Bringelly Road, Leppington, NSW

Bringelly Road Business Hub - A proposed light industrial warehouse facility with ancillary office space, accommodating approximately 10,696sqm; and approximately 70 car parking spaces. The proposed operations include the preparation of motor oil products for future retail sale off-site, the operations include:  Bulk fluid delivery and storage;  Blending;  Bottling and packaging;  Storage;  Dispatch and distribution; and  Ancillary office administration.

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  1. Kelly thompson commented

    I would like to lodge my disapproval to this submission. This business is certainly not ‘light’ industrial, it is in extremely close proximity to the Wesyern Sydney Regional parklands & contains hazardous chemicals !! It is also in a bushfire prone area . The area is surrounded by residential areas which will also be affected by increase in noise due to traffic & any environmental hazards due to production & storage of chemicals .
    Furthermore , residents of Horningsea Park & surrounding areas have not been given adequate information about this submission- I found out 2nd hand . Why is the local community not being contacted directly ???

  2. Maria Fabian commented

    I would like to lodge my disapproval to this submission. Unfortunately the Department has not sought to consult the affected community to an appropriate extent. A number of concerned residents in the suburbs surrounding the proposal have not received letters notifying them of this state significant project which is to be located in their neighbourhood. This is considered unacceptable and appears to intentionally limit the involvement of the community. In order to rectify this, I request that the public exhibition period be extended and the project be notified to all residents within a 5km radius. This would better allow for the concerns of the community to be gathered and considered in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The local Councils Liverpool and Camden should also be provided the opportunity to provide comment and represent their community. I am unaware that Camden has been notified of this development which may have an impact on their planned communities . The project has a range of potential impacts on the local community and environment which include traffic, odours and air quality, bushfire risk, contamination risk, water contamination risk to the heritage listed Sydney Water Channel and potential conflict with the Jemena Gas main. Noise and vibration from the machinery and truck movements add to the noise pollution. The Greater Sydney Commission has said the adjoining Western Sydney Parklands are the green lungs of our community and would be threatened by this proposed development. Surely this type of development would be better suited to an industrial area, possibly in the newly created industrial area near the Western Sydney Airport where the risks on so many residents can be avoided. This development is certainly NOT light industrial due to the safety concerns alone.

  3. Sheree Aspinall commented

    This development is not appropriate for the area. The danger to the community and the environment (Western Sydney Parklands) cannot be ignored.

  4. Joseph Caruana commented

    The EIS is vague and subjective, resulting in a biased conclusion of minimal environmental impact. I am of the view that further quantative analysis is required to substantiate this claim, prior to any formal consideration.

    For example, the EIS states that there is a low risk of spillage and appropriate remediation actions are in place. However, page 27 of the EIS states a spill management plan will be developed, with no further information provided.

    Further, page 35 states that a qualitative air quality assessment was undertaken which identified a medium risk of dust and human health impacts offsite if no mitigation measures are applied. No information is provided on what these health impacts are and who will be effected. It is noted that the proposed development is bordered by residential dwellings to the north and east of the site. In response, the applicant states that standard dust mitigation measures will be implemented where practical. No further information is provided on what these measures are, where / when they will be implemented during construction and what criteria will be used to determine when it is practical for their use.

    The EIS concludes that no serious threat of irreversible environmental damage has been identified and the proposed measures are considered to be robust. I am of the view that an inadequate assessment was undertaken and this led to the biased no impact conclusion. Further, the outlined remediation measures are either non-existent or inadequate.

    It is also noted that the applicant did not meet with Liverpool council prior to lodging the EIS. This has resulted in a flawed consultation outcome by the proponent.

  5. Jon Crutcher commented

    This is definitely not an appropriate development. This is within close proximity to a zoned major town centre. You would not want this kind of development near a civc precinct or high density residential. This type of development needs to be in a heavy industrial zoning.

  6. Samantha Vandenberg commented

    This proposal is not light industrial, it heavy industrial. Allowing a oil preparation plant next to a gas main and water way is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Please look at this area as a whole. There is high density housing, parklands, water way and gas main. Not the perfect location for such hazardous chemicals plant. Business see the main junction transport line as perfect spots without seeing what else is already survive in the surrounding areas. Hazardous materials need to be contained within heavy industrial zones not residential and park/wetlands. Please consider the local residents.

  7. Maria Vuica commented

    I would like to lodge my disapproval. I will also add the lack of community consultation by NULON. We were never informed and didn’t know, until now and found out second hand. Here are my points
    • The land/ block/ area chosen has been approved for light industrial use only NULON is attempting to build a heavy industrial site that the council approved for cafes, restaurants, park lands, shops
    • The impact on our local roads from increased traffic congestion due to heavy vehicles, oil tanker trucks operating 24/7
    • The risk of a heavy vehicle incident involving hazardous materials in/ around our local community
    • The very real daily threat to our local families/ schools/ day care centres/ children (your choice of wording) of a major incident occurring due to mechanical failure or human error. The impact would be catastrophic to the immediate area/s depending on the severity of the incident (explosion/ fire etc…)
    • The immediate threat to the surrounding environment/ community/ residents should there be a major/ spill due to on site tank rupture due to fire incident occurred in or around or local community
    • The hazardous products stored, mixed, refined, transported are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and can be directly related to the development of tumours, rashes, lung and raspatory issues/ complications/ when exposed either directly or indirectly
    • If you can smell it, its affecting you, no price on my families health, zero tolerance
    • The daily smells, the trucks running all night and day
    • Incidents (not accidents) will and have happened, we will not take the chance of having such a hazardous operation directly within our family community
    • Previous incident occurred at the Moorebank factory where an oil mixing/ blending machine was left running until the fire brigade were alerted via an electronic direct alarm, when they attended they found that the blending machine had been left on unattended, if that alarm had failed (mechanical failure) the result (worst case) could have been multiple fatalities. 48 people suffered chemical exposure symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, head ache/ migraines/ sores and rashes as a result. We will not take that chance with our families/ community and surrounding areas. EPA report on the face book page
    • Processes and procedures can be diverted from/ due to fatigue, poor training, poor operational culture (meeting deadlines/ company expectations), alcohol, drugs, repetition (breeds complacency/ laziness/ take short cuts) these would be classed as an example of human error
    • We will not live with the daily fear of a minor, major or any incident ever occurring within our immediate community, there is no price that can be put on our families lives/ health/ wellbeing no amount of compensation would ever take back the damage done
    • If this factory is built it will lower our housing prices considerably, as who wants to live near an oil/ aerosol production factory/ distribution centre (this is one reason NULON has proposed to build next to established homes, would you buy next to NULON?)
    • People/ children/ elderly with pre-existing medical conditions in the area such as autism, asthma and so on would be greatly affected
    The NULON company obviously has no interest in the detrimental effects on the surrounding residents quality of life as a result of their operational goals, this is clear within the information provided on the face book page.
    * This type of facility needs to be in an heavy industrial zone and away from residence.
    Thank you

  8. Jim Varelas commented

    This proposal, is not appropriate for the area. We should not be forced to have our children living in such close proximity of such industrial chemicals.

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