1 Grasstree Ct Sunrise Beach QLD 4567

Change to Development Approval

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(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference OPW18/0342.02)


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  1. Leonie commented

    No amount of minor changes fix the fundamental flaws of this application - it’s on an inappropriate site, overdeveloped plans total destruction of the native environmental despite the rare and endangered species list and recognised significance and community opposition 70000 signatures and still the council is letting it through, we get to vote next year !- voice your concerns once it’s gone it’s gone and the birds will not wait 50 years for the replanting - it will be a revegetated offset site devoid of wildlife and a loss of the last section of rear dune original vegetation . There are plenty of empty sites that are better suited to aged care and this application should be called in before clearing. This is the last chance. Koala signs I Hope they can read ! This does not protect them it’s a joke.

  2. Bronwyn Hayes commented

    Unfortunately no minor change no matter what slight improvement it may make is acceptable.

    This development is ripping out the heart of our community. I’m very concerned for the welfare of many people who have witnessed the growth of this remnant woodland over past years. Only this week an echinda has been found nesting in this habitat. Council has had many opportunities to stop this application based on the requested changes as well as the length of time this developer has held the land. Too many rubber stamped extensions with no sensible investigation into the consequences of continued extensions.

    75,000 signatures - Council elections are looming … please stop this development now by no more approvals. They have not developed an off site worthy of anything other than a half hearted attempt at trying to appease Council. This is not acceptable.

    Thank you Bron Hayes

  3. Joey Cullen commented

    I believe a firm NO is required in response to any attempts to allow any part of this development to proceed ... for so many valid reasons that have been clearly and consistently outlined.

  4. Rose Feely commented

    I've recently moved away from the Sunshine Coast and Noosa region. While it is a relief to escape the intensity of the land clearing and development in the area I'm so sad that councils are approving the destruction of what makes the region so iconic: its biodiversity. Knowing how vulnerable the wildlife is to habitat fragmentation and dislocation. I strongly disagree with further development on this particular lot and area in general.

  5. Katharine Rogers commented

    The council should not be giving these plans the go-ahead. Wrecking the habitat of endangered species to build a concrete jungle is not a winning proposition. Councils shouldn't be rewarding vested interests with deep pockets. What they should be doing is looking to the future by maintaining and preserving our incredible natural resources.

  6. Alex Darlington commented

    When scientists find time and time again that we are causing animals to go extinct due to habitat clearing, how is this still being considered? There are threatened and endangered species which absolutely depend on these pockets of land to survive. Humans can find other areas, the animals cannot! They just die out. Please don’t let it happen on your watch. From one bush-filled shire resident to another, save these invaluable birds!

  7. Yvonne Fessler commented

    This approval should definitely be REFUSED.
    This 5 hectare property is irreplaceable!!
    It is abundent with unique wildlife that needs this habitat to survive.
    We have lost so much of our natural world already on our beautiful Sunshine Coast. This habitat needs to be saved - NOT destroyed.

    Please do the right thing and save this valuable habitat for the future.

    Thank you.

  8. Liane Thomson commented

    I am deeply distressed to see that the council is considering allowing development on a piece of land critical to the survival of the black cockatoo. Please reject this proposal in the interests of this endangered bird. Clearing of this land would be an immoral act, and result in further decline of this wonderful bird. Surely there are alternatives to this terrible action, and that other land can be found to satisfy the wants of the developers?

  9. Susan Miller commented

    Susan Miller
    I have been following the progress of this development and I am amazed at the council’s lack of interest in maintaining the local flora and fauna.
    I understand the need for retirement villages but the long term affects of such a decision are so detrimental to so many threatened species this area should not have been given any consideration in the first place .
    The Glossie black sunrise cockatoo as you would well know is reliant on the leaves of particular tress that exist in this area and in very few other areas. This decision would virtually wipe out a species and as you know Australia’s record for doing this is getting worse and worse.
    Please stand up for what you know is right and stop this project in its tracks.

  10. Stephen Chumbley commented

    Please, think long term and stop this irrevocable damage to valuable habitat at Lot 9 in Noosa, just for short term gain.
    To be true leaders and custodians please realise that when genetic diversity is gone, its gone forever and will remain gone long after the short term gain has been forgotten.

  11. Glen maddock commented

    Please say no to this development , any habitat loss is critical as well as detrimental to species survival , we cannot do global change but local change and state change are vital if we want our unique flora and fauna to survive . We must protect each and every local space that is confirmed habitat , for both endanger and potentially endangered species without wildlife humans will be extinct . Please don’t ruin what is left of vital habitat due to the churches greed.

