5 Mary Street, Northmead NSW 2152

Demolition of existing structures, tree removal and construction of a part 2 and part 3 storey, 90 place Childcare Facility.

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(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/517/2023)


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  1. Luke commented

    This is truly become a farce, an R2 area now with 3 proposed childcare centres, 32 Mary 90 kids, 21 Margaret 53 kids and now 5 Mary for 90 kids, 233 kids with an extra 466 car movements each day all within a few hundred metres of each other plus The Hills school of around 100 kids and bus movements next door to 32 Mary.
    Does anyone in government see the lunacy of it all?
    So much time and effort on 32 Mary without a positive outcome I feel protesting against 5 Mary will simply be a total waste of time, surely the problems are self evident?
    The traffic reports are a sham. No consideration to the other proposed/approved developments. The Council should look at Northmead Plaza every afternoon when school is out to see the real effect of these traffic generating over developments. And Council has the intellect to reduce the number of car spaces to a 1:4 ratio to cram more into a residential block and make it easier for the developers to get across the line.
    There is no town planning in established R2 zones - it's a development free for all. The Premier says build up; but doesn't mandate provision for child care centres in these areas.Council needs to start speaking up [LOUDER] on behalf of R2 communities

  2. Jim Tsaoucis commented

    There is also already another child care centre on Hammers Rd Northmead and proposals for 2 more within a couple of hundred metres of this one on either side along Hammers Rd and Campbell St so traffic will be a nightmare on Windsor Rd/Campbell St/ Hammers Rd intersection. To add to all this a 64 person boarding house complex is near completion in the middle of all these. At the intersection on Windsor Road with pedestrian red arrow priority vehicular crossing is like playing Russian roulette. There have been many accidents which are obviously on record but the number of near misses are not recorded and is significant. Something needs to be done with the timing of lights and priority green arrows to manage the flow safely.

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