Senior school campus on Blue/William Streets and 4 and 5 Hunter Crescent and 16 William Street,, North Sydney, NSW

Shore School - Construction of the Shore Physical Education Centre, comprising: > demolition of existing buildings; > construction works comprising an aquatic centre, new sports facilities, additional learning and staff spaces, alterations to existing buildings, 38additional car parking spaces, loading facilities and landscaping works; and > use of the completed buildings as an educational establishment including extension of Shore onto 4 and 5 Hunter Crescent and 16 William Street.

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  1. Jack commented

    Termination of residence shouldn't be allowed for this school which already has a plethora of land to build on.
    It will create even more street issues along William street and is over the top. The council should not cave in to this conglomerate of a school anymore.

  2. Tom Mitchell commented

    This project will take 18 months to build (4 months demolition, 15 months construction), and the impact will fall largely on the Shore-tenanted properties on William Street. These properties (between Hunter Street and Blues Point Road) will be surrounded on two sides (north and west) by construction and demolition noise, and by traffic on the eastern side along William Street.
    The noise reports note that it will be significantly noisy project, and yet no mitigant is offered to tenants of the Shore-owned properties. These tenants should claim against the Shore landlord for breach of the 'quiet enjoyment' clause of their lease. Better, Shore should voluntarily reduce their rents as a mitigant to salve the impact on their tenants amenity.
    It's inequitable enough that wealthy schools like Shore can enjoy tax-effective landbanking, and government grants of public funds for private schools, but it's galling that they can be so cheap as to dump an 18 month demolition project onto their tenants and neighbours without even honouring their leases to those tenants.
    The permit should be amended retrospectively to compel Shore to offer rent reductions as mitigation to its tenant neighbours.

  3. Philip Newnham commented

    I remember this being displayed the School was at it,s best showing the most cunning examples of not considering any one who lives in the area, and also remember the selecting of the individuals per person to educate who wished to be present at the meeting,sort of weeding out the desenters whom the School wished not to be present at the meeting. Well it,s going ahead and my sincere wishes the progress in building will have limited noise impact as i will also being high will get some impact also.

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