  12. Yasmin Sassine commented

    How can the Noosa Shire Council continue to ignore the voices and pleas of Australians? Is a council's responsibility not to benefit the community and space? It's abhorrent to imagine that this council is so selfish and self-absorbed, that it will not take sustainable action to protect this lot of land. Many species depend on this space for survival, and you are driving them further and further into extinction. Our black cockatoos need help, and you are not helping. Do better.

  13. Yasmin Sassine commented

    How can the Noosa Shire Council continue to ignore the voices and pleas of Australians? Is a council's responsibility not to benefit the community and space? It's abhorrent to imagine that this council is so selfish and self-absorbed, that it will not take sustainable action to protect this lot of land. Many species depend on this space for survival, and you are driving them further and further into extinction. Our black cockatoos need help, and you are not helping. Do better.

  14. Robert Spaanderman commented

    As already suggested, there are other sites which do not have irreplaceable flora and fauna.
    Perhaps a review of the tax free status of the church is required since it would appear they have lots of money.

  15. Michelle ONeill commented

    I don’t understand why you would want to ruin what you have at Noosa. Don’t become a Gold Coast over run with high rise and devoid of character. Altering the planning in my opinion is just a Band-Aid disguising the scab underneath

  16. Tony Darcy commented

    I oppose this development as this area is important to endangered native animals and therefore no part of the land should be permitted to be cleared. A more suitable location for an aged care facility needs to be found.

  17. Nadia W commented

    To whom it may concern,
    I strongly object to the development of the land located at 1 Grasstree Ct Sunrise Beach QLD 4567.

    It is absolutely disgraceful and heartbreaking that the council is even considering this development proposal. It is of international concern that Australia is destroying the native habitat of our most special animals and driving these creatures to extinction. We are losing the very things that make our country unique and brings tourists to the region.

  18. Jennifer Altermatt commented

    I do not support clearing the site that the Uniting Church want to redevelop at the cost of the CRITICALLY ENDANGERED GLOSSY BLACK COCKATOO. Noosa council has already grossly overdeveloped existing vegetation and should be aggressively protecting what is left. Rampant development must be stopped. Our wildlife are in critical decline from multiple convergent threats.

    I strongly recommend rejecting once and for all this and other sensitive development proposals.
    Yours sincerely

    Jennifer ALTERMATT

  19. Lynette commented

    To Whom it may concern

    I am writing in regards to 1 Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach and the proposed development by the Uniting Church. I am unequivocally opposed to this development. This five acres of land is habitat for the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo. We are so fortunate to have these iconic birds that call our local area home. If these precious fragments of their unique feeding grounds continue to be destroyed, the end result will be another step towards the extinction of a species. This special piece of habitat is also home to many other species enriching the biodiversity of our shire.

    Please do not let this development go ahead. There are other places that could be utilised but, little to no remaining fragments of crucial habitat like this.

    Yours sincerely

  20. Shae conway commented

    The continued blatant disregard for critically endangered native Australian animal habitat is abhorrent.
    This approval for the Uniting Church should NOT receive the go ahead. The extinction of the Glossy Black cockatoo will be your fault. You will have an extinction of a species on your hands. Please listen to your community. We are begging and pleading for you to listen and do the right thing.
    We desperately need to do what we can for what little is left.
    Please do the right thing.

  21. Fiona Cannon commented

    To the Councillors at Noosa Shire Council,
    I wish to express my disappointment that the Uniting Church has a proposal before Council to develop Lot 9 Grasstree Court Sunrise Beach and urge you to oppose this proposal on the grounds of environmental destruction. At the moment this area is home to a number of endangered animals and birds, including the glossy black cockatoo. Animals such as these cockatoos are reliant on this type of habitat for feed and shelter. Once areas such as these are destroyed, it is forever and places further stress on the future of such birds. Surely, there are other areas the Uniting Church could use to build an aged care facility. Areas such as Lot 9 which have remnant bushland should actually be preserved as areas of natural and national importance. Later this year, I will be touring around your area and would like to think that I will be able to visit this area and find the bushland has been retained for its environmental significance.

  22. Maddison commented

    This development should absolutely NOT go ahead. This is crucial habitat for the critically endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo. None of this land should be allowed to be developed on. A more suitable location for an aged care facility needs to be found that does not push a species to extinction.

  23. Susan Lee Davies commented

    The WWF says this: "Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate of any country in the world, and the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20 impacted nearly 3 billion animals and have pushed many more of our precious wildlife on the fast-track towards extinction. Now more than ever, our wildlife needs our protection."
    Why make things worse? Surely you can find a resolution that suits everyone without sending yet another species to extinction? How hard can it be?
    These birds HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.

