Speers Point Park 23 Park Road Speers Point NSW 2284

Community Facility (Multi Arts Place), Cafe and Signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA-1336/2019)


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  1. Philip Uebergang commented

    I strongly object to an 'arts' project that will cost this community over $2M. We pay rates for local government services and local infrastructure, not for vanity projects.

    Speers Point Park has also been tampered with enough. Leave it alone and let the community enjoy a peaceful place. Quiet, leafy areas are rapidly diminishing in the local area as it is, thanks to the council's determination to develop every spare space available.

    The council has already failed to demonstrate that it possesses any nuance in relation to art funding. Recent 'artistic' funding efforts around the lake are cringe-worthy and, again, have used our money in the cause with insufficient return to the community. A high exposure project of this size and nature by a council with a questionable recent history in the arts, is fraught.

    This development should not be approved due to its illegitimate use of public money, and the risk that it represents to the community in disfiguring this popular park, particularly in view of council's recent history in such matters.

  2. Catherine Walker commented

    As a local resident who uses this park about four times a week I STRONGLY object to the location of this building.

    It should absolutely in NO WAY block any part of the new boulevard or pathways the park has. The new boulevard is a vital and pivotal axis through the park which fantastically connects one end with the other. When it was built it just made sense. "Yes! Fantastic! What a great idea!" we all thought. Why on earth any one would suggest BLOCKING that with a building is beyond me. The markets use the full length of this boulevard for pedestrian access from BOTH ends, for vehicle set up for events and stalls. Honestly, have you seen how many people walk in/out that end of the pathway? Will you cancel farmers markets if it's built? How else will the trucks will drive in to set up? Do you think only people who park at the Warner's Bay end use the park? Why block direct access to the rest of the park from the other half of the parking?

    But most importantly to me, it is used by so many families every day of the week to walk, run and for us - have children ride bikes and scooters in laps, loops and figure eights around the park. The park as it currently stands is perfect for children, exercise and family outdoor time. This is why we use it so often!! Please please please DO NOT block the any part of the boulevard or current shared pathways.

    If you really must have this building (which sadly doesn't match the materials or appearance of existing built structures that are already in the park- where are the gorgeous hardwood timber features that are seen throughout the park?) then at least move it off the damned main pathway.

    The proposed location of this building... it just blows my mind. You have two gorgeous WELL USED "entry's" to this amazing park.. and then someone thinks "bam, let's completely block one."

    Please move it. The whole park is flat. There is so much space. I don't think the building is needed, I don't think it is using the right materials, but if you really must have it, then move it. Don't block our beautiful and well used boulevard.

  3. Susan Gleeson commented

    When this multi-purpose arts venue was first mentioned, I had been hopeful it would be a fantastic asset to the Lake Macquarie/Newcastle residents and the wider community. So I have just now looked at the plans and artist impression of the style of building and the proposed site.

    This proposal is drab and disappointing. I think the Council is way off mark with this proposal. As for who this venue could benefit, I ask how could a small one room space be called "multi-purpose arts" facility. It has just 2 toilets and a small kitchen. Basically it is just a very costly room for hire. There are plenty of rooms for hire already existing - Teralba Community Hall for one, the Performing Arts Centre at Warners Bay and numerous other halls.

    As for the location, why plant it on the boulevard, thereby blocking longer views of the lake from the enclosed picnic area, and the view is of a brick/concrete bunker, not to mention the length (and long view) of the boulevard being compromised by what looks a little like a fancy toilet block.

    Could the building be located elsewhere within Speers Point Park? I have seen a suggestion that it be on the western side of Speers Point Park (close to the western carpark). I think this would be a good use of the land, and with a more sympathetic use of materials, it could capitalise on a terrific view and be a venue that brings joy.

    I think this building and its location is a very short sighted vision. Why waste the opportunity to have a better design that at least looks like it could be exciting and bring joy to its users and the people who visit the park.

  4. E. Williams commented

    I also object to the design and location of this structure. It is insensitive to the users of the park and to the open nature of the park. It needs to be must less intrusive and not block views.

  5. Sharon commented

    I am a local resident who uses the park daily. I see children, adults, families using the park and that pathway to ride bikes, play, roller blade and skate board. I object strongly against this ugly building and it’s proposed location, right smack bang in the middle of all the activity. Surely someone can use their brain and come up with a better alternative.

