60-68 Carrington Road, Waverley NSW 2024

Removal of three (3) trees.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-20/2011)


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  1. Hyacinth Jones commented

    What kind of trees and what is the reason ? I hope there is a valid reason for their removal. Trees are the home of our local creatures and birds.

  2. Gayle Walker commented

    Innumerable applications have been made to council over the last few weeks for tree removal. There must be some mechanism in place (somewhere) to give council the capacity to reject these applications in order to protect the natural environment which is home to our magnificent bird and mammal population. Every tree matters. These animals suffer the consequences of rampant vegetation removal and it’s apparent. Humans tend to forget that we also suffer the consequences, but we cannot survive without trees.

    If the trees must be removed, can you please ensure that they are replaced with native ones?

  3. T Craven commented

    I hereby raise my objection to the application to remove trees. Too many trees being removed to extend or replace houses with apartments. This is not environmentally sustainable and will increase the heat island effect in the area for everyone as well as removing yet more habitat trees for birds and the few native animals that still persist in the area.

  4. Judy Ebner commented

    I AGREE with Hyacinth and T Craven etc. Too many trees being removed from people's properties

  5. John S. Batts commented

    I agree with the above comments about too many (and what appears to be casual) tree removals, particularly mature trees which take many years to replace. Overall, this wanton removal makes plans to improve local-council green-canopies near impossible. And with increasing heat, urban areas must find natural ways to combat the threat.

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