12 Ashley Street, Tamarama NSW 2026

Alterations and additions to dwelling house including partial demolition, new tandem garage off Ashley Street, new swimming pool, new lift, and removal of 10 trees. PAN-368000

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(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-261/2023)


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  1. Katharine Louise Symonds commented

    The removal of 10 trees to create a swimming pool in a beach side suburb is ludicrous and shows the contempt with which our beach suburbs are held by the new money that has moved in. It's also disastrous environmentally.Not just tree-wise but any construction and demolition has profound affects on the environment in multiple ways.The building materials are created and transported from afar and the demolition and taking away and dumping of materials from the killing of the trees and the house is also an environmental problem. Waverley Council has lost it's way if it approves this unnecessary intrusion in our communal streetscape and community.

  2. Mia commented

    The removal of 10 trees is huge, the loss of homes for wildlife and birds all for a swimming pool. The beach is just outside, the biggest swimming pool! Please protect the environment not just homeowners.

  3. Nicholas Barker commented

    The removal of 10 trees, four of which the applicants arborist report deems "make a fair contribution to the amenity of the site and surrounding properties" ( Section 9.14 /
    Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report – Proposed Alterations and Additions 10 12 Ashley Street, TAMARAMA, NSW Report No. 22-078 Version 3 – 8th June 2023 ) is a direct transgression of the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 (WLEP 2012) & The NSW State Environmental Planning Policies which apply to the site, notably
    - SEPP (Biodiversity and Conservation) 2021.

    The scale of the proposed swimming pool development and the resulting loss of 10 trees, four of which are deemed of "contributing" value is at odd with both the intent of the WLEP & State SEPP.

    For these reasons the application should be amended or rejected.

  4. Ana Sofia Strophe commented

    The removal of 10 trees should not be permitted under any circumstances, and especially not to facilitate a swimming pool so close to the beach in these times of water shortages. The removal of so many trees will destroy bird and insect habitat - there are sufficient mature trees in the area for them as it is. No one wants to live in a soulless treeless street so removing these trees will lower the value of the property in spite of the renovation as well as removing local amenity. This is just vandalism.

  5. T Craven commented

    I object to the proposal to remove 10 trees. This will further impact on the loss of tree canopy in the area and continue to a heat island effect as well as destroying the habitat of many birds and will reduce local amenity in the area.

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