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Wanda Surf Life Saving Club Inc. - Change boundaries of licensed premises

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  1. Stephen palamidis commented

    As a family with two young children under 10 years of age and living directly across the rd at 33 Mitchell rd we welcome the renovation at wanda surf club .
    We also welcome the introduction of a restaurant that will bring revenue to the club and that will be there for the community to enjoy .
    We however hope that the club and also the licenceing board and the council will be mindful that this is a residential area and that a northies style establishment will not be going in as it will definitely change the whole dynamic of our delicate area .
    We do enjoy a very priviliged life and coexist quite happily with the surf club please do not ruin our children's weekend sleep with loud drunken noise and loud music a few metres from where we live .
    We do support the club in making money and would be stoked to have another eating place on the beach but please not another pub .
    Thanking you in advance the Palamidis family

  2. Paul bird commented

    Hi I live near the golf club on Elouera road and did not even know about this.

    if this is going to affect not only direct but indirect homes should we not be told??


  3. Robyn Woolfrey commented

    I am a full time carer for my 91 yr old Mother and below us in our duplex at 27/27a Mitchell Rd lives a family with 2 children under 4 yrs of age.

    I have experienced in the past parties with loud music at Wanda Beach Surf Club and although not able to sleep until they were over ,the management were always considerate finishing at a reasonable time and policing the traffic leaving the premises.
    Our bedrooms face the surf club and sound does travel up the hill quite dramatically.

    Whatever ever the outcome at the club we do hope that the same consideration to neighbours carries on.

    Robyn and Val Woolfrey

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