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In Speers Point NSW on “Community Facility (Multi...” at Speers Point Park 23 Park Road Speers Point NSW 2284:

Catherine Walker commented

As a local resident who uses this park about four times a week I STRONGLY object to the location of this building.

It should absolutely in NO WAY block any part of the new boulevard or pathways the park has. The new boulevard is a vital and pivotal axis through the park which fantastically connects one end with the other. When it was built it just made sense. "Yes! Fantastic! What a great idea!" we all thought. Why on earth any one would suggest BLOCKING that with a building is beyond me. The markets use the full length of this boulevard for pedestrian access from BOTH ends, for vehicle set up for events and stalls. Honestly, have you seen how many people walk in/out that end of the pathway? Will you cancel farmers markets if it's built? How else will the trucks will drive in to set up? Do you think only people who park at the Warner's Bay end use the park? Why block direct access to the rest of the park from the other half of the parking?

But most importantly to me, it is used by so many families every day of the week to walk, run and for us - have children ride bikes and scooters in laps, loops and figure eights around the park. The park as it currently stands is perfect for children, exercise and family outdoor time. This is why we use it so often!! Please please please DO NOT block the any part of the boulevard or current shared pathways.

If you really must have this building (which sadly doesn't match the materials or appearance of existing built structures that are already in the park- where are the gorgeous hardwood timber features that are seen throughout the park?) then at least move it off the damned main pathway.

The proposed location of this building... it just blows my mind. You have two gorgeous WELL USED "entry's" to this amazing park.. and then someone thinks "bam, let's completely block one."

Please move it. The whole park is flat. There is so much space. I don't think the building is needed, I don't think it is using the right materials, but if you really must have it, then move it. Don't block our beautiful and well used boulevard.

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