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592 Midland Highway, Huntly 3551, VIC

Extension to existing Hotel, increase to licensed floor area, use of 40 electronic gaming machines and alteration of access to a Transport Zone 2 road
Planning Authority
City of Greater Bendigo
Reference number
Date sourced
We found this application on the planning authority's website on , 8 months ago. It was received by them earlier.
36 people were notified of this application via Planning Alerts email alerts
4 comments made here on Planning Alerts
on the City of Greater Bendigo website

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Public comments on this application


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I believe that bringing pokie machines out to this community at a time when there is great financial stress, would only benefit the hotel owner. The statistics show what a problem gambling is in the greater Bendigo region. We do not need another pokie venue. Please do not let this proceed.

Jane Radisich
Delivered to City of Greater Bendigo

I think it would be amazing to have out here. With the population growing out this way with the new homes being built up etc it is something we need out here definitely.

Tammy Blackler
Delivered to City of Greater Bendigo

with the growth of the area It will be great for the community to have a facility like this.

Steven Rollason
Delivered to City of Greater Bendigo

I can see where this proposal ticks all the boxes:

* The Council / Gov't gets a good cut with new taxes and charges.
* The pub, as is now obvious to all, has lost its appeal based on the quality of the meals, and now needs new income streams to cover up it's current failing format and overinvestment. Did I hear motel rooms are on the agenda? Do we really want another (future) All Seasons style facility in Huntly?
* And the land developers (Lincoln Place) get a boost in selling houses in their 'over 55's' development
... all to be paid for by a relatively small group of repetitive losers from the local community. These will be families with kids and retirees, already under cost of living stress, and the most least able to afford any additional financial pressure.

In an era plagued the unseen curse of domestic violence, any move to introduce pokies in Huntly will lose my vote in forthcoming elections.

Progress is one thing. Bleeding the plebs dry is something else.

Jack Thompson
Delivered to City of Greater Bendigo

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