  24. Anne Maria Masters commented

    Please do not allow the destruction of habitat for the Glossy Black Cockatoo, a critically endangered species, and other iconic Australian species on Lot 9 Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach. The charm of Noosa to locals and tourists alike is the unique native vegetation and wildlife that still survives there. Support the continued survival of these living species, not their extinction. Without their natural habitat these animals and birds cannot survive. There must be alternative solutions for aged care besides destroying yet another 5 hectares of native habitat.

  25. Valerie Wilson commented

    Dear Noosa Council, Please stand while you read this out in your meeting of responsible members who where placed in a position to think before your act. After hearing that an application to build on Lot 9 , a place of significant collections of rare and endangered species eg the Glossies of Noosa, I find it of utmost urgency that all Councilor's make a stand to vote absolutely NO, against this application by the Uniting Church. Common-sense was given to humans so that harmony of all creatures could be given a right to live without death of rare species. I send this in the form of simple english.......No to this madness...
    Please stop all developers who wish to destroy vegetation that is the heart of our ecosystem , that are left in Noosa....
    Yours Faithfully Valerie.

  26. Liz O'Connor commented

    I do not approve of the development. The development will further endanger local and endemic wildlife by destroying significant habitat, which should instead be protected. No amount of "offsetting" or "revegetation" can replace this valuable habitat for these protected species in Australia.

  27. Joan Gibbs commented

    Please save the Glossy Black Cockatoo from extinction by protecting its habitat, not by destroying the sheoak trees for development. See the Federal Environment Minister's statement to stop Extinctions in the next ten years 2022 - 2023, we are supposed to be planting thousands of these trees, not cutting them down. Our SA Glossy Blacks are critically endangered and we have massive plantings of sheoaks to help them survive, and it takes 50 years to get them producing. It is ethically and morally wrong to approve the development in the face of this looming extinction event. We could be part of the extinctions, unless we do the right thing.

  28. Amanda Holley commented

    I have spent many glorious months in Noosa enjoying the special character of the place and all the way in England here, there are many who I can share my experience with. Noosa is much spoken of here, a well known and loved place. One of my favourite birds is the now critically endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo .. I cannot believe what you are putting at risk (biodiversity and a number of endangered species in a highly valued location) by considering this change in the development of Lot 9 and for what? It is a disgrace and there is no excuse for it, its simply financial greed. I am so shocked to hear of this proposal. You have an opportunity to make the right decision here and unanimously vote against the development. Please do so ... with so many representations from the people who pay your wages as well, you should not allow this development to go ahead.
    Noosa is a special place, please do your job and keep it that way for all species.

  29. M. Bradbury commented

    I am opposed to this development and it should not go ahead. This is critical habitat for many endangered species. Our priorities should be in protecting these species, especially considering that Australia remains the only developed nation on the list of global deforestation fronts, with eastern Australia named alongside Colombia, Peru, Laos and Mozambique as locations with “medium” rates of deforestation. All of these small scale developments add up. We have a duty in protecting Australia’s biodiversity and a major contributing factor to biodiversity decline is urbanization/ development. Please prioritize and consider future generations. Simply looking at the bottom line and immediate, short term, isolated solutions is not good enough.


    M. Bradbury




  30. Claire St. Hilaire commented


    I’m from the United States and so I acknowledge that I can only speak as an outsider. I am commenting only to request that the dire situation of the beautiful Glossy Black Cockatoo be considered as you deliberate on what is best for your community. Australia’s parrots have inspired me since I was a child with their beauty, intelligence, and unique adaptations. It’s saddens me deeply that so many of these special birds face the possibility of extinction. Please do all you can to preserve these birds for the next generation so that they can continue to grace the skies and fill us all with wonder. Halfway around the world these birds still have power to change the way we think and feel about nature and the world around us.

    Thank you for listening to the request of a stranger half a world a way. I wish you all the best as you continue your deliberations.

