93 Erskineville Road Erskineville NSW 2043

Section 4.55(2) modification of consent to extend the hours of operation and combine the patron capacity at ground and first floor for the licensed premises known as 'The Hive Bar'. The application proposes the extended hours of 7:00am to 2:00am the following day, Mondays to Sundays inclusive for a trial period. Condition 2D is proposed to be modified to allow for 78 patrons within internal areas. Condition 2D currently allows 38 patrons at ground floor and 40 patrons at first floor.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2007/944/G)


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  1. Michael Allanson commented

    The extended hours should not be allowed. The Hive Bar does not keep to noise restrictions currently and allows patrons to congregate outside causing noise pollution and disturbance to residents. Noise from the bar can be heard down George Street and to the northern end of Charles Street. An additional 2 hours into the early morning hours will cause additional disturbance to residents and inflict upon their right to peace and quiet times. I do not agree that these extended trading hours should be allowed at all and current restrictions should be enforced.

  2. Warren Heimon commented

    As a local entertainment centre, The Hive Bar should be allowed to extend its trading hours. It will facilitate local cultural development and encourage diversity of growth. I do agree noise pollution can be an issue but this should not be the reason to prevent free trading. Noise pollution can be a problem regardless of trading hours. The Hive Bar should be warned about the serious consequences of its patrons adverse behaviour, and be accountable to take relevant steps to minimise noise pollution and other inconvenience that might come with extended trading hours.

  3. Jameela Truman commented

    A welcome contribution to Erskineville night life.

  4. Trent commented

    I believe the hive bar should be able to extend the trading hours, as an Erskineville local born and bred the businesses and night life in Erskineville is paramount to provide a relaxed environment to drink and socialise.
    Erskineville has grown through the years and it will continue to grow so please let’s grow with it let’s not allow gladys berejiklian and her supporters ruin how already nanny state... that’s all 🙏

  5. James garvan commented

    The hive bar should be permitted to extend trading hours, as an example case for surrounding venues.

    Night life is anything but damaging to this community, and deserves to be encouraged in any way possible

  6. Gretchen Miller commented

    Hive Bar already blatantly ignores noise restrictions by leaving its doors and windows open, blasting the street (including Charles St, where I live) with thumping beats.
    I do not support an extension of hours. Erskineville is not a nightclub hub and should not become one.

  7. Brendan Clarke commented

    Fantastic news! The Hive bar is an exceptional establishment. I’d love to see the bar trading till dawn as several other inner west locations do.

  8. Amy Peirce commented

    The Hive Bar is one of the best bits of our fantastic little village. With longer hours, Long May it Reign!

    People who complain about the noise must have amazing hearing skills that allow them to specifically hear the noise of the Hive Bar over the noise of The Rose, or The Erko or The Imperial...

  9. AG Pippos commented

    I would welcome this extension of trading hours.

    The Hive is a bar, not a nightclub: easy steps can be taken to minimise noise pollution without altering the nature of the venue.

  10. Sally Anderson commented

    Hive Bar is a fantastic local venue contributing to the cultural and social life of the neighbourhood. They are very diligent in closing their windows and the outdoor seating area at night. I support this application and the success of an independently owned small bar. I see no reason why Hive would not be able to open later when there are other late night venues on the same street already well established.

  11. Berry Adair commented

    This is excellent, a much needed addition to the Sydney night economy. The gentle tones of people drinking, laughing and enjoying themselves into the heady night will only add to the vibrant life that living in erskineville already provides. More small bars! Please approve!

  12. Thomas Chailloux commented

    Absolutely in support of Council approving hive bar DA for extending their opening hours. Hive Bar is a locally owned and managed business that provides a a place to meet and socialise for Erskineville residents. Extension of trading hours is appropriate considering Hive Bar's location in Erskineville main trading centre and the fact that there is already one other venue operating late in the vicinity without adverse impacts. Noise is very well mitigated thanks to due diligence in closing doors and windows at night, and there are no negative impacts on amenity for surrounding residents and businesses. Extension of trading hours would be beneficial to local residents and visitors alike. There will be positive impact on cultural and social life in the main street of Erskineville village.

  13. Tara Noir commented

    Fantastic idea. I fully support the extension of hours and I believe it will make a positive cultural and social impact in Erskineville. I am surprised that it is being compared to a nightclub by other commenters, it is clearly a small bar, and in my experience they always respect their neighbours.

  14. Madeline King commented

    I fully support the extension of hours. The Hive Bar has been a part of the Erskineville community for ten years, and it has played a valuable roll in keeping the Erskineville village a hub and a place to visit day and night.
    The current operators show clear support for other eateries and cafes in the area with the well-being of the Erskineville community in mind. (Not to mention their wider support for wider Australian owned craft beer, spirits and produce)
    The extension is more than welcome in my eyes and will benefit multitudes.

  15. Colin Hill commented

    I support the extension of trading hours for the Hive bar.
    This venue is a valuable member of the Erskineville community and part of what makes the local area a lively place to spend an evening.
    The venue should be held accountable for meeting the requirements of is Surigao with respect to noise, however that should not hinder the extension of trading hours while the venue meets its obligations.

