222 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW 2026

Substantial alterations and additions to two buildings, including two additional levels to the residential flat building on Wellington Street, two additional levels above the mixed-use building on Bondi Road and integrated basement parking. PAN-382542.

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(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-317/2023)


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  1. Hyacinth Jones commented

    Bondi Rd has a particular place in Bondi’s history. It has resisted becoming a wind tunnel so far but each additional level allowed, increases the likelihood of it becoming just that as well as a dark, soulless entrance to Bondi.
    If this is being done to make money for someone or some faceless organisation, I object.
    If it is being requested by a small family with no room for more family, there is a purpose to it.

  2. Mia commented

    I object to an additional 2 levels being added to this building. There is already a huge amount of congestion on Bondi Road and this only adds to it. How can we keep adding additional levels to buildings when we don't add any additional schools, public transport options, green spaces.

    This seems to be another example of a developer trying to make some more money at the expense of the existing residents in Bondi

  3. Andrew commented

    This development is such a breath of fresh air. It's not over developed and makes use of the exisiting buildings which is so nice to see. I glad to see the developer has be restrained with what they want to build. 4 levels compared to the 8 plus level buildings at 212 Bondi road, 121 Bondi road and 242 bondi road all these eyesores built in the 70's. They are examples of greedy badly designed developments. Frankly this development could go a few levels higher and would still fit in with the character of Bondi.
    Bondi needs more well thought out housing. As a resident who has lived in Bondi for 60 years its great to see this area moving into the future. We need more places built like this to accomodate new people moving into the area. Bondi is currently a mess of architecture this is a step in the right direction.
    There are 2 schools, parks within walking distance. The parks are never fully used just a handful of people at any one time. If you go to Waverley park you would be lucky to see more than 20 people using it or walking through it apart from a weekend during sport.
    Cars are a problem in all of the east but im seeing more and more people using ebikes to get around. Perhaps council could do more in this area to encourage the use of micro mobility over a car to do short trips. This development will enhance the area not detract from it we should be behind it. PS i have no affiliation with the developer in anyway just tired of not in my backyard type of commentary

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