52 Anderson Road, Smeaton Grange, NSW

Smeaton Grange Recycling Facility - The Recycling Facility would import inert general solid waste (non-putrescible), such as construction and demolition wastes, and selected commercial and industrial wastes, for processing (eg screening and sorting) to produce saleable recycled materials. These products would meet recycled material specifications while recovering a range of materials that would otherwise be disposed to landfill. No special, liquid, hazardous, restricted solid waste or general solid waste (putrescible), as defined in the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POEO Act) and EPA (2014), would be accepted at the Recycling Facility.

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  1. Wayne Batchelor commented

    I would like to object to the proposed Recycling Facility for the following reasons:
    1. applicant states that there is no recycling centre in the area. This is incorrect - Spring Farm has a dedicated recycling area
    2. Opening times of 10pm mon-fri & 6am start saturday will create substantial noise pollution - Currans Hill is a quiet neighbourhood
    3. Flood lights at night will create significant light pollution
    4. Narellan Road & Camden Valley Way are already at bursting point. This facility, plus the bottling plant plus the galvanising facility plus all the thousands of additional homes will create gridlock
    5. How will they stop asbestos contaminated products being dumped
    6. Smeaton Grange is surrounded by residential estates, it needs to be reclassified to stop planning applications such as this that can have a material affect on the wellbeing of the residents
    Kind regards

    Wayne Batchelor

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