2 Wyall Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055

The construction of four dwellings within a double storey building

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 6 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2014/382)


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  1. LAUREL FRANK commented

    I am concerned about the proposed development at 2 Wyall St., West Brunswick on the following grounds.
    1. I believe there is heritage value in the streetscape and regret the previous decision not to impose a Heritage Restriction on Wyall and Yarrabin Streets. The unique pre-form
    slab construction that was later used in high rise development is worthy of preservation.
    2. Wyall Street and Yarrabin Streets are narrow and the increased density at that end of Wyall will have an adverse affect on the neighbourhood. There is already a problem with congestion as only one car can pass at a time if cars are parked in the street. There have been numerous instances of damage to parked cars from other cars trying to pass.
    3. I think there are other more suitable development opportunities in Brunswick which has many former factory and warehouse sites. To alter neighbourhoods which have been single story family homes seems to me unnecessary. Neighbourhoods like ours, with garden spaces, can be green oasis amongst medium density units and this will be important as climate change takes effect. People in our neighbourhood have vegetable gardens and chicken coups and I think it is important to preserve spaces that support a particular style of living.
    4. I believe that Unit development serves a transient population and is necessary, but it is important to preserve what we have of stable neighbourhoods where households come in contact with each other and become a community.

  2. James Robert Pollard commented

    I am writing to object to the proposed building of the units at 2 Wyall St, Brunswick West.
    My objections are as follows:
    (i) development is inappropriate for the area
    (ii) development is out of character with the majority of houses in the street (Fowler system)
    (iii) there is not adequate off street parking, all the units are 2 bedroom, if there are two cars per unit the overflow will be in the street. The street is already overparked due to other flats in the area.
    (iv) No thought has been given to the amenity of the area considering that there are several heritage houses in the area. Are these heritage houses to be swallowed up by multistory developments.
    (v) has consideration been given to the adjoining home and the structural integrity of the roof and exposed wall left after demolition
    (vi) site is being over developed
    (vii) already enough flats and units in the area
    (viii) I and my family will have to constantly look at the horrific sight of another poorly designed block of units. There is no architectural significance in the design now or in the future

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