4 Grasstree Ct Sunrise Beach QLD 4567


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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference OPW23/0063)


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  1. Leonie commented

    If this is any clearing of Lot 9 the council should intervene to stop this - the habitat is critical for retention of black cockatoos and rare threatened species. This development should not go ahead and the lack of transparency of the documents for this current application is a sign of something to hide. The council voted in 2022 to open this Lot 9 again to public comment make your comments now. It is not landscaping it is destruction of the landscape.

  2. Jen commented

    Cleared land is abundant and close to Sunrise beach, allowing the Church to avoid destruction of the significant wildlife and unique coastal habitat of the identified site. The Church at anytime is fully empowered to make more community minded choices that respect the Noosa peoples wish for the land to be conserved.

  3. Tim Rossi commented

    My wife, Angela Whitbread and myself are founding funders of The Biodiversity Council and local neighbours to Sunrise.

    We are very concerned that this precious area to the local wildlife especially the endangered Black Glossies and the beautiful surrounding areas including the Wallum marshlands are threatened by this development.

    We have joined with concerned others and seeking ways to support council to influence the decisions by the church and the developers made a while back not knowing this area is critical to the biodiversity sustainability in the whole Noosa area.

    The actual plan is not online so we can’t see the plans but we understand the removal of the precious Casuarinas forms part of this “landscaping”.

    These trees form a critical component to biodiversity as they offer both a filter to correct the acidity/alkanity of the soil and a fine balance to the ground water flowing down to the wallum heathland.

    As well, the Casurinas seeds are a key component of the Black Glossies diet.

    These trees’ seeds take years to grow so it’s simplistic and impractical to just “replant” new seedlings in an old nearby dump.

    One of my hero’s in the natural science arena was Dr David Suzuki who stressed the importance of witnessing, experiencing and understanding an area. He went onto to say, the first step, and once experienced and understood, we will then learn to care for, love and preserve an area.

    I encourage council, neighbours, in fact all stakeholders to go for a walk around this lot 9 as Angela and I have regularly to better understand the critical role these lots play in the biodiversity of the surrounding flora and fauna

    If you would like a guide - we can arrange this? Please email: timrossi@me.com

  4. Bronwyn Hayes commented

    This land should not be destroyed, the remnant landscape is critical to the ‘vulnerably’ listed Black Glossy Cockatoo. I am also extremely concerned of the affect further destruction will have on the community. As Council and the Uniting Church are well aware, this site is of extreme importance to our coastal community. Over 75,000 signatures. I’m concerned of the environmental affect to areas surrounding lot 9 should further destruction at Grasstree Court occur. I strongly object to any further landscaping works at this site.

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