69 George Street Parramatta NSW 2150

Development Application - Concept Development Application for the restoration and refurbishment of the Roxy Hotel and associated forecourt and the construction of a commercial office tower above, of up to 33 storeys.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/1008/2017)


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  1. Raymond Ho commented

    I believe the Roxy Hotel to be of significant heritage for future generations of the young and old interested in culture and architecture.
    This type of building is one of the few examples 'art deco' and in its time was labelled as a symbol of construction in its day.
    This will never be replicated in books and should remain a living treasure for all to be able touch and see with their own eyes.
    Commercially its life cycle may have had its use, but I see many future opportunities for it, maybe as a potential museum site, it certainly would be a highlight on any visitors walking tour.
    There are so many high rises in Parramatta some fantastic, some not so, but for Parramatta to retain its character and history, I do believe this is one building that should not be destroyed so its intrinsic value appreciated by all.

    Please reconsider any plans for new construction.
    I have no commercial interests to disclose.

  2. Peter Lysaght commented


    Pardon my lack of understanding of the history of this significant building but I have only ever known it as the Roxy Theatre, a picture house of great historic significance and certainly the finest and very possibly the only remaining example of a ‘ Spanish Mission’ style picture house in Australia.

    Any restoration and refurbishment should return the building to its original use as a theatre seating almost 2000 patrons. Parramatta could certainly make good use of such a venue with alterations and additions being carried out to include adequate backstage facilities for live productions if not considered suitable for the modern movies.

    I have lived in North Parramatta for most of my life and have seen many changes, certainly many for the better, however, destruction of historically significant buildings by developers does not leave me but wondering why City of Parramatta Council would be in a rush to allow inappropriate redevelopment except for the money-grab such an approval would provide..

  3. Robyn Watts commented

    I agree with both comments. The Roxy is special and part of or history. Any new building can't compete. I remember someone once wanting to take the State theatre and QVB buildings down but they ended up being kept. What beautiful buildings they are now after being preserved and restored and what character they give to the city. Please don't let "old Parramatta" disappear. We can never replace what we have lost.

  4. Hannah commented

    Finally! Im beyond over walking past this everyday and seeing the place boarded up for years now! please either restore the building or knock it down. I'm over being scared walking past this building during the day and night. It's time for new beginnings.

  5. June M Bullivant OAM commented

    This D/A was put in a couple of years ago, fought it then I do not agree with it now.

  6. Greg Temme commented

    I support a development on this site. Restoration of the Roxy should be part of the development.
    The last DA looked ok to me.
    Restore the front and ground . Give it back for public access and build above the old cinema.
    Section. Another functional theater/ cinema is not needed in Parramatta.

  7. Adam James commented

    Parramatta is part of Sydney. Sydney lost all its old theatres due to lack of foresight. Sydney luckily retained the State and Capitol but the Regent debacle will never be forgotten.

    Do not let the Roxy become another Regent. Theatre space for community theatre in Western Sydney is quickly disappearing or becoming too expensive to rent. The Roxy will never be another cinema as that era has gone, however as a live venue, a community resource - community theatre, school concerts/performances, launches etc.

  8. Janet Joseph commented

    *sigh* do we have to have another ugly glass tower block here??? Can we not just keep and restore our heritage? We have seen "keeping the facade" before and when complete so little of the original building is left that you wonder why they bothered. This butchering of our beautiful Art Deco Theatre is criminal, there are plenty of other spots for ugly glass tower blocks surely? In some places in Sydney you can't change the front door colour of a historic listing building but in Parramatta it is fine to put a 30+ storey tower block sticking out of the top of the theatre?

  9. Bruce Maxwell commented

    You know there is only one Roxy Theatre like this in the entire world... and we are lucky enough to have it.
    Now someone wants to gut it and create a huge monolith disguised as the Roxy ( they are already calling it the Roxy Hotel!!!
    All to make a buck, and b***er our heritage!
    Shame, shame, shame!!!

  10. Anne Jaumees commented

    I agree with the concerns about the development proposal of The Roxy. As others have also said it seems to have changed from the Roxy Theatre with its significan cultural and architectural significance to The Roxy Hotel. I'm keen to see a vibrant Parramatta without destroying everything that makes it special.

