1/36 Ventura St Sunrise Beach QLD 4567

Request to Amend Conditions (incl Std & Non Std)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SSL23/0021.01)


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  1. fiona.jacobs@bigpond.com commented

    Could you please inform the public exactly what conditions are to be amended with regards to STA.
    Thank you

  2. Kerry Finch commented

    The information provided here is minimal to say the least. Exactly what conditions are the applicants wanting to amend? This is a duplex building in a suburban street, where residents live. It is not in the tourist zone. Please provide more detailed information so members of the public are able to comment appropriately.

  3. Julie dickson commented

    This is a street with a lot of permanent residents, some elderly and others with young children. The noise level from STA is way to much and l know council has already received many complaints to date with this particular STA, including dogs being left locked up inside barking while the occupants are out.
    Why keep allowing this when it causes the local community to suffer, it is not a tourist zone and local residents should not have to put up with this disruption to their lives.

  4. Jon Marshall commented

    All residents should object. Sunrise has been designated non-Sta especially west of David Low Highway. In my street alone 3 previously residential homes have been granted STA approval. NOOSA COUNCIL stop this loop hole and give us residents peace of mind as well as PEACE!

  5. Jon Marshall commented

    Fiona, Kerry. Most of these type application are to convert residential into Short Term Air BnB accommodation.

  6. H. Andrews commented

    Noosa Council
    Please be more "open" in your information / decision making so the public can see exactly what conditions your planning department is considering amending.

  7. Concerned Resident commented

    Council, The zoning here may be medium density and therefore STA is allowed but these townhomes are some of the few low-cost rentals left in Sunrise Beach! Where are the existing tenants going to live? Stop being completely irresponsible about housing in this area. Leave these for permanent housing and stop allowing granny flats to in-fill our backyards. This beautiful area won’t cope with increased traffic, sewerage, flash flooding, parking hassles and the increased crime rates that come with higher density zones. Noosa will quickly become a ghetto of infilled, noisy, concrete-filled car parks unfit for residential living.

  8. Joelle Cullen commented

    Completely agree with ‘Concerned Resident’ and other comments. Time for Noosa Council to act responsibly when it comes to treating residents and the environment with priority. We are fast becoming so many things we don’t want to be. Sadly it feels like it may just get alot worse. The community appears to be feeling a little disillusioned with the current council but I fear even worse may be to come … it seems there are many greedy money mitts trying to get their grubby, environment-wrecking little hands into this still-lovely part of the world. Yikes.

  9. Peter Phillips commented

    The residents who have resided in Ventura Street for a long period of time purchased knowing this was a residental area, not short term accommodation.
    We reside in Ventura Street and expect our neighbours to be either permanent residents or long term renters.
    STA may increase security risks to the local residents and disturb their quiet, private, lifestyle.
    As a resident of Ventura Street we are not in favour of STA as our neighbours. There are many many other options for STA within Noosa where zoning has previously been approved and apartments purposely built.
    Leave the residential areas as long term, enabling more residents to establish themselves here and seek long term employment.

  10. fiona.jacobs@bigpond.com commented

    Hi everyone, thank you for commenting on this application.
    I have written several letters to council now querying the validity of this application and regarding the objections from long term residents in Sunrise Beach who have been inundated with STA in a residential area. In short I have received this response from Patrick Murphy:
    "I acknowledge complaints have previously been made regarding the operation of short-term accommodation at 1/36 Ventura Street, accordingly I have requested the Short Stay Local Law officer assessing the application review and consider these complaints as part of their assessment of the current application."

    I would strongly urge you all to write directly to Ron Potter at Noosa Council who seems to be the LL officer now assessing the case, and cc in all councillors, Patrick Murphy and Richard MacGillivray .

    It's time for residents take back their homes and communities, put pressure on council and stop the insidious growth of STA in our neighbourhood.

    thank you
    Fiona Jacobs - Candidate for NC and SRB resident.

  11. Jason Voght commented

    This property is currently being used as a unregistered STA . We have had 5 groups through so far . Barking dogs have been left at the property whilst people are out , cars parked out the front of our house , not knowing who is next door makes it uncomfortable for us as we have 3 children and different groups of people coming and going every 5 days also bins constantly left out on the street not bought in for days. Please decline this STA !

