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In Erskineville NSW on “Section 4.55(2)...” at 93 Erskineville Road Erskineville NSW 2043:

Charles Street Residents commented

5 additional homes in Charles Street which are in close proximity to the Hive Bar have officially lodged its concerns with the venue and wish to note so with council. The residents hope that the issues can and will be resolved so we can endorse the proposed extended trading hours and have a better community for all concerned. The concerns of residents are listed below the current laws in place.

Law - Licensees have certain obligations to make sure any negative impact on local residents or businesses in their community is minimised. They must also ensure that their licensed premises contributes to, and does not detract from, the comfort of the community.
A disturbance is likely to be one two things, or both:
• Anti-social behaviour from people leaving the venue – littering, damage to property, or alcohol- related violence.
• Excessive noise – from activities inside the venue or people leaving the venue

Charles Street Concerns
• The anti-social behaviour starts around 10-12pm when people depart the Hive Bar. They do not seem to be locals. They congregate on the strip and in the park opposite. They have no access to toilet facilities, fights break out and many people vomit. This is clearly a disturbance and burden on the local residents that need to clean it up. When patrons leave the park they cause disturbance and damage as they travel down the streets. We believe this issue can be remedied by the responsible service of alcohol & your security service to monitor the patrons after they have crossed the road to the park and move them on if necessary. Please note that we have observed most disturbances in the past to occur from patrons departing The Hive rather than other establishments as we can observe them leaving directly from your door at closing time. These disturbances may grow larger due to people arriving from other venues as well, however we feel The Hive being the closest venue to the issue should be responsible for assisting the residents with the problem after closing time. Perhaps The Rose can also assist with a security detail.

Law - Between 7am and midnight, noise from a licensed venue as measured at the edge of a residential property should not exceed the background noise level by 5 decibels (dB)

Charles Street Concerns

The noise levels from The Hive on a full occupancy weekend night with DJ exceeds allowed sound levels. Houses shake from the low range and the high range is continuously around 60DB inside our properties. Screaming and shouting from patrons outside the doors of your venue causes alarm to residents by its very nature and also adds to the noise pollution. We request that The Hive keep the sound from the venue at no more than the required level and take appropriate action with patrons to minimise the impact.

We hope to hear from the Hive Bar on remedying these concerns so we can all live in harmony.

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