Ballan Road Eynesbury VIC 3338

For buildings & works associated with the construction of a road and the removal of non native vegetation .

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Wyndham City Council, reference WYP10165/17)


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  1. Adele Mowat commented

    As a resident of Eynesbury I am eagerly awaiting the connection of our township with Ballan Road. Being a former resident of Werribee, I have family and friends living there and the construction of Mt Mary Rd will enable easier access to elderly family members. Alongside this, my son now plays NPL soccer for Werribee City FC and, with training 3 nights a week from Feb to Sept, it will enable much quicker and easier travel times between home and the ground. The opening of this road will undoubtedly open up options for other sporting, schooling and shopping opportunities, not to mention increased employment and transport options, which will benefit not only the Eynesbury resident but Wyndham businesses and community groups.

  2. Sharon Walsh commented

    We have lived in Eynesbury for 7 years. I can only see the positives in the road opening. I will use this road 5 days per week. I work in Werribee and have enrolled my son for high school next year in Werribee. The road opening will have many benefits.

  3. Brendan Cross commented

    With my wife working at Manor Lakes and my self behind Vice President at WyndhamVale CC were my son also plays, our family uses Ballan Rd daily.
    This connecting road will make an amazing difference to our family.

  4. Lachlan Montague commented

    My business is in Werribee, I live in Eynesbury. I will use this road 6 days per week, it will save me about 20 minutes per day. This road, however, is not about me. This road will add value to the entire Eynesbury township, both making our houses more valuable, and the businesses in Eynesbury more attractive to visitors. I urge you to prioritise it's construction.

  5. Peter Gore commented

    Having this road built as soon as possible would alleviate safety concerns. At this stage we have 1 entrance/exit from the estate. Recently a minor car accident caused an exit delay of 20 minutes. This could have serious consequences from a risk perspective should a major evacuation be required. On a personal note it would save 20 minutes in travel time to my work in Werribee saving a massive cost over the year.

  6. Don Sims commented

    Being a resident of Eynesbury for 6 years I believe this road will give residents a much better access to greater variety of shopping-Restaurants-sporting facilities and much more as well as better access to Geelong and districts beyond.

  7. Rebecca Heaton commented

    As a resident in Eynesbury I believe safety comes first and people's lives, at the moment we only one road in and out of our beautiful township this needs to be a also would give another route for ambulance/emergency services. if there was an emergency they could com from tarneit or melton it would cut everyone's commute to WERRIBEE.

    Eynesbury has a lot of offer families deciding to buy here and this road will make a difference in new land sales and expanding for a better future for us and future residents to come.
    Thanks you.

  8. Garrick Oates commented

    As a resident of Eynesbury my concerns are for the safety of all my fellow residents, not just what is efficient for those going to/from Wyndham. I have used the Wyndham City Council's own online objection site as I oppose the planning application in its current form. I find the initial design of the Ballan Road intersection to be unsafe and that the reasons given (lack of completing other planning applications and financial) to be inadequate and bearing no consideration for the safety of residents that may want to use the road to drive to Lara / Geelong. Having a left-only out turn, and right-only in turn is going to cause safety issues with drivers either illegally turning right out, or left in, or performing u-turns legally further down the road. Legal or other traffic interaction puts everyone at risk - even those 'just' heading to Wyndham.

    The road will indeed be good for Eynesbury, but the intersection is not safe in my view. Build the intersection as per the final stage design and then the application will get 100% support for the Wyndham City Council half of the road.

  9. Chris commented

    I want my township to develop so my family of more opportunities beyond melton and a 1 hour drive. Also working in werribee cuts travel time down.
    Faster access to train stations an more shops.
    Better re selling opitunities which opens up more access to people who would never of looked here.. Which increases value. No brainer

  10. Adam Bennett commented

    I live in Eynesbury and would love to see this road built and would persoanlly benefit from it. However I have a serious concern the the proposed stage 1 of this project. The intersection at Ballan Road must be suitable for traffic to enter/exit from all directions. To buuld the road with out this will result in people choosing to either illegally use the intersection or perform unsafe u turns to leagally use the intersection. The safety of all road users is paramount and unless the intersection is correctly built to accomodate all traffic then safety will be comprimised.