    Claire St. Hilaire

  31. Penelope Scott commented

    This is a fire prone area, with 4 schools to evacuate before the old folk, in a fire situation.
    Wallum supports so much wildlife, from Wallum froglet to Glossy Black Cockatoo.
    It can't be successfully recreated else where.
    Please reconsider the appropriateness of this development

  32. Henrietta manning commented

    Please reconsider allowing any application for development in this area. Listen to the voices of your community especially those of the young who's future you hold in your hands. They want to enjoy the bio diversity and wildlife that we have. Prioritise saving and protecting what we have left including this area for the black cockatos. Thank you henrietta manning

  33. Deborah Oliver commented

    Noosa council as per previous comments I too would like to register my concern over this development. I do not see how it is in line with the council's corporate plan Environment heading that you will "focus conservation and enhancement of natural environment ". In section 1.2 you claim to partner with community and section 1.7 you claim to protect vulnerable species. This development is at odds with your claims especially as the promise of reparation in replanting of trees has sadly not been fulfilled. The destruction of 1 Grasstree Court will tarnish this current Council's reputation and will be remembered come election time

  34. Maggie Third commented

    According to The Guardian, Queensland has the highest land clearing rate in Australia, the equivalent of about 567 Melbourne Cricket Grounds a day. How awful that Noosa Council could be contributing to that dreadful statistic. Please take the broader view of the role that nature plays in our mental wellbeing. Do not approve the destruction of this local treasure. I had the pleasure of living in this area for 5 years while our daughter attended highschool there. What you have is so special compared to the nearby Council area where I now live.

  35. Ted Hume commented

    This development must not go ahead.
    Many others have already covered the many vital reasons for that view.
    Please retain what we have.
    We are losing the war against the destruction of species and biodiversity and bushland.

  36. Rhiannon Fuller-Sandys commented

    This proposal is ridiculous and absolutely inappropriate. It is vital that we work to protect our precious wildlife rather than mindlessly working to destroy it.

  37. Alexa Wyatt commented

    How many voices will it take before elected councils listen to the outcry about this development? Following the devastating impact of the bushfire and flood seasons - extreme weather events attributable to climate change - and the massive impact this has had on our invaluable and unique fauna, leading to many more being declared endangered including koalas, it is beyond comprehension why this application was ever even tabled; why the church felt it was appropriate and why council did not advise them it would never be passed. It's an appalling dereliction of duty to preserving the future biodiversity of the region by both church and council. It must be rejected entirely.

  38. Max Fulham commented

    To the Uniting Church, Noosa Shire Council councillors and decision makers,

    I strongly object to the Uniting Church’s proposed Bluecare development at 1 Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach, QLD 4567. (Lot 9 SP 322789). The proposed development will destroy 5 hectares of critical Wallum woodland habitat including 70 identified feed trees that supports one of the few populations of Glossy black-cockatoos on the Sunshine Coast. This historical development approval from 2011 doesn't reflect how community expectations and values have changed over time. The Noosa council must recognise the wishes of the community and show leadership by rejecting the proposed development.

    Rejecting the development application is in line with Noosa Councils “Glossy Black-Cockatoo Resilience Plan” which states that the protection of habitat, water and food resources for the Glossy black-cockatoo is a top priority to “secure a future for the glossy-black-cockatoo in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.” The development should also be rejected as it doesn't align with the intent and principles of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, nor does it support the Federal governments pledge that Australians will not witness any new species extinctions.

    The Uniting Church’s proposal to destroy the glossy black cockatoo’s preferred food trees will result in the local extinction of the species. The Uniting Church recognise the significant harm their proposed development will do and have suggested a variety of ill conceived remedies such as remote offsets, planting of immature food trees and supplying school children with tree seed. However it is plainly obvious that the birds of Grasstree Court will not be able to utilise those resources.

    It is very likely that the status of the glossy black-cockatoo will soon be elevated to endangered as the effects of extreme events associated with climate change and habitat clearing continues. Currently there is no Species Management Plans in place to provide them with the consideration and protection they currently deserve. Noosa councillors are asked to take this into consideration, be forward thinking, exercise leadership and demonstrate a duty of care to protect this critical and irreplaceable habitat for the benefit of the wildlife and the well being of the community over time.

  39. Emily Kelly commented

    Please don't approve the application to clear and build on Lot 9. This area supports the local Glossy Black-cockatoo population by providing their highly specialised food source. Trying to replant this habitat elsewhere via offsets will not work as it will take too long to provide food for these birds.

  40. Heidi Lincoln commented

    Dear Noosa Shire Council,
    I am writing in regards to 1 Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach and the proposed development by the Uniting Church and I implore the councillors to reconsider developing Lot 9 as this will likely lead to the collapse of the wallum ecosystem which in and of itself is an extremely rare and precious environment. The wallum woodland is a most extraordinary place and to destroy any more of what remains will bring about the extinction of Glossy Black Cockatoos in the area and render countless other species homeless and without a food source. What shall they do once they are displaced by further development? Will you allow them to simply slip into extinction? I have seen the offset site and as valiant an effort the plants may be making to grow, these trees will not provide food nor shelter for any animals for at least 10 years. I came up from Sydney just last week to visit the site as this development and the plight of the Glossies and other wildlife has concerned me for quite some time. I had the opportunity to meet some of the incredible people in the community who strive to see Noosa remain a beautiful place and one that can co-exist with nature in harmony. They have collected over 75,000 signatures seeking to protect this area. Please heed their call and secure a future for our precious, irreplaceable wildlife and our diverse and dynamic flora species which have established themselves over millennia. This biodiversity is what makes the region so incredibly special and it must be protected at all costs. Please save it.

