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14 Neringah Avenue Sth, Wahroonga, NSW

Demolition of 3 x single dwelling & related buildings, removal of 18 trees and retain/protect 25 trees, site excavation, construction of a 5 level residential flat building comprising 23 x 3 bedroom units and 4 x 2 bedroom units with 3 basement levels containing 59 resident parking spaces, 8 visitor spaces, wash bay and service delivery space and site landscaping. Site consolidation into a single 2968m2 allotment.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0611/15)


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  1. Fiona Mary Stiff commented

    We believe five storeys next to a heritage listed single dwelling is unreasonable and inappropriate. It will devalue our home massively and impact negatively on our ammenity. At such a height our backyard and pool would be overlooked , currently it is private. We would prefer a single storey next to our home, so we are not completely overlooked and retain some privacy; even the new flats at the shops are not five storeys, so why would you allow single dwellings to be so badly impacted.
    The current considerable traffic difficulties around Wahroonga shops and station will be even worse, which is a worry for the current residents and school children; Abbotsleigh Junior school is nearby.
    Is the timing of this application , two days before Christmas, a deliberate attempt for it to be overlooked by the affected community? This seems fairly contemptuous of council and residents.

  2. Shirlene Blok commented

    Very sad that planners don't care about neighbour's peace and privacy. 3 story building overlooking your yard. I bet the planners wouldn't like that next to them. Sydney has gone to the dogs - the almighty $$$$ rules. I moved out of Waitara because of the 9 story new building going up across our narrow road. I moved to Qld

  3. Andrew C Stiff commented

    I have received notification from you regarding application DA 611/15, regarding 14-18 Neringah Ave Sth.
    I reside at 10 Warwilla Ave, in a heritage listed home, one of three such in a line. I have lived here for 17 years and spent considerable time, money and effort in restoring and maintaining my home, ( circa 1880-90 )
    This is a family friendly area, with backyards which provide space for children to grow and play.
    Previous development in this vicinity has been limited to two and three storeys ; the proposed five storeys is not consistent with the area . The recently built flats at Wahroonga shops are not five storeys in a location where no single dwellings are affected, and it is unreasonable to allow this next to my house.
    This proposal would be a massive overdevelopment of the site, which will dwarf my home and overlook my backyard which is currently private.
    It will also add a great number of extra vehicle movements to an area that experiences considerable congestion, at peak times it is gridlocked.
    Parking is at a premium here because of our location near the train station ,Abbotsleigh Junior School and Neringah hospital; adding more vehicles will worsen the traffic problems and heighten safety concerns; there are lots of children moving to and fro the school, commuters accessing the station., and residents using the village shops.
    In conclusion this is an inappropriate development which is bad for our neighbourhood ,residents and community, and only benefits the developer. I urge you to not allow this.

  4. Michael McAuliffe commented

    Ku-ring-gai council has done a good job in preserving heritage properties and conservation areas further down the north shore.
    It is important to ensure that the heritage houses are not overwhelmed by inappropriate development.
    Five story flats immediately adjacent to heritage properties is completely inappropriate.
    I'm concerned that we are allowing heritage areas to be overwhelmed in the same way that Hornsby council has allowed.
    Wahroonga traffic is already atrocious. I think we need some real town planning here.

  5. Phillip Bourne commented

    I'm unsure of the motivation of the developers , but I suspect it's not for the amenity of local residences.
    Whilst there is a need for some urban consolidation, the height of this development is completely out of step with other developments along the rail corridor of Ku-ring-gai Council.
    Given the topography of the location, 5 storey development would have an overwhelming impact on heritage homes in that area. Recent developments in Coonabarabran Rd near the Post office seemed much more in-tune with the amenity of the area.
    Additionally, traffic and parking in and around the particular area is congested enough at present without significant additional load this represents.
    I have lived within 2kms of this site for over 40 Years and I'm opposed to the giddy pursuit of profit corrupting what is a quite and peaceful village community.
    I believe this should be rejected by council and a more sympathetic development requested.

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