9 Carter Street Seven Hills NSW 2147

Development Application for the removal of 11 trees and the demolition of all existing structures in-order to construct a 132 place 2 storey centre-based ’Child Care Facility’ with a total of 22 car parking spaces on ground floor at 9-11 Carter Street, Seven Hills, 2147

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Blacktown City Council, reference DA-24-00034)


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  1. Duygu Keser commented

    A child care center of this size is not in keeping with the street scape.
    Although it is close to railway line it is out of character and scope.
    A child care for 132 kids will require over 45 car park spots and they have only proposed 22?

  2. Handan Akar commented

    This child care is too big and is more the size of a small school.
    The car park is too small for this childcare.

  3. Alex Cesaro commented

    I don't understand what's the issue with some residents with the carpark. They could be part of the NIMBYs who are anti development. It's not like every single kids and toddlers is driving a car to the centre or their mum/ dad would be parking their cars there the whole day spying on their children.
    The local community in Blacktown usually has high birth rate and thus this justify the need for new childcare facilities, and more carpark does not make sense. Rather have the spaces for building new homes.

  4. Mustafa Ozbay commented

    There is already a childcare being built on 11 Abigail St and 19 Carter Street not even 200m away. This will make it even more busy and is twice the size of the other two. There will be lots of extra traffic at peak times. and with upto 132 cars arriving during peak times how does a 22 car park centre meet the requirement. 22 car park spots is not even enough for the staff let alone the families. This centre is too big for the area. The council DCP requires alot more car park spots which is required for the safety of the children and local residents.

  5. Saime Aybulut commented

    I live in Carrington St and there is already many centres close by. Someone has mentioned there is already one in Abigail St being built and another also in Carter Street 5 blocks from number 9 about to commence. We understand that child care is important but this is very big for the area. Council needs to review the size and adequacy of the car park and streetscape

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