6 Fenton Avenue, Maroubra NSW 2035

Section 4.56 Modification to an approved boarding house development including deletion of the basement level car park and provision of two on-site car spaces and an on-street carshare space along front setback (Fenton Avenue frontage), deletion of studio over parking area at the rear, reducing the number of approved rooms from 18 to 17, changes to floor layout and changes to external materials and finishes (northern elevation). Original consent: Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new 4 storey boarding house comprising 19 boarding rooms, 8 car parking spaces and associated site works.

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(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/510/2018/A)


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  1. Stephen Johnson commented

    Despite months of debate and an appearance in the Land and Environment court this developer has once again applied for a modification to the DA that seeks to reduce the parking space allowance for a 17-dwelling apartment block from 7 to 2! To try and get this over the line they've included a car share space on the 2-hr. time limited on street parking on Fenton Ave, a public street that has seen the introduction of Mutiple parking restrictions in the last 6 months to try and ease resident and business concerns. They've used the 2 car figure in the submission to indicate that they only expect the development to generate an extra 2 traffic movements a day! Thats farcical. Council and the planning authority must view this proposal with skepticism and provide certainty to residents that the SEPP and planning controls are adhered to by refusing this modification to the DA.

  2. Peter Smith commented

    Let’s support people struggling with high rentals in the Eastern Suburbs. Our young people, displaced seniors and essential workers need budget accommodation. Council has increased parking spaces on Fenton Ave. Many locals have off street parking. Nimbyism has no place in MAROUBRA. Let’s get behind this development and have it as soon as possible

  3. Stephen Johnson commented

    In the interests of openness and transparency, I'm a resident in Chapman Ave. The previous comment added to this thread was the from former owner of 6 Fenton Ave who sold the property to the developer.

  4. Peter Smith commented

    In the interests of truth and contrary to Mr Johnson’s comment, I have never owned 6 Fenton Ave.
    I live in Chapman Ave.
    Peter Smith

  5. James Ford commented

    In response to Mr Smith's comment: "Council has increased parking spaces on Fenton Ave." This is a specious response to the genuine concerns of Mr Johnson. While the council has marginally increased the total number of spaces available it has imposed time restrictions on the majority of them. These places are not suitable as resident parking, it is not feasible for us to keep running out to move our cars every two hours. So infact the number of available spots has decreased for residents. As I long time renting resident I can tell you from lived experience that the council has made parking a nightmare for local residents. Where once I could park anywhere on the street when I get home from work now I find myself driving around around often for 15 minutes or more.
    In a further note I would venture that Mr Smith stands to benefit personally from the development and in that light the use of insulting terms like 'Nimbyism' in order to shut down conversations lacks integrity. There is no need to invalidate the genuine concerns of local residents with half truths in the pursuit of self interest.

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