813 High Street Reservoir VIC 3073

Development of the land with a mixed use apartment development comprising ground floor shop and nine(9) dwellings above; a reduction in the car parking requirement, as shown on the plans accompanying the application

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(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/423/2023)


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  1. Louise Zito commented

    It has recently come to my attention that a planning application has been submitted for 813 Hight Street, Reservoir.
    My concern is with the application for ground floor shops and nine (9) dwellings, above, with a reduction in the car parking requirements.
    Currently, there are already parking issues in the area, with insufficient parking bays available. Residents of Wild Street and Henry Street are constantly complaining about cars parked on "their" street. We often find abusive notes left on vehicles, harassment of staff when in the street, and stupid acts of vandalism. We are a business on High Street and staff already have difficulty finding parking as it is.
    It appears that the council is not concerned for its local businesses or residents and allowing a new building with reduced parking is irresponsible and inconsiderate.
    I understand that the council and developers want to make as much money as possible but it is extremely unfair to cause such distress and inconvenience to everyone else.
    I strongly oppose such a development and would like further information as to how to make this a formal objection.

  2. Lee commented

    My concern is with a reduction in the car parking requirement in this busy vicinity.

    It is a high traffic area with adjoining businesses in the area competing for parking and making it near impossible to visit and support our local businesses.
    I am not anti-development but there needs to be a commonsense approach with how this is done and the impact it has and not just because it meets building requirements.

  3. Matt Cowgill commented

    I'm a local resident. I support the application. We need more housing, particularly in established areas.

  4. Shauna Wilson commented

    The proposal responds appropriately to the City of Darebin Planning Scheme and Council's other planning policies and should be supported.

    The proposal responds appropriately to the emerging character of the surroundings.

    The proposal responds positively to the strategic context.

    The proposal responds appropriately to the Clause 65 matters within the Victorian Planning Principles.

    The proposal responds positively to the Clause 32.04 MIXED USE ZONE within the Darebin Planning Scheme 31/07/2018

    To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.
    To provide for a range of residential, commercial, industrial and other uses which complement the mixed-use function
    of the locality.
    To provide for housing at higher densities.
    To encourage development that responds to the existing or preferred neighbourhood character of the area.
    To facilitate the use, development and redevelopment of land in accordance with the objectives specified in a schedule
    to this zone.

    There are no Objectives stated in the Schedule to the Mixed Use Zone regarding Neighbourhood Character or any other character matters.

    The proposal will not unreasonably impact upon the amenity of the surrounding sites nor public realm.

    Overlooking and overshadowing impacts of the proposal are unremarkable for the context and emerging character.

    The reduction in the parking requirement is unremarkable in context of the site's proximity to frequent public transport and the emerging character of the area.

    The proposal is an "acceptable planning outcome" as related by the following:
    Gordon Avenue Investments Pty Ltd v Greater Geelong CC [2021] VCAT 1005
    Knox CC v Tulcany Pty Ltd [2004] VSC 375

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