33 Stewart Avenue Hammondville NSW 2170

Amalgamate two separate land parcels and demolish all existing structures in-order to construct a 2 storey x 110 place ‘Centre-Based Child Care Facility’ with a total of 30 car parking space over a basement level

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(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference DA-461/2023)


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  1. Rebecca Nohra commented

    There is only 2 roads in and out of Hammondville. Keato Ave already gets congested due to parents from St Christopher’s using it to enter and exit the school and Walder Rd gets congested from the medical centre and Hammondville primary school. The area is way to small to have so much extra traffic. I already have trouble getting out of my driveway

  2. Jessica Cross commented

    So I live in Hammondville. There is already a primary school and 4 daycares already in this small suburb. We have just had the medical centre done which for now is impacting the traffic flow. I feel as Hammondville only has 2 points of entry and exit all this extra traffic flow is going to do more harm then good. The streets are already small with many cars parking on the road plus when you have school pick up and drop off near the primary school it is crazy trying to drive. One daycare has workers parking on mainstream that block roads and access for residents and make it hard to get out of our streets. I hope council take residents into consideration with this.

  3. Dee commented

    As an actual resident of Stewart ave I welcome the project. There is a shortage of childcare in the area for starters . I feel the area is long overdue to be brought up to the level of surroundings suburbs. If there’s any traffic it will only be for short bursts and at certain periods only thereby only having minimal impact.
    The project is showing sufficient parking for its projected use. I feel change is a good thing for the area.

  4. Loz commented

    As a resident living in very close proximity to this proposed development, I am for the daycare but against the size. I see the need for more childcare centres and would rather this then 2 story townhouses like previous proposal. I don't see the why the capacity of 110 children with the play area on the roof. I think a single level should be considered to accommodate for around 70 children, considering the largest centre in Hammondville is for 62 children. Approx 1,300sqm single level block with underground parking. With only 2 roads in and out of the communmity, the traffic is already congested. Walder Rd, Stewert Ave and Keato Ave are like one lanes as parking on both sides of the road make it impossible for 2 cars. Brady Ave, Norman Ave and Pritchard Rd are being used to cut through for the medical centre and the traffic lights on Walder Road. Keato Ave and Sliger Rd are congested due to the High school and daycare centre.
    If the planning proposal for around Holsworthy station and the Hammondville Park upgrade is approved, then a larger childcare centre on Heathcote Road will be much better site.

  5. Sophie commented

    Parking is already horrible in the street with school drop off and pick up. And we’ve seen from other similar structures that parents don’t use the underground parking but park on the street.

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