100 Station St, West Ryde, NSW

Construction of new 24 room boarding house, tree removal, parking and landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2017/0180)


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  1. Wendy Merkel commented

    My family and I strongly object to the proposed development. The site sits right on the border of West Ryde and Meadowbank. Despite the artificial street address identifying it as being part of West Ryde, it is in substance part of Meadowbank as its residents are most likely to use the public amenities in Meadowbank due to much closer proximity.

    Meadowbank is already a very high density residential area where parking and traffic have become a tremendous problem in recent years due to additional thousands of new units having been built and are still being built.

    The tall and mature trees (particularly those along Charity Creek) are precious to the local area due to their air purifying ability. They also make the streetscape much more pleasant. Therefore, they should stay, not to be touched. Besides, there is a big substation next to the site. This makes it even more necessary to keep all the mature trees untouched.

    As a general observation, in recent years planning authorities including Ryde Council does not appear to have given the keeping of mature and beautiful trees much thought at all when it comes to its approval of new developments Meadowbank and its immediate surrounds. One case in point is the Crowle Estate development (at the formerly Crowle Home and German School sites) at 72-78 Belmore Street, Ryde (which borders Meadowbank). When the site was sold to the developer, there were a row of mature and very beautiful trees on Belmore Street and Junction Street which, had they been kept, would have made the development and the local streetscape much more attractive. With their removal, the development which contains hundreds of characterless units looks sterile and uninteresting. In their place, the developer has put it a few sorry looking short and insubstantial trees likely to reach around 3 metres in maturity.

    So please keep our precious trees because they belong to the local community. We all know that trees take many many years to grow and mature but can be cut down using powerful chainsaw within minutes.

    Going forward, I earnestly hope that the planning authorities in Ryde will give the trees priority and much more thought, and only consider to have them removed if it is absolutely necessary to allow a reasonable proposed development (which are sympathetic to the locality and surrounds) to go ahead.

    Thank you.

  2. Jane Citizen wrote to local councillor Jerome Laxale

    The boarding house sounds hideous

    Delivered to local councillor Jerome Laxale. They are yet to respond.

  3. Jennie Minifie for Ryde Community Alliance wrote to local councillor Justin Li

    1. The development should not be approved unless a thorough and proper assessment of economic, social and environmental impacts is first carried out and adequate provision is made by the imposition of conditions of consent to address or remove those impacts.
    2. Charity Creek must surely be identified in a Green Corridors Program for ongoing funding,restoration and management within the Greater Sydney Commission's District Plan.If not, then Ryde Council should identify it and other creekline catchments across the local government area as a high priority in the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan.
    3.The proposed development must be required to exclude land along the creek as it is a floodway, and is also critical to the mitigation of recurrent extreme weather events, such as flooding and heat.
    4. Existing vegetation.should be retained on the site; for residential amenity, social benefits, habitat values and amelioration of heat island effects.
    5. Boarding houses require analysis of the extra demands on local facilities and support services provided by Ryde Council.. This proposal is one of several new boarding houses for which the Council will be responsible for providing many services. Can the demands be met? If not. then the application should be refused.
    6. Ryde Council has placed many of it's existing land parcels and community facilities in a "Property Investment Portfolio" for disposal and re-development. These properties are community assets and should be retained to meet the future demand for open space, recreation, community facilities and local services. The new Boarding House residents will have demands that need to be met to support them.
    7. The cumulative demand for services and facilities in Ryde LGA arising from State Government planning interventions and the Council's extreme pro-development stance must be determined and addressed to ensure that the whole population of Ryde can access the community facilities and services that are required. This information must also be made public.
    Ryde Community Alliance.

    Delivered to local councillor Justin Li. They are yet to respond.

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