2 Frederick Street Doncaster VIC 3108

Use and development of the land for a 13-storey mixed-use building comprising 438 dwellings (425 apartments and 13 townhouses), a food and drink premises, reduction in standard car parking requirements and removal of easements

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(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN24/0017)


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  1. Mehdi Amirkhani commented

    I am curious about whether there are restrictions on the quantity of apartments that can be constructed within a particular Zone. Presently, Hepburn Road and Clay Drive experience traffic congestion and safety hazards. Parking spaces are limited, and unit owners face challenges selling their properties. Introducing more developments could exacerbate the situation, adversely affecting both property owners and residents. I urge the council to consider implementing limitations on the number of apartments permitted within each complex in this locality.

  2. Lena F commented

    13 story building!!! Not even on a main road. 438 dwellings! All this is going to do it totally cripple this area with congestion that is already happening. Installing more traffic lights eg Merlin St does not fix congestion, it slows everyone down even more.
    Doncaster does not need anything like this now. We have only 1 form of public transport, we don't have a hospital or tafe like Boxhill, we dont have trains or trams. Over development at it's finest. This area is supposed to be liveable not an unliveable suffocating jungle of concrete... 13 stories is really too much. This is so sad.

  3. Linda d commented

    Does this include 9-11 clay drive as well ,as more units are going to be build on that site as well, far to congested already, poor doncaster.

  4. K. Marx commented

    This is development gone mad. There appears to be no reason to approve any such development unless it is simply to service the retailers at Shoppingtown. If they are finding it difficult to meet the exorbitant rents charged by the Lowy family, pushback against their greed rather than destroy the amenity and character of Manningham. This is another case of the 'needs' of the wealthy few trumping the necessities of the hoi poloi. Manningham Council has become a disgusting front for developers. Councillors are either hobnobbing with the 'elites' or in their pockets. These 'planning' decisions are a testimony to the collusion between local government and the wealthy.

  5. Linda D commented

    Ive noticed on google that when you google 2 Fredrick st doncaster it shows an airiel picture of 9-11 clay drive doncaster is this included .Believe me this will cause absolute chaos for this area hope that some safety provisions are put in place by manningham council as I can see either someone will be hurt due to their lack of safety precautions.

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