  41. Kay Southam commented

    Lot 8 has been lost forever with the Aged Care Village rising out of the ground to swallow its habitat.
    Now the Uniting Church wants to swallow Lot 9 also and steal that habitat for a Retirement Village. Imagine if we were to leave this homeland untouched for our wildlife and future generations.
    To the Church, please rethink this action before a great mistake has been made with a great cost to the environment and the greater Community.
    It is unfair and unjust and we speak for those that do not have a voice.
    Thank you
    Kay Southam

  42. Barbara Newton commented

    Please stop the destruction of precious wildlife habitat! The land clearing in Queensland is non-stop. We need to protect our plants, animals and ecosystems. The Glossy Black Cockatoo is already endangered - we need to stop animal extinction now! Think of all the animals that are killed when bulldozing their homes, and the ones that survive - where do they go? Ecosystems are gone, plants gone and native animals gone.

    Please reconsider developing Lot 9!

  43. barbaramc.21 commented

    Dear Planning staff,

    We all realise you have a difficult job especially with regard to this development by Lendlease in conjunction with Uniting Church.
    However, as Noosa Council CEO wrote to me last September - Council has withdrawn approval for land clearing due to fact Offset site isn’t suitable.
    If money is to be paid instead - we as ratepayers need a say in what is appropriate amount if any.
    As stated clearly by everyone we do not accept the destruction of habitat and remnant vegetation on this site.
    We’ve also been assured previously that any application to change this DA would be presented to full Council - for approval by our elected representatives.
    Therefore my point is:
    please ensure whatever changes have been applied for - regarding this Retirement Village in Grasstree Crt - go before Council for approval.
    We as ratepayers do not accept the idea that planning staff have the delegated authority in respect of this application - given staff history of rubber stamping extensions previously. A new Environmental study should have been carried out due to time lapsing. The State Government gave too many extensions due to Covid when builders have not stopped working and Ecological studies are now out of date.
    As you know 75,000 people are actively involved in this outcome as per Petition.
    Monitoring of this process will flow onto next Council elections and Councillors now have the opportunity to become involved directly - as assured by CEO and Cr Brian Stockwell would be the case.
    Please ensure any Change/s to this application form part of Agenda for a full Council meeting - whenever it’s ready to proceed.
    We are all watching closely.
    Thank you
    Barbara McPhee

  44. Lee Jeffery commented

    I moved to a lovely area surrounded by bushland in SEQ with interconnecting greenspace to allow fauna to move around more safely. Enter the powerful lobby group of developers. Vast areas have already been destroyed. More are currently being destroyed. I guess it will save the council money, they will no longer have to place signs along the roadsides warning of animal sightings. There won't be any animals left.

    Queensland already has the worst record in this country for deforestation and land clearing. Please don't add to this. Stop the development of this crucial wildlife site and let the church go elsewhere.

  45. Janet Caffin commented

    The magnitude of these comments sends a significant message from your ratepayers. If, by your actions, you degrade the natural and unique environment enjoyed by both visitors and the community, then you fail us and the goal of sustainability. The economics of aged care has changed since this Blue Care development was approved. The number of elderly Australians being looked after in their own home with government support is now greater than those in nursing homes. The government has flagged that the nursing home economic model is broken and that major change is on the way. There are now moves to review the transparency of funding to charitable organisations. It is imperative that the councillors implement an analysis and review of the historical approval for a nursing home on this site.

  46. Rachel Mary Cassidy commented

    Dear Council,
    Please do not allow the destruction of the beautiful vital area of natural forest that is Lot 9, 1 Grasstree Crt., Sunrise Beach for a nursing home. The community is vehemently opposed to this development including 12 year old Spencer who along with his family has been fighting to save this area since 2021. Spencer and his family as well as the majority of the community love wildlife and can see the need to maintain what little good quality habitat that is left for them. This area is home to a vast array of wildlife-at-risk who are struggling to survive against climate change and human encroachment. Specifically, the area has a good number of Casuarina trees, which is the sole food source of the iconic and endangered Glossy black cockatoo. This beautiful bird, the smallest of the black cockatoo species, is particularly vulnerable to extinction because of its unusually restricted diet, therefore intact areas of Casuarina forest such as this one should be considered precious and preserved at all costs. I think it is immoral, irreligious and hypocritical of the Uniting church to proceed with this development considering what is at stake and the amount of community opposition and in addition it would be an immoral act by Council to give approval for this development. Please do not allow the development of this area to proceed, it must remain completely untouched.

