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582 Main Street, Mordialloc, VIC

The use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor (General Licence) in accordance with the endorsed plans
Planning Authority
Kingston City Council
Reference number
Date sourced
We found this application on the planning authority's website on , 11 months ago. It was received by them earlier.
165 people were notified of this application via Planning Alerts email alerts
3 comments made here on Planning Alerts
on the Kingston City Council website

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Public comments on this application


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No more extended licences in main street there is too much already loud and rowdy patrons.

Lyndal G
Delivered to Kingston City Council

Moordy is dead after 10 so why not. Checkout Spain , Italy, amsterdam, etc it’s a way of life al fresco and crowded pavements are part of the atmosphere, we are too hooked on rules and regs here at risk of becoming sterile

Delivered to Kingston City Council

Mordialloc has an oversupply of liquor (and fast food) outlets driving out other useful shops for the local community, so people have to shop by car elsewhere, it's unsustainable. Yes, crowds make a place lively, it's good to see people enjoying themselves. But people wanting food and booze vibes must also respect those who live here or want to visit a friendly place for the whole community and not block footpaths or have 'fun' that disadvantages others. The KPS must ensure Mordialloc remains a whole-of-community friendly coastal urban village, rather than a generic night vibe that can be had elsewhere in Melbourne.

Nina Earl
Delivered to Kingston City Council

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