Boollwarroo Parade, Shell Cove, Shellharbour,

07_0027 Boollwarroo Parade, Shell Cove - Proposed amendment to the Concept Plan Approval for the Shell Cove Boat Harbour Precinct including: -A refined built form across the entire Boat Harbour Precinct; -The introduction of a broader ranger of dwelling types, including additional apartments; -Amendments to the hotel building, including relocation to the northern edge of the Town Centre; and -A refined road and block layout.

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  1. Cheryl dunlop commented

    We moved to Shell Cove four years ago because we were attracted to the proposed marina and views of the area.

    The marina precinct plans looked to compliment the amphitheater style of the suburb, local beach and environment.

    The proposed changes to the marina precinct have serious concern due to the increase in the number of high density residential developments, the overall effects of limited views due to the height of the proposed buildings surrounding the waterfront. The original plans had these buildings set back to reduce the overall feel of the environment.

    We have grave concerns about increasing dwellings and maximum heights of building for many reasons:

    - given promises of maintaining beautiful views of Bass Point and the marina, the proposed changes will impact views for many residents and the low key, relaxed feel that lured faithful buyers to Shell Cove
    - 11 storeys in a small coastal town is an eye sore, it puts strain on environment and public resources
    - The increases in traffic, and reduced availability of parking is also of great concern. Residents have been waiting for better access to key locations and shopping facilities but the large increase in dwellings puts traffic flow, congestion at risk
    - the concern for increase in crime due.
    - We are concerned about the removal of the original 2013 submission commitment, replacing with a focus on tourism and economic rationale.
    As faithful residents we feel that this proposal is all about money and economy trumping everything else.

    We implore you to please consider your decision.

  2. Rhonda Lehwess commented

    In reference to the planning etc of the Shellcove marina. I would just like to know or ask the question where will be the wetland that the Shellharbour Council said there would be. I have looked at the site map and isn't there. This area was a big wetland for native birds and wild life in general and the new map of there shows no wetland which to me is not good for our environment.

  3. Logan dunlop commented

    I wish to object the new development at shellcove marina. I wish to object the height change of all buildings, and the increase of residents. This is just a money grab and shouldn't be allowed.

  4. Helen Copland commented

    We, my husband and I strongly object to the new plans for the marina. We moved to this area 12 years ago to enjoy the relaxed village lifestyle. The proposal is making it into a resort area. Tall buildings blocking everyones view, changing Shellharbour Village, extra traffic effecting the enviroment.
    Also losing the wetlands all for sake of money. We do not need it and we do not want it.

  5. Mrs Willie Harding commented

    I have always been for the Marina and yes we need to look into the future but NOT this rehashed application, it really smells of more money to be made, with no thought to the people who already live there. The original concept is great and that is what Frasers agreed to, so why change it now. I hope Shellharbour council also has some say in the above proposal, if not, all hell will break loose.

  6. Anna Cook commented

    I think 11 storeys high is out of proportion to the area, 5 storeys would be generous and more in proportion.

    Where has the promised wetland gone?

    Where are all the kids going to go to high school? The local high schools are a long way away and all full.

  7. Mike El commented

    Sophia St and Mary St must have access to Brigantine Drive in Shell Cove Waterfront.
    The traffic congestion on Cove Blvd and Harbour Blvd and around the waterfront with so many medium / high density dwellings will become impossible to get anywhere.
    Traffic flow has to be considered first. You only have to look at what's happening all over Sydney.

  8. Amanda Hall commented

    My husband and I object to the propsal as it contavenes what was already planned, we moved into the area on that basis, we were happy with the original concept, we looked over all of the planning approvals and decided this was an area we wanted to live in. We think the Marina as originally proposed was and is a great asset to the community. The new development proposal is NOT what we relocated for.
    We do not beleive there is valid reason (other than financial gain) for the increase size of the development, we are concerned there is not adequate infrastucture to allow this deleopment to be approved.
    We are concerned the green space (Wetlands) will be eroded to allow for the extra land grab.

  9. N & J Maihofer commented

    We moved into Shell Cove from Sydney 5 years ago to get away from the ratrace. We perused over all of the planning approvals with the original concept and decided this suited our life style and on those grounds purchased in the area. We disapprove of 11 storeys which will impact views to Bass Point and the Marina for many residents in Shell Cove plus being an eye sore, 4 storeys would be generous enough and more in proportion. We believe there is no valid reason (other than financial gain for Frasers) for the increase size of the development.

