142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204

To hold a cross cultural celebration for up to 500 people on the Addison Road Community Centre on every Saturday for a period of 21 months beginning on Saturday 14 February 2015 and ending Saturday 29 October 2016 between the hours of 10.00am to 8.00pm with bump in from 7.00am and bump out after 8.00pm

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201400613)


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  1. Lucy commented

    As a resident of Addison Road I would object strongly to this application. While I accept and support many events at the community centre I believe an event this often (attracting 500 people every Saturday for close to two years) will put an unreasonable strain on the traffic flow and parking in the area. Local residents already cannot find a parking spot and are faced with large amounts of traffic every Sunday for the markets. Adding a weekly event on Saturday going all day is really unfair.

  2. Jacqueline Taylor commented

    I oppose this application on the following grounds:
    - although we all enjoy the Sunday markets, they do place serious pressure on local parking and traffic for the entire day, for several blocks around the Addison Rd site. If this were to happen on Saturday as well, residents in this area would have no ease of access or parking for the entire weekend. I reject the assumptions of the application that visitors will 'magically' prefer public transport since the event endorses it. It sounds like it would draw a similar demographic to the Sunday markets, and we find that most visitors seem to come by car.
    - in a similar vein, the Sunday markets provide a constant soundscape of amplified music to the neighbourhood, which is fine for one day of the weekend, but having this both days of the weekend means that residents have no quiet enjoyment of our homes at all on our days at home. This particularly is a serious issue.
    - the Addison Rd centre is a community centre. Members of the community come to enjoy the grounds and the facilities, largely on the weekend. Appropriating the centre for a paid event and stopping local residents and other visitors from enjoying the centre as is their right, is unfair.

  3. Patti Colquhoun commented

    A good example of why not to have 2 days of markets is the Glebe Markets which at one time operated on 2 days but because of problems caused to the locals.
    Also Addison road is now charging for parking which just encourages people to park in the surrounding streets and really spoils the atmosphere of a local market

  4. Luke Marinovich commented

    I am a resident of Addison Road, and wish to object to this DA. I support and enjoy the Sunday markets, but consider that an additional event every Saturday for two years would be an unreasonable inconvenience to local residents. I take issue with several statements in the DA:

    1. Contrary to the DA’s statements downplaying this issue, the proposed event would have an adverse impact on traffic and parking around the Community Centre, and this is a significant burden for the community.
    2. The Community Centre is serviced by only one bus route, and in the words of the application, “two train stations, Newtown and Stanmore, are a half hour walk away”. The DA does not reflect the reality that public transport options are not utilised by most people travelling to the centre, hence the abundance of cars on Sundays.
    3. Our home is by no means the closest to the Centre, but we can clearly hear performances from the Hall when they occur. I believe that the application underestimates the acoustic impact on local residents.

  5. Natalie Cheney commented

    I highly recommend this application.
    The markets are a fantastic way to bring life, art, culture, smallbusiness, & community togetherness to the area.
    It saddens me to read so many comments attached to this application in regards to parking.
    As Sydney's population increases, areas close to the city such as these will have a population increase and parking will become more sparse. We might as well enjoy a weekly market while that's happening. walking once a week to get to your car never killed anyone.

  6. Gillian Browne commented

    I am a Marrickville resident and I object to this application. Like most other commenters I agree the Sunday markets are a great part of living in the area. It does however put a stress on the parking. I don’t live on Addison Road but there is spillover all the way up my street and into the surrounding streets including Agar Street, North Street, Middle Street and Newington Road – I know this because this is where I go circling for parking. Residents often have to double park (to bring inside their shopping/groceries/children) as parking gets impossible. As this one day out of the two-day weekend it is something I am more than happy to support. However the introduction of an all-day event on Saturday is unreasonable inconvenience to residents. I disagree with the DA that attendees of the Saturday event will take public transport, as they are not doing this for the Sunday markets. The train station are a 30min walk away, and there is also only one bus route that services Addison road which is why everyone drives to the markets, and will drive the the Saturday event. The Saturday event should be held in a different location to the Sunday markets as to not impact the same residents.

  7. Steven Cardwell commented

    I fully support this application.

    As Sydney has grown into a dynamic, multi-cultural hub it has seen and will continue to see, an obvious increase in demand on public infra-structure gradually spreading outwards from the CBD. One thing which will help to drive our local councils to improve transportation corridors and transportation services is increased utilization of our community services, shopping complexes, sports and recreation facilities.

    Whilst I can understand and appreciate the concerns of the people who park in the area around Addison Road, we all also need to understand that further development of this area is potentially just around the corner and the demand for increased parking unfortunately will not subside.

    I would much prefer that we as a community continue to enrich Marrickville with culturally diverse initiatives such as the Saturday cross cultural celebration, rather than bow to the ever present motor vehicle as our cultural regulator.

  8. Simon Dalla Pozza commented

    I object to this application as public transport to the weekly event, and adequate parking is almost non-existent.

    I understand and can appreciate the comments about the community changing - but this is where Council has to step in. Even if a few more parking spaces are identified somewhere nearby, it needs to be considered that there will be a large amount of people coming into the area across the entire weekend.

    As everyone has said, I disagree the 500 plus people attending/working at the Saturday event will take public transport. And unlike the markets, they will be taking up parking spaces all day as the event goes from 10 am to 8 pm with staff and equipment arriving and leaving between 7am and 8 pm.

    Wouldn't it be better to split these large community events across two parks instead of having them both in the same park all weekend, for the next two years?

  9. Jasmine commented

    As residents of Illawarra Rd, very close to the ARC, we can say that proximity to the ARC and its markets and other events are part of the reason we wanted to move here from an adjoining suburb. However, we seriously underestimated the parking and traffic issues caused by the Sunday markets and are unable to find parking a reasonable distance from our house if we take the car out on a Sunday. With 2 infants in prams, this is a hassle. I have no problem with this new event other than the enlargement of our current weekend traffic and parking issues. The saving grace with the markets is that everyone's gone by 3 pm whereas this event will go on into the evening. In a couple of months, the carwash site at the corner of Illawarra and Addison Rds will become a major construction site while a 4 storey, 30+ apartment development is built. The cumulative impact on residents could well be too much. I don't believe this application should be approved.

  10. M. Matheson commented

    I'm not quite sure what the words "Cross Cultural Celebration" mean.

    But Blind Freddy can tell you that they're weasel words meaning that this place is evolving into a Commercial Activity.

    And Commercial Activity on this scale does NOT belong in an area zoned Residential.

  11. Simon Rumble commented

    I got notice of an amendment to this application yesterday in the letterbox, but that's not reflected here. Now it's every SECOND Saturday night.

    to hold a cross cultural celebration for up to 500 people on the Addison Road Community Centre on every second Saturday ending Saturday 29 October 2016 between the hours of 10.00am to 8.00pm with bump in from 7.00am and bump out after 8.00pm

  12. Gillian commented

    *This is not a submission*
    I also received an amendment to this application which is not reflected here. The letter is also not clear on where to send a submission on the revised application. Can someone please confirm if the address is: Administrative Centre, 2-14 Fisher Street, PO Box 14, Petersham NSW 2049?

  13. Kayleen commented

    Gillian, the address is right but you should also specifically name the assessing officer, Harjeet Atwal.

  14. Kayleen commented

    Also, Marrickville Council now officially allows submissions on DAs to be lodged online. The link is: http://www.marrickville.nsw.gov.au/en/development/development-applications/da-on-exhibition/lodge-a-comment-on-a-da/.

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