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110 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181

Outdoor street frontage cafe blinds (clear with 1m black bottom edge) As advised we will need 2x blinds adjacent to the roadside and we would like 2 smaller blinds for both sides like other venues close by. We understand the council rules say we may not be able to have the 2 side blinds but we would love to be energy efficient and keep the heat in on cold nights for our guests. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. We would also like to have 2x roof mounted heaters on either side of the current light box signage. Either electric or gas which we would be getting expert advice on what is suitable for the space including clearance restrictions etc.
Planning Authority
City of Stonnington
Reference number
0310/24 (VicSmart)
Date sourced
We found this application on the planning authority's website on , about 1 month ago. It was received by them earlier.
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