  47. Linda Ruth Shaw commented

    I am writing to express my very strong objection to any further approvals of the development of lot 9 at 1Grasstree Crt. We have already suffered the devastating destruction of lot 6. We have seen a huge reduction in the number of Glossies feeding and drinking at Sunrise Beach since the development started. We need to halt any further clearing of their rapidly diminishing habitat before they become locally extinct... or extinct full stop! Especially with climate change already impacting the survival of many threatened species. It has been distressing to observe the Glossies flying over the construction site looking for their favoured feed trees that are no longer there.
    I understand that the Church are proposing to repair the cap at the offset dump site This is an unacceptable proposition. Planting offset trees there will likely result in further damage of the cap from tree roots. There is a good chance many of the offset trees will be blown over due to shallow root systems, just after they finally become big enough to support the Glossies.... and long after the Church's 5 year period of responsibility for this site ends. I implore the council to use this obstacle to refuse approval of the development of lot 9 and to once again offer a land swap as the only viable option.
    The Uniting Church has already refused to consider a landswap for reasons that do not stack up in my opininion. Yes they have already spent a lot of money on this project... but they will recoup this lost money when they sell retirement units at today's inflated prices. They say they want to look after their congregation...I say 76000+ signatures on a petition asking for a land swap and the mental health of a whole community is more important than the wishes of such a small number of churchgoers!
    Please refuse this change and find a way to stop the development of lot 9. You have a chance to fix this and right the wrongs of the past. Please do not let us down!!
    Yours Sincerely,
    Linda Shaw,
    Anguished ratepayer!

  48. Ellie Sherrard-Smith & Tom Potter commented

    The recent application does not alleviate the concerns previously raised by the community.

    The application states:
    "The purpose of the amended (2023) EMP is to update the rehabilitation strategy associated with the rehabilitation (receiver) site to accommodate works already completed for Stage 1 and 2, incorporate a capping exercise to the landfill area and address the balance rehabilitation for Stage 2."

    The plans set out to use seeds from active feed trees for future propagation. However, it is not known whether feed tree seeds will provide future feed trees - there is likely a complex fungal network supporting the whole ecosystem that makes feed trees successful and attractive to glossy black-cockatoo - one that we do not yet know enough about but that is clearly supporting the birds at Lot 9. Moving the topsoil after it has been mulched by machinery will destroy these fungal networks and reduce any chance for successful establishment of a supportive ecosystem elsewhere. Replanting from seed will take 15+ years to produce trees of an age for next-generation feeding. Therefore this falls short of protecting the birds. It leaves a huge window of time where a critical feeding ecosystem will be absent, and this will likely have detrimental impact on the species in this region.

    The plans indicate that 2.8 hectares will be "spread on site for temproaty stabilisation, reused in landscape areas, or removed off site" and that "2.2 Ha to be relocated to the second stage of the rehabilitation site". The idea of offsets is to ensure no net loss of ecological health. The planned restoration will likely take tens of years to become functional (self establishing and resilient) and even then will fall short of the current habitat functionality (all research studies I have seen to date support this), while the loss of ecological health at Lot 9 is enormous. Mastication of the ecosystem (mulching of trees and soils) to remove it will kill it. There is clearly little room on site for reuse and the ecosystem will be destroyed given machinery will remove all trees then rebuild. This is insufficient to protect the wildlife.

    Section 2.2 states that "clearing of a protected plant under this section must be conducted within two years after the flora survey..." and notes that the surveys took place up to January 2021. The goalposts are then moved as later, the report states the applicants can clear the work within 3 years after survey to avoid the need for new surveys. This seems unjust.

    The report notes the high number of she-oaks planted on T1 but many of these have not survived. Similarly, the other native species introduced have limited survival. I did not see mention of their health in the submission even though the restoration efforts began over a year ago. It should be possible to see at the site how the 'restored' ecosystem is progressing. This would surely need to be going well to even consider the continuation of this plan. The high numbers are misleading, the tree / species health is key and the establishment of root systems in the offset site is limited by the underlying landfill cap. The cited change does not alleviate this challenge at all. The depth of soils for roots to support healthy mature trees is missing.

