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122 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049

To construct a four storey mixed use building comprising a retail tenancy at ground floor level, basement parking and twelve residential units above
Planning Authority
Inner West Council
Reference number
Date sourced
We found this application on the planning authority's website on , 11 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.
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4 comments made here on Planning Alerts
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Public comments on this application


Comments made here were sent to Inner West Council. Add your own comment.

I wholeheartedly support the proposal for the construction of a four-storey mixed-use building at 122 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049. This development promises to bring numerous benefits to our community.

The inclusion of a retail tenancy on the ground floor will enhance the vibrancy of the area, providing a new space for local businesses to thrive and attracting foot traffic, which can be a boost to the local economy.

The construction of twelve residential units above will contribute to addressing the growing need for housing in our city. This development will offer new housing options and potentially help to diversify the community, attracting residents of different backgrounds and lifestyles.

This proposal is a welcome addition to our neighbourhood. It strikes a balance between commercial and residential needs, promotes economic growth, and addresses housing demands. I urge council to approve this project for the betterment of our community.

Benjamin Cullen
Delivered to Inner West Council

I object to this development. There is already a massive development close by at Petersham RSL which is expanding. There is continual pressure on the old roads that service the area. This development will add very little benefit to the community economically and aesthetically. Crystal street is a busy thoroughfare that does not attract foot traffic apart from commuters, people shop elsewhere. The area is already overpopulated and further development actually detracts from our diverse community. It will also pose public health concerns to the residents that will be breathing in the fumes and dirt from the traffic on Crystal Street. I urge the council to reject this application.

Barbara Lynne
Delivered to Inner West Council

While more residential space is welcome, it's ludicrous to suggest that additional retail space will enhance any vibrancy here. There is no commercial need in that location.
There is no evidence that the development will diversify the area and no evidence to suggest that it encourages any form of diversity. Note that there is no provision for "affordable housing".
In its present form the development is inappropriate for the site.

Robert Davidson
Delivered to Inner West Council

I wish to throw my wholehearted support behind this application. This is exactly the sort of development we need in the Inner West - medium density infill. This will bring much needed housing to our area, without significant impact to the surrounding area.

Crystal St already has many apartment style buildings, so this development is within the character of the street. It is also close to public transport, with buses running down Crystal St, along Parramatta Rd and New Canterbury Rd, and two train stations nearby.

The inclusion of retail space means there is the opportunity to provide residents with a convenience store that is sorely needed now that there is no service station on the street.

As a disabled person, the development of newer style housing with basic accessibility, such as lifts, is essential. The Inner West is full of dwellings for rent that have stairs and inaccessible doorways. New developments like this one are more likely to meet disabled people’s needs.

This application promises exactly the sort sustainable growth in housing stock that Sydney, particularly the Inner West, needs, and I urge Council to approve it.

Kitty F
Delivered to Inner West Council

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