Lot 49 Skyridge Drive, Upper Coomera QLD 4209

Combined Application Material Change of Use and Reconfiguring of a Lot Code Assessment Dwelling House x 6 and 1 Into 6 Lot Subdivision

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(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference COM/2023/268)


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  1. Mark stagg commented

    My name is Mark Stagg & I built & lived in my house 7yrs ago directly below the proposed site of Lot 49 Skyridge road.
    I am very upset if this goes ahead for a number of reasons.
    1. There is a koala area across from this area for development. My wife & I & kids have sited & heard many koala’s in my he past in the tree’s directly behind us. I thought they are territorial. A few of my neighbors & I have named one ‘Kenny’ as he’s spotted a lot.
    There is also an abundance of kangaroos that come right up to our back fence to graze. There is also a lot of kookaburras that live in these trees. They also fly into our property to site on our shed late in the afternoons.
    We built our back fence with chain wire so we can directly see through to the natural bush as we love the peace & quiet & the natural surroundings.
    This proposed houses will kill all these beloved wildlife.
    2. This land is very step & am very worried about drainage & where all this water will go?
    This bush behind us soaks up a lot of the ground water & if all this is bulldozed, I’m extremely worried about land erosion or land slides, like the LANDSLIDES that happened 2 years ago at woongawollon that is close to us!! A house was distoyed!!
    I have spent a lot of money on my backyard over the years & I don’t want any damage or excess water in my backyard.
    3. The original development was supposed to be an eco hub. No trees were to be removed & the houses were only very small 1storey (ground level) homes.
    I have seen the new plans & there is a 3 STOREY home directly behind me. All the trees are basically gone & this monstrosity will look directly into my backyard!!!! I am extremely upset that a lot of people will be able to see right into my house.
    I DO NOT want people looking at my WIFE & TEENAGE daughter using the backyard or swimming pool day or night!!! Where is our right to privacy!!!!
    No one should be able to see into someone’s backyard or house. This is a massive concern not just me & my family but my neighbors too!!
    No fence will stop these houses perving on my family.
    What measures will be put in place if this goes ahead as me & my neighbors will have cause to sue the council & the developers!!
    I also think this will definitely de-value our property if we ever try to sell as no one will want to see these houses & the natural bush is a massive selling point.
    4. The current building envelopes have significantly changed still the 1st proposal by stockland. As I stated earlier, the bush was to remain & 6 small eco houses were to be built, with little to no impact on the environment.
    The is now 6 very large houses & only a few trees remaining. Plus it looks like the number 6 house is for commercial purposes as there is 2 pods with rooms & toilets etc inc the main house & a 5-6 car garage.
    5. Noise & Lights.
    Everyone knows noise travels down hill. This will have a big impact on my mental health if there is noise or a lot of lights on at night time. I’ve struggled with sleep for many years & I am very concerned about noise & light pollution especially from a 3 storey house & no trees blocking it.

    My wife/my kids & I are extremely concerned & upset if this goes ahead. It will have a major impact on our lives, especially privacy.
    We built our home to reflect the natural bush & wildlife & you want to remove koala’s, kangaroos & many birds from there natural habitat which is a lot of bushland just so someone can look directly into my backyard!!! This a disgraceful.
    Please do not agree to this. Have some common sense please.

  2. Mark Beck commented

    I am writing to express my profound concern regarding the recent application for the material change of use and reconfiguration of Lot Code Assessment Dwelling House x6 and 1 into a six-lot subdivision at Lot 49 Skyridge Drive
    In general, local planning schemes often include provisions related to building design and siting to ensure that new developments consider the privacy of neighbouring properties. These provisions may address issues such as building height, setbacks, and the orientation of windows and balconies to minimize overlooking and protect the privacy of adjacent residences.
    These new developments have no consideration for the privacy of neighbouring properties in Highland Reserve, especially those located on Macleay Circuit.
    While the residents of Macleay Circuit were previously aware of Stock Lands' approved application for lifestyle blocks (eco hub) on Skyridge, the earlier proposal was deemed acceptable and non-intrusive to the residents of Highland Reserve (Macleay Circuit). However, the current proposal depicts larger plots, and larger houses, all three stories high, with balconies on each floor overlooking the amenities of Macleay residents, and the locations have completely changed. The proposed building envelopes have deviated significantly from the original plans, particularly concerning is the extra-large block (plot 6) that raises questions about its potential use beyond residential purposes. The inclusion of two self-contained pods in the plans prompts speculation about whether this area will serve corporate outdoor activities or extensive business operations.

    The situation is exacerbated by the extensive removal of bushes and trees, further impacting the environment and the privacy of the Macleay residents. Additionally, the proposed extension of the easement from 5m to 30m will entirely eliminate the bushland behind Macleay houses, particularly those closest to the established houses on Skyridge.

    Residents, including myself, have invested time and a substantial amount of money in creating a charming outdoor space that serves as a private sanctuary. This includes pool areas where families, including young children, spend numerous hours. The construction of the looming mansions above threatens the privacy we currently enjoy.

    Given the recent landslide at Wongawallen, the earthwork raises significant concerns, particularly during the construction phase. Some Macleay residents already experience excessive water runoff from the hill, and the removal of natural bush retainment can only worsen this issue. Adequate measures for drainage and dust control during construction have not been communicated.

    Over the past five years, the area has experienced an influx of wildlife, including kangaroos, big lizards, bush turkeys, green tree frogs, and koala sightings from the adjacent sanctuary.

    I am eager to hear your thoughts and what can be done to mitigate the impact of this latest proposal. The significant infringement on our privacy are major concern, as echoed by conversations with neighbours on the street, who are already showing signs of stress and anger.
    I hope we can collectively address and find solutions to these issues.

  3. Kylie Tragardh commented

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the proposed new development in our community. While I understand the need for growth and progress, I believe it is crucial to carefully consider the potential environmental and social impacts of large-scale construction projects.

    Loss of Bushland and Impact on Native Wildlife:
    The clearing of bushland for new developments poses a serious threat to our native wildlife. I am concerned about the long-term consequences of displacing these habitats, and I urge the planning committee to thoroughly assess the ecological impact and explore alternative approaches to minimize harm to our local biodiversity.
    Privacy Concerns:
    Large homes built on blocks have the potential to infringe upon the privacy of neighboring properties. It is essential to ensure that the proposed development adheres to established zoning regulations and privacy standards. I request a thorough examination of these aspects to protect the privacy and quality of life for all residents in the vicinity.
    Water Drainage and Flow:
    Earthworks associated with construction projects can disrupt natural water drainage patterns, leading to potential issues for surrounding properties. I implore the planning committee to prioritize comprehensive stormwater management measures and consider the long-term implications on water flow and quality in our community.
    Community Engagement:
    It is crucial to involve the community in the decision-making process. Transparent communication, public forums, and town hall meetings can provide valuable insights and address concerns from residents who are directly impacted by these proposed developments. I encourage open dialogue to foster a collaborative approach to urban planning.
    Sustainable and Responsible Development:
    I advocate for a commitment to sustainable and responsible development practices. This includes exploring alternative designs, preserving green spaces, and prioritizing the well-being of both residents and the environment.
    I believe that, by addressing these concerns, we can work towards a balanced and harmonious development that respects the unique character of our community. I appreciate your attention to these matters and your commitment to fostering a sustainable future for our neighborhood.

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