38A Flood Street, Bondi NSW 2026

Reconfiguration of carparking area , construction of 12 parking spaces and removal of 7 trees PAN-350503

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(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-192/2023)


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  1. Hyacinth jones commented

    If these trees are mature trees they will be providing habitat for wildlife: birds, insects, bats, possums etc. If they are native trees they will be critical habitat.
    7 trees in one fell swoop is a lot to lose and I unequivocally state my opposition to this loss. Trees provide not only habitat but amenity and shade.
    We can’t as a species continue to prioritise cars over the natural world.

  2. Mia commented

    7 trees is a lot of trees and it seems this is to make space for more cars just to park . With such good transport in Bondi with the buses and the Bondi junction train nearby it seems ridiculous to keep making space for people's cars and now at the expense of the trees and wildlife. There needs to be a more valid reason than more car parking spaces to remove trees.

  3. Kasey commented

    I am writing to express my concerns regarding the recent proposal to construction of 12 parking spaces and the removal of seven trees.

    While I understand the necessity for more parking spaces due to increasing demands, the proposed removal of seven trees is disheartening. Bondi, as you know, already suffers from a dearth of green spaces and an overpopulation issue. These trees not only add aesthetic value but also contribute to cleaner air, shade, and a more pleasant living environment.

    Furthermore, it's important to consider the economic return on investment when evaluating such changes. Trees and green spaces have been shown to increase property values and make neighborhoods more desirable. By removing these trees, we risk lowering home values and making the area less appealing to residents and potential buyers. This could have long-term financial and economic implications that may outweigh the immediate gains of additional parking spaces.

    The minimal benefits gained from additional parking spaces are substantially outweighed by the negative impact on the community's well-being and the local ecosystem. The removal of trees in an area already lacking in greenery will exacerbate the problems we face due to urbanization, such as heat islands, air pollution, and deteriorating mental health from a lack of natural surroundings.

    I urge the Council to reconsider the current proposal and explore alternatives that could solve the parking issue without necessitating the removal of trees.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter, and I am hopeful for a solution that can accommodate both the need for parking and the preservation of our already limited natural environment.

  4. Ana Sofia Strophe commented

    Seven trees! That is absolutely preposterous.
    I live right near here and I'm pretty sure this is right in a Waverley Council green corridor!
    These are large mature trees that provide habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife. Removing them will interrupt the corridor and small animals will be killed by predators in the gaps left behind.
    I don't support the desire to increase parking because actually we should be ditching cars in favour of public transport (and more people would if it was Covid-safe with ventilation/HEPA filtering). This is an area with a lot of available street parking in any case.
    We also desperately need every bit of shade we can get in these days of global boiling.
    Property owners should be directed to research that shows that mature trees can add on average $50,000 to the value of their property - and neighbours' properties often also benefit. The shading effect of trees can also reduce energy bills by up to A$800 or more a year in Sydney. As a recent article about this points out, trees are an important part of green infrastructure which:
    improves air quality
    provides space for social interaction
    manages stormwater
    reduces the urban heat island effect
    provides space for urban food production
    improves biodiversity.
    This often also benefits neighbours in the same street, but it also has wider social benefits and adds to the amenity that makes an area desirable.
    We are losing far too much habit and shade from private land in Waverley, and this runs completely counter to the Council's putative greening policies.
    Please do not allow this to happen.

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