  16. Caitlin Maling commented

    I support the extension of trading hours for the Hive bar. The place is an essential landmark of Erskineville - offering the only small bar business in the community and serving a variety of patrons and stakeholders. T

  17. Brigitte Simpson commented

    Hive is an essential part of the Erskineville community, I fully support the extension of trading hours. Small bars are a cornerstone of neighbourhood, providing a space for locals and those from a far to congregate over a beer and a 5$ burger. In my experience, the noise has not been an issue in the four years I have lived in the area. Don't turn Erskineville into the nightlife gaveyard that is Potts Point and Surry Hills.

  18. William Selby commented

    I think the extension of trading hours for the Hive is a great idea given Sydney’s lack of night life options for those who value the choice to avoid clubs, huge pubs, and casinos.

    The Hive Bar in particular deserves the application for their participation in the local community; both supporting and complimenting other local businesses and giving residents a laid back and forward thinking spot to patronise.

  19. Rich Hall commented

    Hive Bar is a classic neighbourhood bar that serves up great tunes, good food & amazing cocktails. We should be doing everything we can to support small local venues like Hive. Not everyone wants to go the casino just because it's after midnight.

  20. Bob Leudemann commented

    Erskineville is a vibrant Sydney village and small venues like The Hive are a big reason why. I 100% support this application
    It’s owners are all locals and very caring about the community and their neighbors.

  21. Craig Zepeda commented

    I fully support the Hive’s application to extend their trading hours, as well as the modification of the patronage numbers. Erskineville is such an amazing community and small businesses like The Hive are one of the main reasons why. They are fully supportive of the neighborhood and community and have been actively involved over the years in supporting numerous charity events as well as providing their venue for varied, inclusive and entertaining events of all kinds.

  22. Jack McPhee commented

    Great idea. Cities are meant to be vibrant. They're safer and more enjoyable when plenty of people around. I totally support the application.

  23. Phil Smith commented

    I am a resident living 50m from this venue. I support it because 1) it is a local establishment having operated for 10 years without issue, 2) they are mindful of the area they operate in and have a strong focus on positive neighbourly relationships, 3) I approached them and discussed their DA in detail and they were an open book, transparent, and their plans are extremely reasonable, 4) drunks, loud noise and unsocial behaviour are more likely from other venues and even residences nearby, or have exited the station and walking home, than originating from this venue, 5) they have a focus on providing late night food options which I think is extremely good for the area. 6) never had any incident occur feeling the need to report or complain about. I actually think the venue should be offered more footpath area to try and activate the village further.

  24. Aria Dawn commented

    TheHive should be allowed to have extended hours. Erskineville desperately needs some later night life.
    It’s a great small bar the really focuses on being a local.

  25. Nicky commented

    I do not support an extension of hours. Erskineville village is just that a village with a village atmosphere, it is not a nightclub hub and should not become one.
    Late night venues cause a lot more social problems, which is why they brought in the lockout laws in the first place. We shouldn't encourage late night venues, it causes the residents a lot more problems. Just last week I had a newley planted citrus tree planted in the front yard that cost a lot of money, that was pulled out and just left by drunks. There is a chair placed on the NBN box this morning in Charles st, placed there by some drunk for mindless entertainment. They leave rubbish around, destroy things, create noise, wee in the lanes and yards nearby. It's supposed to be a social venue, but it creates non social behavior by late night trading. Keep the village a village, and leave late night trading to where there is more of this nearby. Not near quiet streets and closed quiet shops.

  26. JoeO commented

    I support this extension because the hub is a great spot and I don’t believe they are a singular or contributor to Boise and damage.
    Erskineville is not a “village” it is an inner-city suburb and is for all local residents to use. The hub is not a nightclub but a place for people to collect.
    However, all local drinking establishments do have a collective responsibility to manage patron noise and behaviour and should do their part to keep this in check. Technology can play a part in that and noise sensors and cameras can do a good job in at least recording instances for further attention.

  27. Leigh Kay commented

    I'm an Erskineville resident and support this proposal. It's important that the Hive continues its efforts to minimise noise and discourage antisocial behaviour by its customers. But it's also important to the community to have a range of dining and entertainment options. I greatly enjoy and value the Hive's safe and inclusive atmosphere along with its excellent music, food and drink offerings. Previous commenters have noted that the extended hours would include late-night dining. This would be a real benefit to our growing community, particularly to locals who don't work 9-5 jobs.

  28. Bhushan Nagaraj commented

    I fully support the proposal D/2007/944/G to extend the hours of operation and the modification of the total number of patrons at the Hive bar. The Hive bar is a local establishment, a small bar with owners committed to supporting the local community and a very responsible bar staff.

  29. Joshua Cook commented

    The Hive Bar is a integral part of the Erskineville community and continues to maintain the village feel that so many of us love about Erskineville. An extension to the trading hours will be a fantastic option for enabling late night food in Erskineville, as well as a safe late night venue alternative to many of the bigger venues in the area. I am in support of this application.

