21-29 Halifax St Adelaide SA 5000

Variation to ID 22037791: change of use from a ‘shop’ to a ‘restaurant’ and ‘bar’ together with building alterations and the installation of two (2) advertising displays

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(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 23005009)


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  1. Barry A Savva commented

    Dear SA Planning Team,

    I live at 22A Halifax Street, Adelaide 5000, in a residential townhouse directly across the road and approximately 20m from the said development.
    The downstairs bedroom fronts onto the footpath and public parking spaces.

    My main concerns are noise, parking and rubbish management.

    My neighbours and I have raised frequent complaints to the council about rubbish left outside bins in the area, and consider this issue will escalate with increased volume. We have also made frequent complaints about vehicles blocking our driveways on Toms Crt, and drunk and disorderly behaviours by those parked in front of the houses late at night. We believe these issues will also escalate.

    If the proposal is to go ahead I would like to seek compensation to install double-glazed windows and doors for the three levels of both townhouses facing Halifax Street.

    In addition, I would ask that the public parking directly in front of the apartments at 22- 22a be designated as 'permit only' - and made available to owners of 22 /22A Halifax Street.

    A waste management plan and area cleaning after Friday and Saturday nights are also recommended.

    Barry Savva

  2. Nick commented

    Dear Scap,

    I would like to object to any changes and also the proposed development.
    It is the wrong building / business in the wrong location.

    Can this business control drunks at midnight yelling, vomiting and peeing on my building?
    The answer is no. This is where people live and they expect to be able to sleep at night times with peace.

    "The proposed use will provide a new business that will operate throughout the evening, providing additional leisure"
    The problem here is it will operate not just in the evening, but operate in the am on the next day as well (a 2 am close)
    During the week the business will operate to midnight. They are long hours, maybe not for a business, but they are long hours for a residential zone which is filled with hundreds of apartments, townhouses and houses.
    We don't want a new entertainment venue in our locality. We are not luddites, and I think it is fair for a residential area to be quiet at nights when people sleep.
    I think that is fair!

    The proposed ‘restaurant’ and ‘bar’ uses will positively contribute to the vibrancy of Halifax Street, delivering a new entertainment venue to the locality.
    The western end of Halifax Street is lacking non-residential uses that are open beyond 5:00pm.
    Who said The western end of Halifax is lacking non residential uses?
    I lived in my townhouse for years and If I want entertainment then I can go to the Rob Roy Hotel or the Kings Head or The Greek or Herringbone, or the Trott around in KWS or down to Hindley Street.

    Halifax Street is a residential area. Halifax Street is clearly not Hindley Street.

    THE HALIFAX STREET LOCALE, walking down my street.
    Start in the northern corner of Halifax and KWS walking;
    The Lawyers on the corner close about 5.30 pm
    Number 12# deli closes about 4 pm and opens Saturday mornings for three hours
    Lourdes Massage, they used to be 24 hours, unsure of the current hours? This is a very discreet type of business
    as when I lived there, the Police closed them down on various occasions.
    Believe me no noise comes from this business.
    Then Toms Court, full of townhouses and a hotel ( no drunks at midnight here) and also no noise here.
    Then 22 & 22a Halifax Street townhouses. no noise here
    Then the lawyers offices, they close about 6 pm, no noise here
    Then the 5 story apartments, no noise here
    The the old Ray White building, they close about 6pm, no noise here
    Then the business next door, same thing, no noise here
    Then the flower shop, same thing, no noise here
    Then the three townhouses on Halifax & Surfllen, same again, no noise here
    The the two townhouses across Surflen, residential and no noise here
    Then the old slatters Shoe building. Mostly occupied by small businesses that close early, except the Yoga studio that operates till about 9pm? Same again, no noise here.
    Then Herringbone and more townhouses in Sydney Street & everywhere, and no noise is coming from the Herringbone.


    If I cross the road and start on the southern corner of Halifax & KWS and walk down Halifax to Hurtle Square.
    Much the same as the northern side of Halifax.
    Mostly all residential, also has The Greek Restaurant that closes at 10pm
    I am happy to live in a residential part of town where it is quiet at night and with no drunks yelling and pissing on my land at 1pm waking me up.

    I believe this is the wrong development in the wrong location.
    Even when Robinsons Crash Repairs operated at that site, they used to close by about 5.30 pm and work on the occasional Saturday.
    Robbies Crash nearly always closed for at least two to three weeks at Christmas time.
    I strongly object to any changes proposed and also, this whole development.
    I believe what I am writing here is fair and reasonable.
    I believe this is the wrong development in the wrong location.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment

    Nick Chehade

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