    That is the long response. The short response is that, globally, we no longer have the luxury to consider the destruction of any forest ecosystem to have a good outcome, we have to re-evaluate how vital these systems are to all life on Earth and protect them accordingly. This project is unnecessary for community well-being. Please do not proceed with Lot 9 deforestation. Please protect the ecosystem instead.

  49. Beau Lepp commented

    Dear Noosa Council,

    I am writing in regards to the planning application number OPW18/0342.02 for 1 Grasstree Ct Sunrise Beach QLD 4567. I am writing to express my opposition to this proposal.

    The proposed age-care facility on this site of significant environmental value would undoubtedly have a catastrophic effect on the local wildlife, in particular the vulnerable glossy black cockatoo and its habitat. The loss of such wildlife cannot be replaced, and this natural beauty must be protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

    I urge the Council to consider the environmental impact of this proposal and the long-term consequences of destroying this critical habitat. There are better places to build the proposed age-care facility that do not jeopardize the survival of wildlife in the area. This proposal threatens the balance and stability of the ecosystem in the area which can have far-reaching, unsustainable consequences.

    As a responsible Council and a protector of nature, I implore you to reconsider this proposal and to protect the lives that inhabit the land across Noosa Shire, preserving the beauty of the environment for all to enjoy for years to come.

  50. Roberta Anne Gordon commented

    Soo disappointing reading all the comments obviously falling on the deaf ears of our elected council we trusted to preserve the environment for the wildlife and especially our magnificent black glossy cockatoos which we are privileged to have roaming our bushland areas suited to their feeding needs.

    I absolutely reject any destruction of the site at 1 Grasstree Crt Sunrise with this unique habitat of mature trees for the glossies. The glossies are such a joy to watch flying and feeding around this and surrounding bushland which sadly is shrinking.

  51. Bob Carey commented

    Prior to the State Govt. automatically extending all D>A's , last year , our elected Councillors were about to put a vote to Council , to reject the Lot 9 plan , on many grounds , one of the main ones being fire evacuation risk . This should have been considered by the new managers within the Council planning and Environment departments , and made notice of the proposed changes available to the community , then vote on it in Council . Also , the Developer should be obliged to put up a public notice on the site , advising of the proposed development of Lot 9 , and the time frame .

  52. Madilein Butt commented

    Dear Council,
    Please strongly consider the concerns of the community around this proposed development of 1 Grasstree Crt Sunrise (Lot 9).
    This area is a know habitat for a range of wildlife, most notably the Black Glossy Cockatoo. With species becoming extinct at a terrifying rate, an opportunity exists here to help protect the glossies and their very unique environment.
    It is heartbreaking to think that the protection of this species is within your power and may yet be ignored simply in favour of short term financial gain for the Uniting Church. Please use your power to invest in our future and protect this sacred space.
    Madilein Butt

  53. Jennifer Guthrie commented

    PLEASE, this application must definitely be REFUSED.

    This 5 hectare property is an irreplaceable, vital habitat. It contains unique wildlife that needs this habitat to survive. Reports indicate that the destruction of other lots has already affected local flora and fauna.

    The Sunshine Coast is beautiful and needs to be protected and its habitats preserved.

    Please do the right thing and save this valuable habitat for the future. Refuse this application.

  54. Allison Manners commented

    Dear Noosa Shire Council,
    Please refuse this application. There are thousands of concerned citizens in the community and around Australia that are pleading with you to protect this parcel of precious bushland. This is an opportunity to show leadership for our natural environment and protect an irreplaceable and precious habitat.

    A healthy environment means healthy humans. We are losing so much native flora and fauna around us, it is essential to retain these green corridors. Our wildlife such as the Glossy Black Cockatoo is perilously close to extinction and the loss of critical habitat such as this bushland, brings them even closer.
    Please listen to the voice of younger generations as they plead for the protection of this land. It is their future in your hands. They will miss out on the joy of seeing nature in their urban environment.

    Please stand up for the bush, our wildlife and young humans.
    Please refuse this application.

  55. Susann Vetma commented

    Please consider the habitat and it’s flora and fauna. We as humans need to be sensitive to our natural heritage and do all we can to preserve it, not destroy it in the name of ‘progress’. Please don’t approve this application.

