216-220 Wyndham Street Alexandria NSW 2015

Concept Development Application for a mixed use development including concept envelopes up to approximately 35m in height over 10 storeys, a new east-west through site link, ground and level 1 commercial uses and affordable rental housing above.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2023/884)


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  1. B Teng commented

    Many of the buildings in this area are fairly low density and allow for natural light in the apartment blocks and a 10 storey building would definitely affect this and create congestion with parking and traffic in an already highly dense region. There will need to be increased public bus routes and train frequency to meet the demand of an increased population.

    There are concerns about structural damage of neighbouring buildings e.g. ground movement and this impact on the owners in the surrounding apartments. Will there be a process of accountability, particularly with the quality and ability for a construction company to take on building a high rise apartment and adhering to a timeline?

  2. Charlie commented

    This development will negative impact the neighbourhood. Having spoken to a number of neighbours and other users of the space, the objections include:
    1. A proposal that shows a lack of consultation with the community and their needs, in favour of for-profit design and character-less urban intensification
    2. Developers and strata companies exploiting economic crises to profit from dodgy units that don't support families, in situations where low quality builds and substandard service provision is rife
    3. The lack of supporting infrastructure, adding further constraints to local services such as busses, parking, tradespeople, gyms, schools, parks, etc
    4. The presidence set for converting a suburb of character, cultural heritage, and liveable spaces into soulless towers
    5. The removal of PetO, which sets a character for an active and social neighbourhood where people interact on the way to Alexandria park with their pets
    6. The removal of the AUSA gym which brings together a diverse group of people, who are otherwise excluded from commercial gyma
    7. Excessive competition in an already struging retail environment
    8. Construction noise and inconveniences
    9. Removal of iconic public art. The proposals do not seem to understand the prominence and significance of Mr. Marsh's works
    10. Obstruction of views
    11. Obstruction of sunlight, including for health and for prospective solar panel installations

  3. Leo commented


    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share my perspective on the proposed apartment development in our community. I want to express my overall support for the initiative as it aims to provide much-needed housing, catering to the growing needs of our area.

    While I am not opposed to the construction of apartments, I believe it is crucial that the development aligns with established requirements and avoids any adverse effects on our existing neighbourhood. To this end, I would like to bring to your attention three specific concerns that I believe merit careful consideration:

    1. Insufficient Parking Space:
    While it is acknowledged that some residents may choose public transportation, it is essential to recognize the high likelihood that many occupants will own personal vehicles. I propose that the applicant either adjusts the number of units to comply with parking requirements or expands the parking space to meet the community's needs adequately.

    2. Solar Access:
    The proposed 35-meter high building has the potential to set a precedent for similar developments in the surrounding blocks. I urge the council to carefully evaluate the impact on solar access, considering the possibility of future developments with comparable heights. It is my hope that the council takes a comprehensive approach, ensuring that the proposed project does not compromise the solar access from the surrounding areas.

    3. Right turn from Wyndham Street
    Given the proximity to the existing intersection and the high traffic volume along Wyndham Street and McEvoy Street, the proposed right turn may lead to increased congestion and longer wait times for both residents and commuters. This has the potential to negatively impact the overall accessibility of the area and diminish the quality of life for residents and businesses in the vicinity.

    In conclusion, I appreciate the efforts to address housing shortages in our community through this proposed development. However, the concerns raised about insufficient parking space, solar access, and the potential traffic congestion arising from the right turn at Wyndham Street must be carefully considered. I trust that the council will thoroughly evaluate these aspects and work towards a balanced solution that prioritizes the well-being of our community.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing more about the progress on this development and the actions taken to address the concerns raised.


  4. Natalie commented

    I objected the proposal based on the reason below.
    1. The high rise building of 10 storey which will be the highest on this street and will increase congestion and set a precedent for similar development in the area. This area is already congested with number of existing apartment buildings, social housing buildings and the new building being build on Botany Rd & Mandable street.
    2. Lack of consultation with community and other organisation that will impact from this building. i.e. Transport NSW for traffic and public transport provide. This building will be on the corner of McEvoy and Wyndham and the entrance/exit will be close to the traffic light at that corner. There is also a right and left turn from Wyndham to McEvoy. The car from this building will create even more traffic congestion at this intersection.
    3. Insufficient parking space.
    4. Solar panel access for nearby building.
    5. Noise and pollution.

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