    Secondly connecting this road to St Arnaud Road instead of Greenhill Road will result in Eynesbury Road being used as a north south thourghfare. The existing roads were never designed for this purpose, which is why the planned road would bypass the residential streets. Again this puts community safety at risk as well as the fauna that lives in around Eynesbury including the forrest that people would be directed to. Already there are issues with people choosing ro ignore speed limits and traffic is limited to residents or visitors. If communters are added it will only be a matter of time befire there are catastrophic consequences.

    The early build of Mt Mary Road would be an enormous benefit to Eynesbury, Wyndham and Melton however it needs to be built in a way that ensures safety is paramount.

  11. Renee commented

    As an Eynesbury resident, this road would reduce my travel time to work significantly. I personally cant wait for it to open.

  12. Leon Reeves commented

    This road would definitely benefit the whole community and make eynesbury more accessible . Just connect it to spring hill rd as per stage 2 and have 2 turning options on Ballan rd and then you would have a complete road that benefits "all" residents. Also would be good having a discussion with residents that actually live near the intersection of st arnaud rd and mt Mary road as they will be the ones immediately affected

  13. Dawn Tschujasehenko commented

    Finally! We have lived in Eynesbury for over 5 years and this will be a huge milestone for the township. Most importantly it will connect the township with sporting amenities, schools, retail and public transport options as well as providing easier access to Geelong. I have no doubt that opening the road will make Eynesbury more appealing to buyers and contribute to the much needed growth of the township. Also looking forward to opening Haul Road (Although I know this sits within the Melton Council jurisdiction)!

  14. Suli commented

    This road will create easier and very vital access for the residents of Eynesbury to public transport, employment, shops, schools, sport grounds such as Eagle stadium, health services.
    It will also create an alternate route in and out of Eynesbury-this is an important safety measure, currently there is only one entrance/exit through the forest which could be compromised by events such as fires, accidents etc.

  15. Chuks commented

    As an Eynesbury resident I believe that this road is much needed and should have been constructed well before now. It will be beneficial to a great majority of residents in Eynesbury, it will give us greater access to much needed infrastructure that are currently sorely lacking in the community and provide an alternate route into Eynesbury.

  16. Lois commented

    Eynesbury needs this road to make it easier for those with jobs to get to their workplaces faster. It will also bring more appeal to the suburb. Eynesbury needs this road because currently there is only one secure way to leave which is very dangerous for a high fire risk area with lots of trees.

  17. David commented

    I would like to see this road built because it will enable us to get to school and sports with less travel time.

  18. Naomi commented

    As a member of the community of Eynesbury, I strongly believe that for its continuous development, a road providing access to surrounding places is highly necessary. As someone who goes to school and plays sport in Werribee, I know that this road will grant ease when travelling and cut travel time by a significant amount. But furthermore, the proposed road would be a positive aspect to prospective buyers seeking to live in Eynesbury. At the moment, its distance from surrounding districts is a downside for those considering Eynesbury, causing people to look somewhere else. I believe that the road will positively impact the residents of Eynesbury and is an important step to the further development of Eynesbury.

  19. Katie Gordon commented

    There is no doubt that access between Eynesbury and Werribee is going to be a positive for Eynesbury. Existing residents will have quick and easy access to the numerous ammenities of the Weribee area and prospective buyers will hopefully be encouraged by such easy access.
    My objection is that the proposed road connects to St Arnaud Rd at the end of Marong Avenue. As a resident of Marong Avenue, I am concerned about the significant impact this will have on what has always been a very quiet street. Marong Avenue will become a thoroughfare to St Arnaud Rd, completely changing the level of traffic in our street with implications for noise, safety and potentially property values.
    Not everyone is on social media and many may not be aware of this proposed road and its implications. Properties directly affected by the new road (Marong Ave & St Arnaud Rd) should be contacted via mail, to ensure that they are aware of this proposed development and are given the opportunity to express any concerns they may have.

