Bowden, Belmore, Church & Waterview Streets; Nancarrow & Rothesay Avenues; Constitution Road and Hamilton Crescent West, Well Street, The Loop Road, Meadowbank/Ryde/Shepherds Bay, NSW

Meadowbank Employment Area - • Modification to building heights in Stages 3,9 and A including: o an increase of one storey in portions of the Stage 3 building envelope (from 4 to 5 storeys, 7 to 8 storeys and 8 to 9 storeys); o an increase of one storey in the southernmost portion of the Stage 9 building envelope (from 1 to 2 storeys); and o an increase of 14 storeys in the maximum height of the Stage 1 building envelope (from 10 to 24 storeys). • Amendment of Future Assessment Requirement 3A to allow more than one storey on steeply sloping land in Stages 2 and 3. • Relocation of the community facility from Stage 3 to Stage 9 building envelope and a reduction in its size from 1000m2 to 500m2. • Exclusion of future development within the Stage A building envelope from the maximum dwelling and parking caps across the Concept Plan site.

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  1. Anil Shukla commented

    We are retired couple living at 55 Moss Street, West Ryde. We shop, walk, bicycle and excercise in this area. In last 15 years we have seen a sea change in the area.

    With the development so far, I find traffic on roads and pathways has increased significantly. Parking is harder, driving through is harder, bicycling on cycle pathways is harder. During 7-9 am and 4-7 pm, traffic on Constitution Road and Belmore street is bumper to bumper at times. On bicycle cum pedestrian pathway there are more people walking. It is getting very popular.

    With more density, it will be very hard to bicycle. It is a great bicycling area to as it is one of the few long bicycling path in Sydney. It links Sydney Olympic Park, Rhodes,Parramatta, Auburn, Ryde, Putney and Gladesville. This area has given increase in cycling in area. Apart from this, more townhouses are coming in place of houses in the area already and density is increasing in other ways. There is big development on old Defence land in Rydlemere on on the North side of the Prramatta River near Silverwater Road, Wentworth Poinf and in Rhodes. There has been an explosion in the number of people moving into the area. Green spaces and other public recreation facilities are not increasing.

    There is hardly any parking in the area on and around Belmore Street or the Meadowbank ferry area.

    I am totally against the proposal.

  2. cici commented

    As a resident at Meadowbank, I hope the council will consider the infrastructure first, instead of approve so many residential development projects without any plan.
    Meadowbank is a nice suburb with train, ferry, waterview. However, with the increasing number of apt settle there, we found that Meadowbank has a very poor infrastructure plan.
    - Narrow Constitution Road (Ann Thorn Park section), I strongly recommend please have a plan to widening that part.
    - The roundabout of Constitution road and Bowen Street, we need a traffic light there or alternative efficient traffic plan.
    - Extremely narrow footpath for pedestrian from the Station to Constitution road and Bowen Street roundabout.
    - We lack of shops, restaurant, facilities for resident in Meadowbank.
    We would hope the council will have a great plan for that.

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