70 Loch Maree Street Maroubra NSW 2035

Demolition of existing dwelling house, construction of a new learn to swim centre with asscociated signage.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA-129/2018)


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  1. Ben commented

    Loch Maree is a residential street definitely not suited for a business.

  2. Ash commented

    This proposal will create more traffic and the area is already very busy with the public school and the French school. We do not support this proposal.

  3. Kate Hagar commented

    This development will create hazardous conditions for a school located in a busy area already. The pedestrian crossing will be crowded by such a large development and obstruct views for turning traffic. Whatever class time proposals they suggest to get their approval will be abandoned when it comes to generating clientele. I do not support this development.

  4. Deborah commented

    Whilst the idea of a swim school is a great business proposition the proposed location is only 400sqm and already an area receiving high traffic during morning and afternoon school peak hour, and the only onsite parking proposed is for staff.
    We are concerned about what will happen should the owners not receive sufficient students from the surrounding schools. The traffic will increase. There is insufficient parking currently and If you need to access the adjacent school you need to arrive before the crowds and still park three blocks away.
    I also strongly urge Planning representatives to attend at peak hour drop off and pick up times to witness first hand how busy the area is.
    I believe some local schools have supported this application however they are not directly effected by the increased traffic this development will cause.
    I also understand the business has a plan for transporting students by bus. Where will the bus stop to safely drop and/or pick up students? When the bus system doesn’t work and students need to be driven where will cars park??
    The surrounding neighbours including the adjacent school should be consulted prior to the final decision being made.
    Given no person, promise or undertaking can guarantee the future or where students will come from one does also need to consider the alternative causing increased traffic to the area.
    We do not support this development application and strongly request Council to consider the effects such a proposal will have.

  5. Benoit Droulez commented

    As Chairman of the Board of the International French School. I can say that the French School have not supported this application. The facilities proposed are too small to propose a viable option for the school to utilise for it sporting activities.

  6. Louise commented

    This development is located on an already extremely busy corner near 2 very large schools (MJPS and the French School). The safety of student pedestrians in this area will be comprised by further development and increased number of vehicles.
    Parking in this area is already a problem and will be further exacerbated by a development of this nature.
    Apart from the public school Loch Maree is a residential street that cannot support this development

  7. Justine commented

    This proposed development is inappropriate for this site. The location is of utmost concern, being directly located opposite a large primary school (Maroubra Junction Public School), as well as being a residential area.
    Parking is already at a premium, not just during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up times, but also throughout the day (there are often events at the school, such as scripture and other extracurricular activities).
    Pedestrian safety in this immediate area is also a high priority - the location of the pedestrian crossing is almost directly outside the proposed entry for the pool - the is a real danger of this crossing being blocked by cars parking illegally in order to drop or pick students up.
    The residential nature of the area and street also needs to be taken in consideration. The listed potential pool hours are 7 days a week and for up to 12 hours a day. The impact that this would have on the immediate neighbours is of huge significance. The noise levels of the equipment needs to be considered.
    Furthermore, the negative effect that this development would also have on neighbouring property prices should also be considered.

  8. Belinda Castrisos commented

    I have received notice of the above proposed development application lodged 14/03/2018 and would like to voice my support – what a FABULOUS service to have!

    I believe it is a fantastic facility to have next to a primary school and in close proximity to an aged care facility.

    The convenience for local residents, particularly those with young families or grandchildren, is wonderful – the area has some fabulous playgrounds which would facilitate a great morning out.

    I do not think the application presents any significant environmental impact – presently there is a near-derelict house sitting on the site which is an utter eyesore! – the development of a Swim School would actually improve the street-scape.

    The noise emanating from the premises is not anticipated to be unreasonable I should think – no different from a public school of nearly 700 students anyway! The daytime hours of operation and restrictions on class numbers will mitigate unreasonable noise impacts I should think – and it is completely indoors!

    From what I can deduce, this proposed Swim School differs significantly from traditional aquatic centres and community pools in terms of scale and services offered – smaller, more personalised lessons. Traffic would not be significantly increased on this basis.

    In fact, if parents of Maroubra Junction Public School (as I am), were to enrol our children into a local Swim School, or should MJPS incorporate swimming into the Personal development, health and physical education component throughout the school day, traffic would be streamlined, and spread out. There would be little to no traffic implications.

    I live in Maroubra and have tried all of the swim schools over the years for my three children – In the Deep, Maroubra Swim School and DRLC – as well as a myriad of private lessons. They have proven to be either unreasonably busy, expensive, inflexible or the children and I simply just hate it. Fit2Swim is in an area where you can go for a nice stroll while waiting for a class to end, we do not have to drive from our home – my children can safely navigate to footbridge to and from; it really is an ideal location. But I am rambling now, my apologies…

    To conclude, I would be completely saddened to see this application not come to life; I honestly believe it is a value adding service to the Randwick community.

    And it’s not ANOTHER high rise!

  9. Anneli Karlsson commented

    Last week I was informed that the applicant used my name and business as a supporter of the proposal when in fact I wrote to him six months ago and stated that I could not put my support in writing because just like everyone else I am worried about the parking situation. I run a cafe a few doors down, 80 % of my business is take-aways and most of my customers drive here. The applicant used parts of my email address to fabricate my name, not ok by me!

    My cafe was approved on the condition there would be no cooking on the premises which require an exhaust system and grease trap so how can a swimming complex even be considered which would require plant equipment and ventilation running 24/7?

    Finally I feel for the neighbors next to the property, it’s simply too close and I’m sure the proposal will impact their real estate value?

    Anneli Karlsson
    Swedes cafe

  10. Sandra Coulits commented

    I have seen the proposal of the new development and I’m not happy about it.
    I have lived here all my life and the parking is getting so hard to park at times I have to park a few blocks away people parking here for the day to catch a bus to go into the city (work) , school kids have drop off & pick ups.
    It’s so dangerous I have seen kids nearly get run over.
    The noise is going to affect us & the poor neighbours who are next door & cross the road it’s bad enough with the school kids.
    This is a residential area not a commercial area.

  11. Andrew Lachlan Munro commented

    Andrew Munro

    I have been a resident of Storey St for the past four years, & live directly across from Maroubra Junction Public School. I run my business from home, & persistently have problems parking near or even close to my house, & as I am often needing to move goods either into my home or into my vehicle this presents a problem to me. Parking is very difficult at all times, with a large increase at school drop off times. As there is time limited parking on the school side of Storey St, most people park on the residential side of the street. This is composed of a mix of residents, patrons of the cafe & hair salon, professionals, tradesmen & parents working or visiting the school, or people visiting the old peoples home on Anzac Pde .
    There is a large volume of traffic using Storey St, from 6am through to 8pm - six days a week, with a slight slow down on a Sunday, which runs directly past the proposed development. I have witnessed police, ambulance & fire vehicles at all hours travelling at high speed along Storey St, as it is a thoroughfare with no traffic lights, with police cars not slowing at all for the speed bump directly outside the proposed development on the Storey St side.
    The proposed development is situated on the corner of Loch Maree & Storey St - a very busy intersection at all times. My biggest fear in regards to the development is that the increase in traffic related to the swim school, will cause an accident resulting in injury or worse, either while it was being built or thereafter. I vehemently oppose this development.

  12. Steve Hodgson commented

    Safety First!
    What a crazy idea!
    Has anyone given any consideration to the public safety!
    A large commercial operation right near a school, residents and aged people.
    This area is already very busy within school drop off and pick up times.
    What about the additional heavy traffic of trucks during demolition and excavation...
    Is the safety of school children and our elders not a priority!
    When does someone's commercial interests become more important than community.

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