  6. Shane haverkamp commented

    No... Just no. Don't do it, don't bother. Move it somewhere appropriate, not in the middle of the path blocking views etc.

  7. Jo-Anne Black commented

    It does seem a weird location to build it - smack bang on the existing boulevarde.

  8. Belinda Hamilton commented

    Belinda Hamilton
    I totally disagree with this 'Arts' center. Its an ugly joke! I think quite enough of our rates money has been wasted at Warners Bay and Speers Point, with the ridiculous waste of money on the 'ornamental statues' and pathways and all the landscaping, not to mention the useless big rings at Glendale! Why not share the money around? We all pay our rates at west Lake Macquarie too so how about spending some money out at Wangi Wangi on the jetty and the road through the caravan park, some kids play grounds and road surfacing in Arcadia Vale, Rathmines scout hall etc??? Why should we keep paying rates for nothing in return! Obviously all you people live around Warners Bay-Speers Point!! Try and be a bit less obvious!

  9. B Brown commented

    I object to this applications structure and proposed location.
    Speers Point Park needs open space without the hindrance of blind spots or vista blockers.
    If LMCC has the funds for art may I suggest they direct it to TAFE in the hope it will encourage improvement in available artistic development.
    One is definitely disheartened by the majority of exhibits within the region.
    I am reminded of the poor displays in the grounds of the art gallery as well as the Glendale fence panels .
    Kudos to the artist & those that commissioned them for the bronzed statues in Cardiff CBD. They are delightful in nature without obstructing views.

  10. Kiara Davis commented

    My family and I frequently use this park and since the recent refurbishments it is a great place for gatherings, exercise, and general outdoor activities. I strongly feel that the proposed placement of the multi purpose arts centre would have a huge impact on the public use of the park. The extra wide walkway through the park is perfect for the farmers markets, and young families teaching their kids to ride bikes or scooters etc. Putting a building there would be a major hindrance.

    As some others have stated, there is a performing arts centre less than 10km away at Warners Bay, and numerous other halls available for hire in the Lake Macquarie area. It seems like a waste of funds and resources to build one so close to another.
    If the project was to go ahead, there has to be a much more practical placement for the building. there is ample space at the western end of the park near the boat ramp, the old off leash dog exercise area. This space is rarely used now due to the new fenced dog park.
    Please take into consideration the current use of the area and the major effect placing a building into the middle of a popular family gathering park will have on the local community.

  11. Deanne commented

    With most proposals there are objections, but it seems with this one every response or conversation I’ve had is in objection. I’m really wondering who came up with the idea and if they have ever taken their family to the park? I’ve taught my kids to skate and ride on that path ( our family calls it the airstrip). We’ve met like minded people and friends on that path. We’ve enjoyed a stroll down a long and gorgeous farmers market. It’s such an amazing social gathering spot that is an asset to this community. Tampering with it for the sake of an expensive and unattractive MAP that is really not needed would be a huge error of judgement. I’m interested in knowing why the planner thought this would be a good idea. It’s so weird?!! Have you had ANY positive response to this plan??

    Please rethink the location of this building and even if your money would not be put to better use on 1000 other things.

  12. Nathan commented

    Why wouldn’t you listen to all this constructive criticism that actually makes sense. It seems like a crazy position for a building on a thoroughfare.

  13. Jason lock commented

    The location of this building is very disappointing. The building itself is also an eye sore and I personally am not sure that speers point even needs this building at all as there is an arts building at Warners bay and Booragul so maybe choose another suburb like Wangi Wangi or Rathmines. The whole concept of this building could be scrapped and the money could be spent on another project that will actually benefit the community.

  14. Briallen Merrick commented

    Great idea but terrible location. I understand this is part of the master plan for Speers Point Park but the space would receive more use as an open space. Please rethink the location

  15. Loris Brown commented

    Having moved up here from Sydney almost 2 years ago, we constantly marvel at the lovely green space that is Speers Point Park. Such an asset for the local community. The planned Arts building is going to be an eyesore in the park and is it really necessary? Perhaps money would be better spent renovating & extending Warner's Bay Creative Arts building to accommodate whatever is proposed for the Speers Point developement.

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