  30. Hudson Hudson commented

    Erskineville is fast changing into a family orientated village with families living in the streets around & close to this bar . Why does the council think we need to extend drinking times to the early hours of the morning in this village .
    We are the ones who have to put up with excessive noise , Rubbish & people throwing up in our streets .
    There are plenty of bars that are open later
    in king street for the people that want to drink for 7 hours plus -don’t destroy the village atmosphere for the families that live here . This has no benefit to the village !

  31. Ben commented

    Anyone who apposes this DA should rethink their position in the community. It is establishments such as the Hive Bar that is the fabric of the community that’s brings people together.

    Clientele that frequent this family Business are typically locals who respect the area.

    If you don’t like it, move out!

  32. Mark Mackenzie commented

    Obviously the owners of this establishment have enlisted ghost writers to support the application. It should be rejected on that basis.

    Also I agree that the existing establishment can be very noisy with drunk patrons spilling onto the streets.

    Lots of love,

  33. Charles Street Residents commented

    5 additional homes in Charles Street which are in close proximity to the Hive Bar have officially lodged its concerns with the venue and wish to note so with council. The residents hope that the issues can and will be resolved so we can endorse the proposed extended trading hours and have a better community for all concerned. The concerns of residents are listed below the current laws in place.

    Law - Licensees have certain obligations to make sure any negative impact on local residents or businesses in their community is minimised. They must also ensure that their licensed premises contributes to, and does not detract from, the comfort of the community.
    A disturbance is likely to be one two things, or both:
    • Anti-social behaviour from people leaving the venue – littering, damage to property, or alcohol- related violence.
    • Excessive noise – from activities inside the venue or people leaving the venue

    Charles Street Concerns
    • The anti-social behaviour starts around 10-12pm when people depart the Hive Bar. They do not seem to be locals. They congregate on the strip and in the park opposite. They have no access to toilet facilities, fights break out and many people vomit. This is clearly a disturbance and burden on the local residents that need to clean it up. When patrons leave the park they cause disturbance and damage as they travel down the streets. We believe this issue can be remedied by the responsible service of alcohol & your security service to monitor the patrons after they have crossed the road to the park and move them on if necessary. Please note that we have observed most disturbances in the past to occur from patrons departing The Hive rather than other establishments as we can observe them leaving directly from your door at closing time. These disturbances may grow larger due to people arriving from other venues as well, however we feel The Hive being the closest venue to the issue should be responsible for assisting the residents with the problem after closing time. Perhaps The Rose can also assist with a security detail.

    Law - Between 7am and midnight, noise from a licensed venue as measured at the edge of a residential property should not exceed the background noise level by 5 decibels (dB)

    Charles Street Concerns

    The noise levels from The Hive on a full occupancy weekend night with DJ exceeds allowed sound levels. Houses shake from the low range and the high range is continuously around 60DB inside our properties. Screaming and shouting from patrons outside the doors of your venue causes alarm to residents by its very nature and also adds to the noise pollution. We request that The Hive keep the sound from the venue at no more than the required level and take appropriate action with patrons to minimise the impact.

    We hope to hear from the Hive Bar on remedying these concerns so we can all live in harmony.

  34. Jennifer Killen commented

    The last thing any part of Sydney needs is increased alcohol consumption. I have no objection to the increased hours providing sale and consumption of alcohol is restricted to current hours. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served after that. This would give all the benefits listed by various people above without the dander of increased alcohol consumption.
    Any change to the no of people in different areas to be subject to fire safety and evacuation assessment

  35. John Flint commented

    I understand that the official commenting period has closed.
    In any case here is my two bobs worth...
    Barely mentioned on the many comments on the planning alerts website is the request to change the maximum number of patrons allowed from 38 on the ground floor and 40 on the 1st floor to 78 anywhere on the premises.
    The council should look very closely before granting this request. It is a given that the effect of this will be for the venue to be more crowded,in either the upstairs or downstairs area. This has the potential to change the dynamics of the place and also the noise levels. More people in close proximity will naturally make more noise than if the patrons are spaced out. It will also make it more difficult for the staff to control.

  36. Becklemis commented

    I have been frequenting the Hive Bar since it opened, it's an amazing small bar with thoughtful owners and staff. Extending the hours is an excellent idea as long as the patrons would inside, off the street as this may become noisy and disturb residents.

    It would then become only one of 2 late night establishments on this strip, I would hardly call that a 'nightclub strip' as others have called it. If you live within 3 kms of the CBD and cannot handle noise from neighbours/pubs/bars and the like then maybe it is time for you to consider moving to a MUCH more suburban atmosphere such as Ashfield, Leichhardt or Wolli Creek? The Hive represents people like me, almost 50 who still like a drink after midnight, know how to handle their booze and don't want to put up with the BS of King St bouncers.

  37. Cameron Lowe commented

    The Hive is a close walk from home and I drink there, Rose, Imperial and Bank regularly.

    It's well run, doesn't attract a beer swilling crowd and adds vibrancy to Erko village so I fully support an extension of hours.

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