12 Dane Dr, Gosford NSW 2250

Change liquor licence condition - by licensee - hotel

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  1. BW commented

    Drifters Wharf appears to frequently update it's liquor licence conditions in an attempt to revitalise the business. In my opinion, the place has become a noisy nuisance. I would like to see Drifters Wharf invest in measures which reduce sound pollution before they are granted further tweaks to their liquor licence.

  2. Geoff Mott commented

    I completely agree with the previous comment regarding the noise. I understand and support the need for live music venues, but it is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that they stay within the limits of their license. Regularly these are being exceeded and often by DJs with booming reparative bass drome. I think that Drifters owe it to the locals to pay more attention to community responsibilities.
    I am not against changes to the alcohol license, as long as this does not come at the cost of more unnecessary noise.

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