  56. Kate Davey commented

    Dear Council
    Re: reference OPW18/0342.02) - Change to Development Approval
    I implore the Noosa Council to not let this development go ahead. Very few people in the community want to see this development proceed. We are running out of land for nature and our glossy black cockatoo is likely to become further in danger of extinction.
    Australia has global responsibility under the Global Biodiversity Forum to protect and restore habitat and importantly to ‘halt human-induced extinction of known threatened species and for the recovery and conservation of species, in particular, threatened species’. See https://www.cbd.int/article/cop15-final-text-kunming-montreal-gbf-221222
    Noosa Shire is supposed to be a leader in this area and Councillors and the Council should be doing everything in their power to stop the destruction of our last remaining habitats.
    The offset site is nothing short of greenwashing and the Noosa Council knows too well that this area will never offset the bulldozing of Lot 9.
    I moved to Noosa three years as I naively believed Noosa did things differently. That Noosa understood its niche in the market and would protect it.
    Kate Davey

  57. Scarlett commented

    Dear Noosa Council,

    I strongly request that Noosa Council rejects this application. There are so many community members who are absolutely against the continual clearing and development of land in our region. When does it end? It seems council will continue to creep further and further into vulnerable natural habitat whenever it suits. This is just not sustainable. We need to reach a point where council actually stands firm in protecting the natural beauty of this area which is one of the main reasons people want to live here.

    Our own wellbeing as humans is dependent on nature itself, have we come so far that we've forgotten this? The diversity of wildlife that inhabits these areas brings people joy and awe on any given day. How sad to think if we keep this short sighted behavior going we will reach a point where there is nothing left but infrastructure. Please do NOT approve this application.

  58. Renee commented

    This is a disgrace. Lot 9 - Plan should not be going ahead. Congestion & traffic along this road is not suitable to the area, for safety of the children going to school & the emergency services needed for this facility. No change will make a difference. Over 70,000 signatures against this. Stop it now before it’s too late.

  59. Miranda Shaw commented

    The only benefit this horrific plan has is lining the pockets of greedy executives who claim to care about the lives of animals, yet apparently have no shame in destroying the habitat of an endangered species. It is not just the Glossy Black Cockatoos that will be affected, but echidnas, bandicoots and many other animals that rely on that acre of land to live. Please, please hear our pleas. Even if the off site selected was suitable, the trees will take too long to mature to be of any benefit to the glossies. It is likely they will not even be around by then if this development goes through. Enough damage has been done already. It is not too late to put an end to this cruelty.

  60. Natalie Denning commented

    Absolutely a resounding NO from me! Please stop this development and any further plans for allowing such devastating action. The abuse of precious ecosystems must stop with us. Our future generations deserve better!

  61. Robyn Hewitt commented

    I urge Council to refuse this application.

    I urge Council to take action to negotiate with Blue Care/Lendlease and seek an alternative site for the residential development.

    I urge Council to protect Lot 9 from clearing. I strongly oppose destruction of this habitat which threatens vulnerable species. The community expects and deserves better.

    Robyn Hewitt

  62. Melissa Jane Tuffley commented

    To the council of 'Different by Nature' Noosa Shire,
    Please find the following statements from your written word, found on your website:

    "The vision of Noosa Council is Noosa: different by nature. Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than our commitment to our environment and sustainability"
    "Build strong partnerships and whole-of-community effort to protect and enhance the
    environment and to conserve its resources"
    "Apply the precautionary approach to environmental decision making where there is
    uncertainty, to avoid or minimise harm"
    "Ensure ecological sustainability is fully integrated into decision making in order to help secure
    the continued availability of natural resources for present and future generations"

    This development is not aligned with your statements as above and you can document all these amazing statements but in the end, your actions and your approvals demonstrate your principles. Actions speak louder than your words therefore it is time to act and we implore you to stop this destructive clearing of habitat for our flora and fauna by the Uniting Church. In addition, their paltry effort to plant an alternative habitat is a slap in the face - the size of the trees is just a joke!

    Regards, Melissa Tuffley (Sunrise Beach Resident)

  63. Tim Rossi commented

    The past failures of relocating the precious flora & fauna to the old dump site is proof positive that the “offsets” don’t work.

    The recent media storm over bogus offsets, including the recent heavily researched documents collected by Lisa Cox, are fresh in the media’s focus.

    The recent new council approval where the asbestos cap provisions will allow for the tree transplantations is a band aid solution as the Wallum takes generations to regrow to their glory and in the meantime this precious natural resource & home to many endangered and beautiful species is lost forever.

    Has the full council including Counsellors, really covered all legal angles & appealed to Lend Lease, Blue Care, the Church etc, to avoid this important loss of the precious biodiversity?

    I hope so as concerned community members are rallying to inform a widespread media frenzied legal protest to protect this important habitat.

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