15 Heathcote Road Moorebank NSW 2170

Demolition of one residential dwelling and proposing a two storey of a medical and child care facility on the vacant and demolished lot.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference DA-244/2023)


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  1. Peta commented

    How can this house be demolished when it's basically the last historical house of Liverpool, and how can a childcare centre and medical lot be put here. It is so dangerous. In that spot, it would be a hazard to the community what if a kid runs out and gets hit by a car. Or a car or truck crash into the property and numerous people get injured having a childcare centre and medical centre there, just baffles me. as a child care educator. It just scares me at the thought of this. A car has driven through the fence of 15 heathcote road on numerous occasions and carsalways come flying down and crashing , yet you want to put young children and people at risk. And being on the corner of 2 of the most busiest roads of moorebank will just make for more chaos that isn't needed.

  2. Bob commented

    How can this be done think of your community! How can this house be demolished when it's from the late 40s.

  3. Carol commented

    This proposal is a hazard in itself, please think about this as someone who lives on Cooper Avenue this would turn the street into a even bigger night mare. Let alone a hazard for the children.

  4. John commented

    The street is already so packed with a mechanic why on earth would be like to risk people of the community and children when it's one of the busiet two streets in moorebank. I agree with all the above comments. This would be a risk in itself.

  5. Steve commented

    How can this house be demolished its bascally the only history left of moorebank. And be demolished to put young children and our community at risk. What a joke.

  6. Terry King commented

    A childcare centre and medical practice on some of the busiest main roads. that's just calling for more traffic and indigestion in moorebank like the intermodual isn't going to cause enough!

  7. Tracey commented

    As a home owner on Cooper Avenue and have just received a letter about the demolition proposal of a house and planning to build a medical centre and childcare centre. The street is always busy now, let alone if this is built. I can't go for a walk now due to how dangerous it is, I honestly think this should be thought about abit more as it's a risk in itself let alone how the residence of the street feel it's hard enough to turn right from Cooper Avenue onto heathcote road and it's just asking for more unwanted traffic during peak hour I agree with the other comments. Think about your community this is not wanted.

  8. Bruce Paterson commented

    Where is the heritage protection on that house. 12 foot pressed metal ceilings and finger prints in brickworks says for its self that the house is historic and should be preserved.

  9. Eric Samson commented

    I have just received a letter about the proposal. At the end of my street I have a concern for the children and customers of the medical centre. How are the children going to play outside with the risk of pollution of trucks , buses and cars waiting at a red light let alone the risk of a car or truck crashing into the fence while children are playing outside. Let alone the traffic this will bring to an already busy street. As cars park here from 5am and walk over to Liverpool I can't even park my car on the street. We don't need any more medical centre as we already have so many within a short distance.

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