  11. Kim Osman commented

    I've lived in the Parramatta area my whole life, I remember when the Roxy was a movie theatre, I remember when it turned into a live concert venue, I also remember it being a nightclub facility. To turn it into yet another office tower, of all glass and a replica of so many that are being built in the Parramatta CBD is re-development gone horribly corrupt and wrong. To have another historic performance venue ripped down or re-developed into something it's not is just poor form. Parramatta itself does not have any real venues for live music/stage performances with character (Riverside only caters to some genres and definitely does not have historic character) - to see any live music or other stage performance we all need to trek into the city (think Enmore Theatre). With so much being built in Parramatta, doesn't the city deserve a small part of it's old self nestled in there and hopefully be re-opened for everyone to enjoy - not just the developers with money being made for office space!

  12. Cameron Elyard commented

    I have been going there since a very young boy for the Movies of course, I saw Ghost Buster there, since that time I have been to drinks in the day, parties at night and also been for MMA and Kick boxing fight nights but have always wondered when it would be restored to it's beauty and used as a community in some positive way like the Riverside theatre or something ?

  13. David M. HAWKINS commented

    The Roxy must be fully restored to a functioning live theatre. Sydney is in dire need of venues and as a producer of professional theatre and concerts it is most frustrating. I adore the Roxy I was born in Parramatta and grew up at Greystanes there were many more theatres in the district back then. We have lost so many theatres both in city and suburbs and we can't be faced with another being compromised because of one persons desire in their lifetime to build a office tower and make money, its bigger than that. The scars on Sydney with the Regent are so deep, then the Maj, the city is now battling to find room fir shows and the issue here is cities need nightlife, they need entertainment they need culture for their people. The crazy thing here is to not give the theatre a proper stage house and capacity it will be crippled and unable to be used properly for the community and future. An office tower ontop of the fly tower and stage house maybe but to not enable the theatre to be utilized for anything substantial will only make a white elephant. It was not built as a hotel it was built as a theatre it's grand style is unique to this country with that beautiful forecourt resembling the famous theatres on Hollywood Blvd in USA. There is a huge need for well equipped live theatres don't ignore that opportunity and give the theatre industry and city back the Roxy. It's obvious new life is to fill the theatre shortage.

  14. Greg Temme commented

    This is an opportunity to have the Roxy restored as a functioning safe modern cinema. It was only ever successful as a cinema and this can now be reopened with this development. The building NOT art deco it is Spanish Mission it was opend in 1930, hardly heritage . The riverside theatre is doing a fantastic job bringing live theatre to our city and it is still offering incentives to fill the seats. I don't think it needs competition as a live venue just yet. This development is an opportunity to have the Roxy restored maintained and be a functioning cinema again. The development should be supported and successful.

  15. Melinda Kane commented

    There is already so much office space and more to come. So many units and si many people coming. We need a variety of venues and entertainment from cinemas to Riverside theatre to a place like the Roxy, so unique and full of soul. Nothing can adequately convey that except the original building restored to its former glory.

  16. David Evans commented

    Agree - there will be a need for this place. I can imagine it screening movies - art house, indian, chinese, arabic, and also being a venue - a pity the Dendy Group can't be involved - When I see some of inappropriate the developments around Parramatta, I am hoping the current council has mended its ways and not in the grip of darker forces.

  17. Ernie Goulding commented

    The Roxy theatre was part of my history.
    So any development would take away my history along with many other individual's history.
    By all means restoration is not out of the equation, but to develop/change our history is desicration.
    The theater has already been put on Australia's heritage list - does that not stop developers?
    My mother was born in Parramatta, went to school in Parramatta and still lives in Dundas.
    Do not take away our history.

  18. Greg Temme commented

    I have commented 2 times previously.
    I would urge everybody to have a look at the development application and notice that it is a full restoration of the Roxy theatre back to a theatre. the development is supported by a majority of "save the Roxy " and should be redeveloped as per the development application . If this is left up to Parramatta council nothing will happen and it will stay as it is , a mess.
    Here is an opportunity to have the Roxy restored to its previous Glory we should all be supporting this developer.

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