39 Hall Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Demolition and construction of a new 4 storey shoptop housing building comprising of commercial tenancy on ground floor and six residential apartments above PAN-367733

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(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-256/2023)


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  1. Amanda Hendriks commented

    I strongly object to this development application, Hall street is a narrow suburban street not a major highway it is loosing its character and village feel and turning into another Bondi Junction of narrow sunless alleyways.
    I have objected to multiple development applications on Hall Street, frustratingly it falls on deaf ears.

  2. Mia commented

    I object to the application. Hall Street is already becoming a wind tunnel. There isn't enough parking in Bondi to continue to expand upwards and Bondi is basically becoming a developers dream with no consideration for current residents. The developers ruin and destroy local roads, create air pollution for no benefit. The road are grod locked on most days with lots of wear and tear. It doesn't seem like any of the residents objections are being heard by the council who are destroying the Bondi way of life

  3. Hyacinth Jones commented

    Waverley Council should be joining with Randwick and Woolahra Council to wrest back control of development. At the moment if Council refuse a development, the wealthy developer immediately takes it to the the NSW pro development Land and Environment Court who most times approve it. Council simply cannot afford the cost of continually fighting developments like this one.
    It is clearly not in the interests of Bondi to have a main street burdened with overdevelopment. It is killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Bondi is an attractive place partially because of its low rise main street.

  4. Peter Owen commented

    I strongly support this application - and only wish we can have more dwellings, in similar fashion to The Hub at hall street just up the road. There are thousands of people all over Sydney that would love to be able to live in Bondi but it seems like their voices aren't being heard. I'm lucky enough to live here and I wish more people had the same opportunities I have had.
    We live in a city of over 5 million people next to the most famous beach in the world so arguments that it is 'Loosing [sic] it's character and village feel' just don't hold up. Arguments that the 'road(s) are grod [sic] locked' are also easily refuted by the fact that densifying a suburb that is so close to the city will only make public transport more effective therefore reducing the need for cars in the future.

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