22 Howard Road Padstow NSW 2211

Proposed use of existing premises for use as a fitness centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-311/2017)


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  1. Jeff Murphy commented

    Does Padstow really need a third fitness centre? Don't we have enough singlet wearing men on steroids coming to Padstow in noisy cars?
    As a by the by, residents opposite this old picture theatre are already complaining about cars tearing through this part of Padstow at high speed so a speed bump might be considered here.

  2. Susan Fordyce commented

    I agree we already have two fitness centres let's put this space to better use.

  3. Sarah Sibly commented

    Actually, this will be the fourth gym in Padstow. So not required.

  4. Sam commented

    I agree with other comments, Padstow has enough gymnasiums and no need for another one.

  5. Jim commented

    I think these complaints are a bit ridiculous. Apart from the generalisations about "singlet wearing men on steroids", what is the actual concern about having four gyms? Is it a bad thing that there is a population in Padstow that want to be fit and healthy?
    As for the specific site being discussed (Civic Video/old cinema), who other than a gym would want to lease it? The amount of work required to re-purpose it to a shop would make it too expensive for a small business. Would you prefer council allowed a developer to build more apartments there? Or would you then complain about that? How about it is left as a derelict building because no one wants to lease it? Or would you complaint about that?
    Seriously have a look at your comments. Complain all you like, but provide some alternative solutions. If there are too many gyms in Padstow, the market will decide as there wont be enough customers to make it viable.
    As for comments about the speed bump, remember that council put speed bumps in but residents and businesses signed a petition to remove them! It is a 40km zone, if cars are speeding then take it up with the police, not council. If the residents opposite aren't happy with noise, maybe they should move out of the center of Padstow to somewhere quiet.
    This is NIMBYism gone mad.

  6. Chloe commented

    I echo the sentiments of the other comments. We already have quite a number of Gyms. I think there is a need for a creative hub/centre in Padstow. A space for youth and the community to enjoy the creative arts (art gallery/theatre/cafe/music events). It would be great if we could turn the space into something similar to Hazelhurst Art Gallery.
    It would also be keeping with the history of the building itself.

  7. Jo commented

    I myself further support what Chloe has said, Padstow is in need of a local creative centre where young people, individuals and families can access and feel proud about where they live. Why not capitalise on it's space and create a thriving place where community groups such as parenting groups, after school groups, young people, cultural groups and the elderly can come to connect with each other and explore their creative interests. Being the Padstow Star cinema building in the 1950s why not pay homage to this and create a local hub thriving with culture in an era which is certainly due to boom in the next few years. The suggestion of having something similar to Hazelhurst Gallery in Gymea is a fantastic one. Why should places such as The Shire or Inner West (as much as I love those two areas for their natural beauty and thriving music, art, cafe and nightlife respectively) have all the good stuff and South West Syd be jammed between the two barely anything? Look at how well 'POD by Peter' has gone since opening up their cafe and bringing something new and exciting to the area. Let's do something fresh and exciting, not recreate the wheel with yet another fitness centre in an area which is clearly ready to open it's arm to something different.

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