2-6 Bowen Street Chatswood NSW 2067.

Removal of 1 tree.

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(Source: Willoughby City Council, reference TVPA-2023/301)


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  1. Faith H commented

    I’m disappointed to see a chatswood resident proposing the removal of another tree, and a local native eucalyptus at that.

    I should add that the application questions proposed by council are vague and seem to be based on whether the council need to do any extra work (checking the site, tree type, etc).

    Questions are asked if the tree for removal is either of the two valuable gums. The applicant states ‘no’, but are not required to indicate which species. In my opinion, any established gums are of value in the concrete jungle that is now Chatswood.

    The reason for removal was stated “a tree lopper advised due to decline”. I dare say that a tree loppers job is to lop trees, so there is an incentive to diagnose the tree as requiring removal.

    An arborist review should give council an educated assessment if this tree. Please review this application for further proof for the removal of another precious tree which is providing canopy for all of us.

  2. Anita Jones commented

    I’m very surprised Council would approve removal of any gum tree. We have applied to remove one and replant an established one in the middle of our nature strip to allow safer access to our driveway as we have two large gums, one either side.
    Council has declined 3 requests including one with a report from arborist that the tree was in decline. Maybe it depends who reads the application.

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