  20. Michael Webster commented

    This road link is a very important piece of infrastructure for the Eynesbury Township. Building it will bring economic impetus by allowing people to come here from a different enteance point. It is important for people lifestyles as it will lessen travel time to and from Werribee. I look forward to its completion.

  21. Michelle Piper commented

    We travel from Romsey to Manor lakes to visit family, and are frustrated every trip to realise that this road has not been commenced. It seems a logical progression which I'm sure it will eventually happen and we eagerly await it as it will cut off 1/2 an hour off our journey.

  22. Mathew commented

    We purchased our block of land in 2011 and were promised (by salespeople of behalf of the original developer) this road would be completed within 18 months (end of 2012). We have been residents of Eynesbury since September 2013 and have been eagerly awaiting its completion since then. My wife travels from Wyndhamvale at least twice a week and the completion of this road would save close to 30 minutes of travel time per trip. We also travel to Werribee frequently to visit family and friends and believe this road would save considerable travel time. I also believe for safety reasons, it is paramount that another exit be available to residents for reasons highlighted above.

  23. Alex Tegg commented

    This road will be a great benefit to Eynesbury and Melton residents who travel to Wyndham Vale or Werribee, however I believe the effects of opening the road need to be considered carefully and well planned as it could increase the volume of traffic through Eynesbury and on Ballan Rd significantly.

    The intersection on Ballan Rd should definitely be designed so you can turn either direction on to Ballan Rd, and turn on to Mt Mary Rd from either direction. It would be madness to only be able to turn one direction and I think it would cause more safety issues than it prevents.

  24. Anne-Louise Micallef commented

    The lack of infrastructure to the growing Eynesbury community will provide much needed services to the area. Extending adjacent roads will definitely help improve travel times and avoid congestion on already major arterials. Boundary Road extending from Eynesbury will avoid travel time and road congestion and safety. Even resurfacing of Grieg's and Exford roads with a bike shoulder will provide a safe commute for cyclists as well as lighting to these roads which are a safety hazard due to poor visibility. Would one day love to see PTV provide bus service for local Eynesbury residents to surrounding train stations.

  25. Mary Song commented

    I bought the land and build a new house on Bullan Rd last year as there, was a sign on the other side of My Mary Rd, and information from Enysbury township saying that he Rd will build in 2018. As I'm a grandma to visit my grand kids at Enysbury, that's why my family ensure me to buy the land and build, now the house is built after one yr, but Rd still not built, if local people on that street object it,, when they bought the house in that street the mt Mary Rd is already on the plan. this is not right, before u purchase land on Bullan Rd, your council had positive info the Rd going to be built, now I had to drive on Bachus Mash ed all the way there to go to Enysbury. and your council should stick up to your plan for majority people, we need that rd to be built, as soon as possible, please.

  26. Nick Robson commented

    Wyndham council are forever advocating for business in the shire. But the way roads are set up business’s that require transport (either going to clients or clients coming to them) just can’t function. Esp if they need connection to geelong or Melton/Caroline springs. Only options are drive up Ballan road to geelong bacchus marsh road and take very long route, or sit in gridlock through werribee/hoppers and go on freeway or derrimut/Hopkins road death trap.
    My Mary road through eynesbury offers a ‘second’ north/south route which will take 30 minutes off travel time and be soooo much safer. This time saving could allow people of go and read a book or exercise or do something cultural, which it seems council considers more important than congestion and pollution.
    Planned river crossing from Hobbs road to sayers road would make a massive difference too.
    This should have been thought of before the developers were allowed to sell. Absolutely councils fault it is how it is now. They can’t keep pocketing increased rates $$ for housing development but blame Vic roads for the congestion.

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