  12. Concerned Resident commented

    Thanks Fiona. Did you get a sense that the council staff on our side? What was the vibe you got from Patrick and Ron? Are being genuinely supportive or just stonewalling us?

  13. Fiona Jacobs commented

    Dear concerned resident,
    very difficult to say, all we can do as residents is put pressure on council, let them know our concerns en mass, provide documentary evidence of existing problems and see what happens.
    Sorry I can't give you better news.
    In my opinion this does not meet many of the criteria necessary to be approved but council often has different opinions, as you know.
    Constant correspondence from residents directly to council is needed.
    Fiona Jacobs

  14. Rodger Grant commented

    5 complaints over the weekend with 2 properties from same owner. Plus still rubbish bins been laying around street for last week and a half. How can rights be given to someone blatantly breaking the Noosa local law by letting both properties out over Xmas without having approval.

  15. Shire Resident commented

    Dear Council, Rodger Grant has provided you with valuable information about the apathy regarding the SHORT TERM LETTING Local Law. Can you please advise residents what Council intends to do about it. Residents across the Shire should be very worried about the lack of action on STA. If the property is not registered the Council won't get involved; zero enforcement of a local law if the property owner hasn't done the right thing. STAs have popped up everywhere over the Christmas and summer holiday period. Renting out homes during the holidays has always happened in our Shire, but not in these numbers. The residential neighbourhoods are now overrun with tourists while residents in the neighbouring properties are trying to enjoy their "summer holiday" in their own homes. Council's job is to enforce land use and most residents purchased in these areas as owner-occupiers for permanent living but we find we are living in a tourist zone.

  16. Unkown resident commented

    Being in the unfortunate situation of attempting to live shoulder to shoulder to one of the other nightmare properties this individual owns, I can honestly say, it is absolute hell on earth 🙃
    We go away as much as possible because spending time in our lovely house is so often unpleasant, noisy & untenable
    We have been subjected to many many sleepless nites, many parties, screeching kids for hours on end, overtaken by their louder parents later in the nite - barking dogs, lights on 24/7, constantly slamming doors & gates, cigarette smoke ( does anyone actually still smoke anymore, um, yes, in air bnbs ) no parking left as all jammed up by the multiple “guests”, verbal abuse, threats, retaliation, harassment, feeling unsafe in our own home - I could go on for hours but I think the gist is there . . .
    These duplex properties were never designed for this use - there are fundamental problems with the concept - why was no impact reports ever done in the beginning I wonder ?
    It has improved - couldn’t be any worse - since the implementation of the hotline, however, it is still nothing like living in a residential area - these people have paid dearly for their “holiday” so are hell bent on “making the most of it” - they don’t have jobs to go to or school to attend - so party on 🫣 - the owner or (g)host has clicked the financial ticket - us the residents get to live the grim reality of different “guests” every few days pretty well 365 😱😱😱
    How about leaving the residential areas for the residents & the tourist precincts for the holiday makers . . .. .
    Run by committed, trained, professional people who know what the hell they are doing & are mindful of their responsibilities

  17. L Bradbury commented

    Completely agree with the above comment - residential areas should remain for long term or owner occupied residences. The loss of properties to STA means effectively commercial enterprises are taking stock from those that need housing and it is pushing demand for new builds. The unapproved long term STA properties aren’t being counted. We suffer the same from an STA across the road - lights on all night, or going off because they are on motion sensing, Marco Polo non stop, random people each week, multiple dogs left alone to bark whilst they go to coffee shops, multiple cars parked on street because owner took away the garage for extra bedroom. This alone is not unique to STA and property is well cared for but it is disquieting in a suburb when you pay rates and have sudden MCU unapproved or approved in the street you bought into. Council needs to stop approving them in residential areas and as follow up on preexisting numbers

  18. Rodger Grant commented

    For those that have concerns about the influx of STA,a in our previous residential areas there was a very interesting court case only last year.
    Google Escanaba Pty Ltd v Noosa Shire Council
    Makes interesting reading....................................?

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