27 Nairana Rest Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Change from 4 x 60 Days to SSL

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(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SSL23/0006.02)


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  1. Trish Radge commented

    It would be incredibly disappointing for 27 Nairana Rest to have the property's status changed from restricted short term accomodation (up to 60 days) to permanent short term accomodation. Nairana Rest is a beautiful street that should be a neighbourhood full of permanent residents. The houses are large enough for permanent rental to families or as shared accomodation and are within walking or cycling distance of schools at Sunshine Beach.

    Instead Nairana Rest and The Quarterdeck (parallel) have far too many short term holiday properties meaning the area is devoid of a permanent community. Refusing this application may see one more property available to the long term rental market, something we desperately need.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Steve Sparks commented

    The fabric of Noosa Hill is being eroded by the excessive number of SSL properties already in place. Nairana Rest is densely populated by SSL which invariably stand vacant in all but weekends and peak periods. The continual removal of owner / long term rental resident occupied dwellings from the housing pool is hollowing out Noosa.

    Council should seek to influence property owners investment and asset utilisation though restricting full SSL approvals. Refusal of this application (and those like it) to increase the current 60 days to full SSL would be a significant financial incentive for the owner of properties to return these properties to the permanent rental pool.

    Rest has far too many SSL

  3. Roberta Gordon commented

    Roberta Gordon

    Having lived here around the corner from 27 Nairana Rest for 21years I have experienced the loss of neighbourhood and friends gradually in Nairana Rest which I walk and cycle along regularly.
    Just in the lower section there are eight SSL.
    I agree completely with Trish Radge and Steve Spark's comments.

  4. Jan Jimenez commented

    I completed agree with all the previous comments from Trish, Steve and Roberta.
    Council should also be mindful that this address is zoned ‘Low Density Residential’
    SSL is incompatible with this zoning.

  5. Leanne D commented

    I live in Nairana Rest and it’s terrible to see so many residential houses used for short term lettings in this lower section of the street. Clearly council needs to go back to the drawing board and define domestic/tourist zones, surely there is a common sense calculation that alerts council that 8 yes EIGHT houses in 100 mt section of a street is too many.

  6. fiona.jacobs@bigpond.com commented

    This decision by council is incredibly disappointing. I agree with all the comments made so far, This approval makes a mockery of assurances given to me by both staffers and councillors that there would be no further approvals of SSL in low density residential areas. The Noosa we knew and loved is being eroded by greed and over tourism and I implore Noosa Council to reconsider the approval of any further SSL.

  7. Natasha Fabulic commented

    It is widely documented across the state, the country & the world, how STAs are destroying residential amenity, communities, & businesses. It is both shocking and incredibly dissapointing Noosa Coucil, who assured residents no more STAs in low density would be approved.

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