20 Gadigal Avenue Zetland NSW 2017

Alterations to use premises as pub with minor alterations to accommodate a gaming room. Proposed hours are between 10am and 12 Midnight Tuesday to Saturday and between 10am and 10pm Sundays and Mondays.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2023/747)


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  1. Gary Pogson commented

    I am writing to express my strong objection to the planning application submitted for the proposed renaming of the venue to a pub and the installation of poker machines. I firmly believe that this development, if approved, would have detrimental consequences for our community and goes against the best interests of our neighborhood. I would like to outline my objections in detail below:
    Saturation of Gaming Facilities: Our community already has two pubs within walking distance of the proposed venue, both of which operate gaming rooms. Furthermore, the Zetland Hotel, one of the existing pubs, is akin to a mini casino. The introduction of more poker machines in our area would only contribute to an oversaturation of gaming facilities, which can lead to social problems, including addiction and financial distress among vulnerable individuals.
    Profit Motive Over Community Well-being: A quick internet search reveals that the average profit per annum from a single poker machine in NSW is approximately $37,000. It is concerning that the applicant appears to be primarily motivated by financial gain, especially when they are investing a mere $2,000 per machine for installation. This raises questions about the applicant's commitment to the well-being of our community and whether their priorities align with our neighborhood's values.
    Lack of Diverse Entertainment Options: Community surveys have repeatedly highlighted that the Zetland/Waterloo area is lacking a vibrant small bar scene like neighboring suburbs such as Redfern and Surrey Hills. Unlike another pub, what our neighborhood truly needs is a diverse range of entertainment options that cater to the preferences of our residents. Rather than diversifying their offering to align with these preferences, the applicant seeks to prop up their business through gambling revenue. I believe that a more community-oriented approach would involve reevaluating their current business model to better cater to the needs and desires of the area's residents.
    Public Benefit and Ethical Considerations: The term "pub" originates from "public house," implying a place that serves the interests of the public and the community. I am far from convinced that renaming the business a pub and installing poker machines serves any genuine public benefit beyond the applicant's financial gain. Instead, this proposal would likely result in more suffering for problem gamblers and their families, undermining the principles of responsible and ethical business practices.
    I strongly urge the planning committee to consider the objections raised above and carefully evaluate the implications of this application on our community. I believe that the proposed renaming and poker machine installation do not align with the best interests of our neighborhood and its residents. Instead, I encourage the applicant to engage with the community and explore alternative ways to contribute positively to the area.

  2. Alexa Wyatt commented

    I totally agree with Gary Pogson's observations on generating diverse entertainment options in the fast growing Waterloo/Zetland precinct. It is beyond depressing to think that the only option is gaming facilities, especially when the ban on signage of such outside any premises offering gaming has been introduced. The contribution to the community is demonstrably negligible, given gaming rooms are totally geared to profiting from gambling. They are definitely not, ever, in the interests of a community. Please reject this application on that basis.

  3. Tomek M commented

    I would also like to raise my objection to this proposed development and I concur with Gary's and Alexa's prior comments. This will be a step backwards in the development of Zetland and Waterloo. We don't need more gambling venues focused on making profit through dangerous addictions, therefore I'd recommend refusing this application.

  4. Sue Beaver commented

    I object to the development for the same reasons stated by others. Gaming premises are tacky and dangerous, and detract from a potentially nice neighbourhood.

  5. Patrick commented

    I object to this application. There is no community or residents benefit merit in additional gambling machines in Zetland. It seems to be simply a money grabbing attempt and no benefit to anyone but the applicant. I agree with other objectors this new application should be refused permission.

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