Lake Macquarie Airport, 862 Pacific Highway, Marks Point NSW 2280

Alterations and Additions to Existing Airport and Associated Works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA-1540/2017)


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  1. Christine Gray commented

    Any additions to Belmont Airport will only add to the many issues created by this business. The noise coming from the air craft flight path already appears to be exceeding the permissible levels.

    Are you aware that the gyro copter (if that's it's name) appears to create more noise than a plane, because it operates at a lower altitude than a plane.

    Are you aware that you gave permission for Westpac Rescue Helicopter to literally fly past my house at all hours? The original DA for the airport did not include large helicopters flying that close. Yes I know there was a separate DA approved, well done from hundreds of rate payers that the noise level has dramatically impacted their lives . I know there are many issues Council are endeavouring to deal with in regards to the airport, but enough!

    Matt Hall's business has planes preforming tricks very close to the shore line with his extremely loud engine.

    How is the original DA allowing that level of noise? Dose the original DA even cover that activity?

    Are you suggesting that Areopelican planes were operating at a higher noise level? Areopelican never operated at the frequency that the current owners are. I think it's time council had their own expert in to check noise levels. Did council have their experts in to check noise levels so they had some kind of comparison?

    Don't monitor just the airport, test all the flight paths and areas.

    Please remember this airport is a business and as such should adhere to all regulations and restrictions placed on it with no exceptions: nor favouritism.

    Give them all a flight plan that passes over Warners Bay and the lake! Any new additions can be made on the properties of the Councillors and the Friends of Belmont Airport who campaigned for the airport to be reopened in this form.

  2. Chris Osborne - Friends of Belmont Airport. commented

    The airport is an important part of the infrastructure and economic profile of Lake Macquarie because it brings tourists to our area which then brings much needed jobs to the local economy along wits the direct jobs genested from the airport operations.

    The move of the Westpac Rescue Service was a major boost to the viability of the airport.

    I live in Marks Point and I hear the airport noise but I temper that issue with the knowledge that an operational and viable airport is a good thing for our local economy.

    It is a common phenomemon that some residents will complain about infrastructure installations long after those structures were built and operated and at the time of the original operation there were few local residents. Such is the case with this airport. It was there long before the houses were built and the suburbs around them grew. Keith Hilder's vision from the early 60's still lives on and it's a very good thing.

  3. cheryl wheeler commented

    Yes the airport is good for infrastructure, when it is used accordingly. Try living in the street next to it and see how long it takes you complain. My windows shake and vibrate, which I'm pretty sure is NOT good for my property. I have cracks appearing in my ceiling that were not there 12 months ago. The tiles on floor seems to have loosened in spots and not to mention my headaches I now seem to have regularly. The helicopters are the reason. They sit in one spot and hover and the noise from this is sometimes unbearable. Last weekend (2nd & 3rd September) we couldn't sit in our backyard with friends for a BBQ, we had to leave because the noise from the helicopters was too loud, which ran continually all weekend.
    We moved to here 16 years ago when the airport was operating as an airport. The planes took off over the water and you could hardly hear them.
    So if it's an airport for aeroplanes, we are all for it.
    Helicopters sitting and hovering, and any hour for long periods is just unbearable, and anybody who says different obviously has no idea what impact they have.
    Is it an airport or a helipad?
    The helicopters need to move. Move to a location where there is no homes within a certain distance where they can sit and hover.
    For somebody to say "I would love to be like John Travolta and have a helipad in my backyard" which is what someone at the airport said to us, is an unsatisfactory answer to a complaint and total disregard for the local residents.

    And Chris Osbourne, I don't see how this "viable" airport is good for the community.
    It may be making some wallets fatter, but certainly not any local businesses.
    That is until my house cracks and falls apart and I may have to pay some builders for the repairs.

  4. Chris Osborne commented

    I have lived in Marks Point for 12 years and the Swansea area for 15 years before that. The airport is an essential part of local infrastructure that provides much needed employment in the airport itself and the surrounds by attracting tourists from outside the region. The relocation of the Westpac helicopter emergency service consolidates this highly important facility. I've never had an issue with the noise from the airport because I know that I was moving close to it and I accepted the critical services it provides. The airport has been there for decades and previously provided an excellent connection service to Sydney with Aeropelican using Twin Otter aircraft, which in some ways were much louder than the aircraft there now.

  5. Bill commented

    Pelican Airport is far from essential. It's basically just a bunch of rich guys with fat wallets joy riding in their private planes all day and night while everyone in their flight path can't sleep or work. The airport had been shutdown for over a decade, so stop making excuses. Stop the noise pollution and close pelican airport!

  6. Gary Alton commented

    I think it’s good to have diversity, I’d rather the airport stay than a housing estate. It’s nice watching the parachutists and the noise isn’t constant.

  7. Tina commented

    I have lived here at Marks Point and near the airport for 18 years and the noise has increased dramatically. The Westpac helicopter is extremely noisy and the preparatory procedure before take off and when return is so long and noisy and majority of the time it is in the late of night or early hours of the morning, when we are all trying to sleep. Saying that they do a great job but have it in your back yard and see how you feel.
    It's great watching the parachutist gliding over our homes and screaming or yahooing at the top of their voices, not! Believe me you get sick of it quite quickly with the number of parachutes growing and peak times getting longer and the frequency. Where is our privacy? They are just as bad as a drones or worse as they are looking into our homes, they have cameras on their helmets and also drones flying around taking clips and pictures. We only have to have one parachutist land on our roofs, in our front or back yards or onto the trees and then we have another story, which is not so pretty but hey we do have the Westpac helicopter to lift them off!
    The same with the Gyro copters again very noisy and come over our homes. Lay on the beach and watch them go around in the same path and back over and over.Gyros should also not keep going around on the same flight path but they do!
    I believe all flights being fixed wing, helicopter or gyro copter are suppose to take off and land over the lake or from the sea but that is a myth!
    Who is controlling the amount of flights and the flights in and out of the airport?
    Who is assessing the noise and pollution from these machines?
    Who is assessing the safety at the airport?
    Who is assessing the safety as the flight path crosses the Pacific Highway?
    Who is assessing the safety as the flight path crosses the lake front?
    Who is assessing the safety of our homes?
    Someone has a lot to answer for!

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