34 Barrabool Road, Highton, VIC

Construction of Ten (10) Apartments, Multi-lot Subdivision, and Alteration of Access to a Road in a Transport Zone 2

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(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 935/2020)


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  1. Lee M commented

    Is there any point anymore to anyone having their say regarding these flagrant over-developments in already overcrowded and traffic-clogged areas? We've all become used to the fact that these developments will be approved despite any objections, and that the developers don't care who they affect.

  2. Yve commented

    This development is in a section of Highton that allows higher density due to being near the shopping centre. However, these 10 units on a normal house block is a development in the shape of a “massive block” that takes the entires site. It is reminiscent of the “big block” developments in the 70’s in parts of Melbourne and Geelong which look so terrible today and are so regretted. Why are these developments so regretted? Because they is no greenery except a few trees along a fence which, more than likely, will not happen! We need to stop this type of over development as they will be the eye-sores and legacy of the development of this time when developers put as many residences on a site and minimised the trees for financial gain. Development and progress is a good thing but at the expense of the environment.

  3. Chrissie commented

    To allow any development of this size on Barrabool Road is totally unacceptable! 10 townhouses on this busy road would cause chaos! It's an already busy road during peak hours of the day. We need to build sustainable homes that allow for green spaces and have adequate space rather than squeezing doghouses on one block. The block is 994sqm, so 99 sqm per townhouse! I've seen this house been left to deteriorate over the last few years. The new owner has deliberately allowed this to happen as part of their plan to demolish this home. In fact, Geelong City Council should place this house on a heritage list. We need to build quality sustainable homes with adequate green spaces! All I can see is greed and no respect to the Highton area, the environment or to the residents.

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