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9 & 11 Torroodun Street Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Construct six (6) double storey dwellings
Planning Authority
Monash City Council
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We found this application on the planning authority's website on , 8 months ago. It was received by them earlier.
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Public comments on this application


Comments made here were sent to Monash City Council. Add your own comment.

I would like to voice my concern re the construction of 6 units in total at the properties at 9 and 11 Torroodun St. In this street there has traditionally been one house per block but in the past 10 years we have seen the construction of two units per block in parts of the street.
This proposal is outside the usual for this street and the blocks are not any significantly larger to accomodate the extra units.

Parking: if the proposed plan goes ahead there will be more car movement on the street with at least 12 extra cars entering and exiting the properties. Visitor parking or groups of singles living in one of the units would generate more cars also. The street is also narrow with a white line down the centre and would be a problem if extra cars are parked on the street as it would be tricky to get through. This could lead to congestion and possible accidents at this end of Torroodun Street. At present we have parents driving children to and from school each day and this would be a problem for them daily as well as for everyone living on the street.

Setback of the properties: At present the houses in this street have an approximate set back of 10 meters but the plans for these units put puts the set back at between 7 to 8 metres depending on where on the plan you check. This is concerning as there needs to be the same standard for set back as the other homes in the street. This will detract from the street appeal of the whole street as these units will be closer to the pavement and will overwhelm the block.

Stormwater: The street and the properties are on an incline so water would flow down towards the property at 13 Torroodun St and 15 Torroodun St and will affect them when it rains. This will become more of a problem as we experience more severe climate events such as storms and more flash flooding. This seems to be the trend even now in Melbourne.
How will the run off water be managed as there does not seem to be provision for this in the plans? I think this needs to be addressed even if the number of units on the property is reduced to 2 instead of 3.

Geraldine McNamara
Delivered to Monash City Council

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