1 Alfred Street, 19-31 Pitt Street and 31A Pitt Street, Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Goldfields House, Fairfax House and The Rugby Club Site - State Significant Development Application for demolition of all structures located on the site to existing ground level at 1 Alfred Street, 19-31 and 31A Pitt Street, Sydney

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  1. Dave Cok commented

    Another monolith block of hotel/apartments?

    Menzies is going to be demolished and turned into a big bland glass block. And nearby in the sandstone precinct the former education building is having a tall glass block placed on it to replace the original roof. Plus there are a few more of these coming up. Haven't we got enough of these?

    Developments such as this is going to push against both existing and planned infrastructure and public transport bottlenecks. Public transport is already over-capacity and by the time all the new developments are completed, there will be more people and then we find the new transport links will be overcapacity again! Having hotels also means more taxis and coach buses in the area which will choke the streets with traffic and pollution. Then there is also issues regarding rubbish disposal management.

    Instead shouldn't we be finding ways of encouraging more commercial businesses excluding hospitality to set up HQ in this area as opposed to pushing them out into the burbs? As this is where the real jobs are and it will also save people that may live here (but not work in the city) commuting long distances to work and thus cutting travel times.

    Finally all applications must be considered side by side with one another and not be treated in isolation. After seeing the Menzies demolition/development which I was too late to comment, it looks like this is not happening. Minor oversight or something more than meets the eye?

    The scale and sustainability of this development doesn't make sense.

    And what's wrong with Goldfield's Tower? It looks much nicer aesthetically thanks to its vintage appearance than the bland tall glass replacement in this proposal.

  2. Lara Milson commented

    We are in such a rush to turn Sydney into an ugly city; Melbourne will be laughing at us.

    Just look at the monstrosity on top of the beautiful Scots Church in York Street.

    Customs House at Circular Quay with its glass top!

    Museum of Contemporary Arts building, its classical design now complete with a glass top.

    Now the few remaining pieces of historical architecture in Bridge st and the Mitchell Library are encouraged to go down the same path as the other buildings were subjected to; all wearing big empty sheets of glass heads, all with the blessing of the state govt. shame on you! Shame on you!

    Is the drive to profit so important that the state govt completely overlooks the importance of the heritage values in these few remaining pieces of history?

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