fear "zebras" would add to the congestion if forced to "give way" to more pedestrians hence decision-makers are reluctant to provide for the public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians.
Interesting too that Swann Road over recent times has had a 60km/h speed limit then sometimes it is posted as 50km/h now 60km/h again. This despite the various yellow advisory speed signs suggesting much slower speeds.
And despite the number of buses and cyclists, and pedestrians inclding more older residents plus school students, Council continues to favour through traffic.
And that is why the Taringa Fiveways is a sad situation - loved and very difficult to get to other than by more and more cars.
Put in the "zebras" would be a good start whether this project goes ahead or not.
The alternative might be traffic lights, again irrespective of this DA outcome, or we could eventually lose the shopping centre if the intersection and the roads are re-engineered for more traffic making shopping increasingly less viable.

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