25 Glen Shian Crescent Mount Eliza VIC 3930

2 lot subdivision - spear

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P24/0531)


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  1. Melinda Gustus commented

    Amendment c219 has not been passed yet so the DDO4 overlay is still in effect for this property and therefore each lot of the subdivision should be 2500 m2. As this lot is 3322m² this DDO requirement will not be met.
    The DDO4 says:
    To ensure that subdivision and development is responsive to the character and physical characteristics of these environmentally sensitive areas.

    To avoid higher densities of development in areas often prone to landslip, erosion or bushfires, and to minimise earthworks and vegetation removal in steep and sandy conditions.

    The land is also subject to erosion and landslips and has EMO3 overlay especially for Ballar Creek. So the developers and council need to read the Coffee Report about conditions along Ballar.

    They also need to remember it has vegetation protection overlays as well.

    Also they need to thinking about everything in amendment VC216 in relation to climate change, biodiversity, water management etc.

  2. Annie Renehan commented

    Melinda, other houses in the street of smaller size land have been subdivided in the last 18 months so not sure why this one has caught your attention.

  3. Ross Martin commented

    The absolute reality here is that genuine Mt Eliza residents are completely fed up with this Mornington Council who do absolutely ZERO to improve infrastructure but relentlessly allow EVERY subdivision so they collect more rates and waste on trivial issues instead of addressing infrastructure. So, time to stop this sub division nonsense until Council invests in infrastructure. Eg Storm Water, Roads, Maintenance on nature strip Trees.

  4. Judy Andrews commented

    MornPen has advocated for years now, that its environmental and biodiversity policies are to be the guiding force of the Shire. Where the Shire allows large sites to be reduced in size to more than one, there is bound to be a loss of all that the Shire advocates. What is the reasoning behind this ambiguous stance? And, certainly ambiguous practise? Since the 1950's, the Shire has been a forerunner in protecting the environment from would-be developers and those wishing to make a quick profit at the expense of others. Approving subdivisions such as this (and other) ones, appears to be destruction of our treasured environment, by stealth. So, too, is allowing moonscaping of three sites in Colstan Court where 75+ trees were removed. So too, is removing a mature, verge tree (same street) to accommodate a developer's plans for a corner development, nothing short of disheartening to those of us who wish to see our healthy Australian environment retained, protected and improved by our councils whose job it is to do this.

  5. Melinda Gustus commented

    Annie Renehan ,
    I have made comments on other builds/ subdivisions which back onto Ballar Creek as I know that landslips are a problem along Ballar Creek. Landslips along the creek can causes issues for the the stability of the beach and health of the bay and marine life.

    There was a landslip at Candian Bay in the carpark and underneath the steps to Ballar Creek after some big storms in 2022 and at the same time the box drain in the creek blew out.
    The box drain has not been fixed.
    This would need council and South East Water engineers to work out a solution for the creek and also Canadian Bay carpark.

    I more recently talked to South East Water about woody weed removal around Ballar Creek .The South East Water gentleman concerned had had to do some re-stabilisation of ground near a tennis court along the creek some time back and wasn't interested in disturbing any ground near the creek to remove weeds due to the instability of the ground.

    I also know in Mt Eliza that in some places drainage is at capacity .

    You can find the Coffey Geoscience Report about landsliding zones at Ballar Creek online.

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