  10. Les commented

    I object to any change to the original development plans at Shell Cove marina that would increase the height or the housing density.
    the marina area is already being over populated with high density building and its not what the locals want. This is just a money grab for the developers and council shouldn't allowed it.

  11. Julie commented

    Feel I have been cheated . It's definitely not the life style I was sold off the plan 12 months ago . I would have reconsidered my purchase .
    It's a seaside village , not sydney and that's why we chose to purchase here.
    The changes will do nothing to enhance the area , only create an over developed and over populated eye sore .
    If it was affordable housing that would help the younger ones , I may understand , but no it's expensive realestate . All about money not life style . So disappointed .

  12. Alanna Hector commented

    I have just moved to Shell Cove to be in a coastal village. The 6 storey apartments will block our view and with all the traffic from so many more people our children will not be safe riding their bikes around as they do now. I object to the proposed amendments to the Waterfront plan.

  13. Keith Hawkins commented

    I have lived in Shell Cove for 15 years, when we moved in the development was something we were proud to be a part of. There were strict guidelines that we all had to adhere to. Which made for a pleasant development. However since being sold off to another developer the gloves have come off. It had now become a profit beffore lifestyle concern where anything goes. Three residences on a single block, 11 story units, high density units, and anything to generate maximum profits.
    The shell cove that was it no longer here it has become just another development where the residents concerns are just ignored. Hopefully the concerns raised here will be taken into consideration by council. Shell Cove is still a great place tol live, lets preserve it before it is changed for ever.

  14. Barry Karp commented

    As residents in the municipality of Shellharbour, my wife and I wish to object the new development proposals submitted for the Shellcove Marina.
    There are many serious concerns about increasing dwellings and the maximum heights of building:
    1. 11 storeys in a small coastal town is both excessive and an eye sore, it puts strain on the sensitive eco- environment and on public resources
    2. The increases in traffic and reduced availability of parking are also of great concern. Residents have been waiting for better access to key locations and shopping facilities, however, the large increase in dwellings puts traffic flow at risk of further congestion
    3. We are concerned that the revised submission is replacing the relaxed village atmosphere with a focus on tourism and economics. Whilst we are happy for additional tourism to the area, this revised proposal appears to be excessive for what has essentially been a quaint coastal town with a relaxed environment.
    Also, where is the wetland that the Shellharbour Council said would be included in the original plans? Studying the site map I can see that it is no longer there. Is this now out of scope? If so, why? This area was a big wetland for native birds and wild life and the new map shows no wetland.

  15. Grant & Sheila Brennan commented

    We write to inform you of our complete opposition to Fraser Properties proposed changes to the already approved development of the Shell Cove Marina Project, Shellharbour. This project, when initially announced over 20 years ago, had many opponents, including ourselves, but due to perseverance and co-operation by the previous developer Australand, AND local residents in partnership with
    Shellharbour City Council, came up with a proposal that won the support of local residents. NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved this remarkable project on that basis, thus construction commenced. Two years ago Fraser Property bought the project from Australand with a guarantee to move ahead as per the original plan. Now we find that Fraser wants to substantially change the concept, without any public consultation, or indeed any public announcement or press release and increase occupation density by (1) increasing hotel floor height from 8 to 11; (2) increase height of other surrounding dwellings by adding extra floors at 5 other multi unit locations immediately surrounding the marine harbour. No proposal for street widenings, no proposals for extra traffic management etc.
    We want to know how can a developer (not the original designer/developer) do this without public support? Initially Australand worked hard to win public support by displaying what they proposed, they won the publics' support. Now we have the new owner abandoning the approved original concept because they realise more dollars can be squeezed out of this publically supported project. Is the tail wagging the dog? A 100% Australian owned developer Australand wins support of locals for a great project and now a 100% foreign owned developer wants to move the goal posts after the game has begun!
    The original design was right and the proposed changes are wrong.
    This isn't Cliff Drive, Wollongong or Campbell Parade, Bondi. It had the support of the Shellharbour City Council and a large majority of council residents who also went along with the original concept design after much consultation.


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